Ukraine War Day #131: The People Of Lugansk Freed Themselves

Dear Readers:

“I prefer not to huddle in the basement with stinky Nazis.”

Over the weekend we watched the astounding finish to the liberation of Lisichansk and, with it, the entirety of the Lugansk Oblast. In this piece from KP, war reporter Dmitry Steshin explains one of the reasons why it happened so quickly. Namely, because Russians are the kind of people who learn from past experiences: They watched what happened in Mariupol (AzovSteel) and in Severo-Donetsk (with the Azot Nitrogen plant); this was enough data points to figure out the Ukrainian “tactic”. Which consists of herding civilians as hostages and holing them up in some underground fortress. Which tactic never actually changes the pre-destined course of events, but just adds unnecessary days and weeks of human misery, to the timeline. And the Russians decided they wouldn’t let it happen this time around. Russian military took measures to pre-empt such outcome by seizing all of the industrial plants first. And the civilian population took their cue by refusing to play their assigned role as hostages.

Watch this youtube video made by a French TV company. The most astonishing thing is that this is a Westie outlet, we are expecting to hear only propaganda soundbites of the type, “Damn Russians blew up my house,…” And yet for some reason (Did hell finally freeze over? Are pigs flying overhead?) the editors did not bleep out the part where the residents refuse to go along with these very nice “volunteers” (I am guessing from some wonderful Westie NGO) who are helping the kindly Nazis to round up civilians and put them in, say, the basement of the Glass Factory. For their own safety, of course.

To be sure, as we see in the vid, some go along like sheep. But most of these civilians are too smart to fall for that old trick: “We’re staying here. The Russians are our friends.” These people actually risked quite a lot speaking such heresy right into the faces of the Westie reporters. Who they know are nothing but sheepherders for the Nazis. But the bravery of ordinary people paid off: They only had to wait a few more hours, and then they were free. But they didn’t know that at the time. For all they knew, the Ukrainian soldiers might gun them down for their impertinence.

Fortunately the soldiers were too busy trying to save their own skins. Because this was another Ukrainian tried-and-worn trick: Sending raw cannon-fodder into the cauldron to act as rear-guard (i.e., dead men) sacrificing themselves so that a few more of the experienced soldiers could escape. I am told (by military people) that it is supposed to be the other way around, but that’s another cute trick that the Ukrainians do. They do everything opposite. My previous respect for General Zaluzhny has been dropping recently. No Commander would sacrifice raw troops so callously. Especially when they are so very raw that they don’t even know how to hold off a decent rear-guard. It should have been the crack troops saving them!

Now We Rebuild

In this piece by reporter Mikhail Moshkin, we get some idea of the immense scale of rebuilding that lies ahead. And the main mood among the LPR leadership and people is one of doubt and suspicion. coupled with grim determination. Steshin mentions this in his piece, as well. The biggest worry of the Lugansk people is that Russia will sell them out. Not moving hard enough or far enough to provide them with a decent buffer zone. LPR Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik: “The presence of Ukrainian units along the borders of our Republics does not allow us to feel assured in the safety of our people and the security of our territories. Therefore the troops must move even further inland.”

Security is the Number #1 priority now. Securing the perimeter and securing the people. “Our security was one of the main goals of this Special Military Operation. And this issue has not been solved yet.”

Rodion Miroshnik surveys the ruins of Lisichansk.

Miroshnik, who arrived in Lisichansk yesterday to survey the scene, goes on to lay out the project plan for the immediate future of this battered city: A management/government team has to be put together very quickly. Their first task is to restore essential services as quickly as possible: Electricity, water, food, internet and phone services.

Next task is a triage-type audit of all the standing structures: What can be repaired, and what has to be demolished. Construction of new homes and other buildings must begin as soon as possible, but this is not going to be a quick, or easy, task. “Let there be no illusions,” Miroshnik says, “This is going to take years. And let’s be frank: The complete restoration of our cities, their economies and infrastructure, we can do this only with the help and support of the Russian Federation. This process has already started in a whole series of towns and regions through the LPR, and will also occur in the newly liberated Lisichansk, Severodonetsk, Rubezhnoe — the places which suffered the most during these military actions.”

In the final part of the interview Miroshnik returns to the theme of security, which is the foundation of everything else, including economic restoration: “We have liberated our Republic, but we have still not resolved the issue of security for our citizens and our territories. We have already lived through that period when only a thin line of demarcation divided us from the Ukrainian regime. And this resulted in the outbreak of aggression when Kiev attacked our Republic on February 17. This toxic Ukrainian regime, existing right next door to us and fulfilling the orders of the West, it will not allow us to live our lives in peace. They are not capable of [leaving us alone]. This regime feeds on its own Russophobia, its urge to poke its nose into our business and it generates constant threats to our security. We are not inclined to endure such a luxury any more.”

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16 Responses to Ukraine War Day #131: The People Of Lugansk Freed Themselves

  1. Liborio Guaso says:

    To alleviate this defeat, the European Union plans to squeeze the southern countries to obtain 523,000 million dollars to give them to the Ukrainian Nazis, who according to Zelensky will build a new Israel. That would be in honor of the alleged holocaust of the Ukrainian Slavs driven away in the fight against Russia.


  2. Stephen T Johnson says:

    The point about the general skepticism of the people in Donbass about the level of Russian commitment is understandable. In my opinion, they were shamefully abandoned in 2014/15. I’m not competent to evaluate the practicality of Russian intervention then, but I think there’s a significant fear that the Russians will give up way too much in negotiations (if/when those actually happen) – and this is something where the RF has form – to paraphrase, “A specter is haunting the Russosphere – the specter of Minsk III”
    It’s really good there’s already crews rebuilding in Mariupol, and hopefully the same will be true for all the damaged locales (That would be…well..all of them, pretty much) in the Donbass. Rebuild crews want to be moving in as soon as the shelling stops. The economic stimulus will be good, but the morale boost will be WAY more important, I think.
    Plus a warm and well-fed Christmas with the lights on in a newly free Donbass will make a great contrast to the cold, dark and hungry one to the west.
    The special military operation continues….


    • yalensis says:

      The word “Minsk” is enough to make any Russian shudder with dread! In a horrible kind of way, the Ukrainians are doing the lord’s work by making such a deal/betrayal impossible. Cue in that Greek phrase about the gods making men mad, all the better to destroy them, and it applies perfectly well to Zelensky. Assuming that he is not an actual Russian asset to begin with, which some people are starting to suspect.

      Re. the rebuilding, I think Miroshnik is being too pessimistic. With modern technology it shouldn’t take long years to build a bunch of new buildings and houses. It just takes a lot of money, a lot of workers, and a lot of financial oversight, all of which the Russians and Donbassians possess. I saw a video (forgot to save it) which was showing off the new housing units being stood up in Mariupol, even as we speak. They look quite nice, with snazzy modern kitchens and bathrooms. Hopefully some lessons were learned from the Khrushchev era as well: It’s okay to put up quick housing, but make sure the walls are thick enough so that you don’t have to hear the neighbors coughing; and also lay the pipes, wiring, cables etc. first, not as an afterthought. But I am sure they know all this, they don’t need my advice!


    • S Brennan says:

      Good points:

      A rebuttal to one point,

      DCers have been humiliated in former Ukrainia and like petulant child, they will not discuss coming to terms with yet another one of their neocolonialist failures. They will attempt to drag this out like a drunk gambler on a losing streak…the only “streak” they’ve ever known.

      This, will allow the Russians to proceed uninhibited until…DC pulls its collective head out it’s collective ass.

      And the rulers in DC/London will remain clueless, their post Vietnam belief that propaganda wins/loses wars, not weapons, not men, not strategy, not logistics…their absolute belief in “propaganda” blinds them to reality. And this self-deception comes from the observation that DC’s bullshit works against it’s own citizens. DC purposely overlooks that it’s own citizens are, in the final analysis, helpless against “representatives” married to the security state and it media minions. However, Russia, China, India and a growing number can resist DC’s entreaties for world dominance.

      As we see with Julian Assange, anyone who seriously disrupts the DC/London narrative, however peacefully, will be detained/murdered/disappeared if…they are within reach of our rulers. In the end, DC’s hubris, weakens the US and strengthens America’s rivals but the lords and ladies of DC care not, for them, only the search for ill gained power and riches are matters of concern.

      While there may be an opportunity for citizens, in the disarray that will follow DC/London’s “Ukrainia project”, it will be brief and subject to the crushing opposition of urban-“liberals”.

      “Urban-liberals” have wholeheartedly embraced the national-security-state. The NSS enhances the “liberal” lifestyle of discreetly oppressing foreign/domestic labor while pretending otherwise. Today’s “liberal” refutes every part of FDRism while embracing Wilsonian elitism, not openly of course, but privately, discreetly, masking their venality with meaningless virtue signaling.


      • yalensis says:

        The common theme that I see in all of above is the classic “materialism” vs “idealism” debate of the early 1900’s. Seems like the DC elites are fully in the “idealistic” camp, they believe that abstract ideas, slogans, and context-free propaganda can rule the world and change reality with or without the laws of physics.
        In the other camp, things like actual material objects and physical realities, like logistics, apply. It’s sort of analogous to religion vs science.


  3. the pair says:

    i get the previous comment about fears of russian softness and agree that not doing an operation like this in 2014/5 was a mistake. my first thought when this started was “better late than never”.

    that said, to quote a great american mind: “fool me twice..ya…ya can’t get fooled again!”

    the russians hold all the cards and when even a stuffed suit like medvedev goes all pit bull on the west you can tell patience in moscow has run thin. if there is a minsk III it will amount to “enjoy your new borders. cross them again and you’ll be a red stain within 24 hours.” or at least i hope so. it took the russians a long time to realize that the west “mistake kindness for weakness” and see “diplomacy” as nothing but a stalling tactic (e.g. the “peace process industry” in “isreal”.)

    i’m just waiting to see what the next huge step after the east will be. odessa? kiev? until that happens everything else is guesswork.


    • the pair says:

      *”israel”. ironic that i put “is real” in quotes to signify a made up thing. thanks, dyslexia.


    • yalensis says:

      It’s complicated, because many people (including me) believed this should have been done 8 years ago. On the other hand, we could be wrong, because maybe 8 years ago Russia would not have been able to withstand the sanctions and would have withered undr the pressure. But now they can. (Also needed to get China and Belorussia onboard, so maybe this WAS the perfect time, after all, or maybe there never was a perfect time… This was an honest to god judgement call of the highest order…)

      Regarding Medevev, I have a theory about him: His tweets and pronouncements are absolutely insanely on target. You listen to him, and you’re, like, “Whoa!”
      And yet he used to be considered a liberal pussy. My theory is that his white-hot rage is precisely a function of him previously being a liberal pussy. In his youth he actually believed in America and the West, he dug the blue jeans and the silly rock bands and hated the Soveit system. He believed that America was good and benign. Then all this history happened, happened and he realized how wrong he had been. Not just wrong, but totally betrayed. His reaction is almost like that of a woman who discovers her man was not what he seemed at first. Turns out her husband is not only a serial killer, but also has another wife and family in a different state.

      Hell hath no fury…


      • S Brennan says:

        Or, more politely, no man can become wise..without first playing the fool* AND admitting the fact to himself, his contemporaries, as Sinatra said: “that’s life”.

        Happy Fourth to all, I love my country, I love my countrymen and…all the good people of planet earth.

        I don’t know how or when…well…it won’t come a minute too soon but, my countrymen will turn this ship around and claw us off this leeward shore. And once again, the good people of the USA shall see fair winds and following seas. God Bless America!

        *At 0:35


        • yalensis says:

          Happy 4th back at you, Brennan (well, it’s the 5th now).
          “Everybody plays the fool…” there’s quite a lot of that going around.
          Thanks for clip, what a great song, had me smiling over my early-morning coffee. I have heard that song before, but it’s great to see the faces of the original performers. Those Motown groups were the best. Back in the day when America still had a Motown.


  4. That’s Gravatar’s swastika not mine says:

    I’ll forgive you – again – for sending your readers to the pro-censorship assholes at Y*tube. After all, if you do a search for videos on the internet, and you use the search site of the pro-censorship assholes at G*gle, or the pro-censorship assholes at B*ng, or the pro-censorship assholes at Y*hoo, or the pro-censorship assholes at D*ckD*ckG*, you would get the incorrect impression that there’s only one site on the entire internet that even has videos to view. So I guess I can’t blame you for automatically sending your readers to the only site on the internet that has videos, even if they are undeniably pro-censorship assholes.

    But if, in the future, you would consider checking to see if there’s anywhere else on the entire internet you might be able to send your readers instead, I’d appreciate it.


  5. Andrusha says:

    Yes I almost choked when I saw the France 24 video showing the Russians in Lisichansk telling the reporters what no-one n the West accepts: that the risdents of Eastern Ukraine see themselves as Russians first and foremost. It brought tp mind the survey which , despite the WaPo’s attempts to gild the facts with its own narrative, showed that only 25% of the residents of Donetsk and Lukansk Iincluding both the areas under Ukrainian control as well as the DPR and LPR supported a future within the ukraine without at least special status. The remainder were divided into groups supporting staying with special status, complete independence, union with Russia with special status, or simple untion into the Russian federation. Even in the Ukrainian control parts of Luhansk and Donetsk, only 45% supported staying in Ukroan without special status.


    • yalensis says:

      There is still a lot of pro-Westie propaganda in that France-24 vid (“fair and balanced”) but in the end makes it clear that those civilians who decided to ride off with the Ukies were just a handful. I wonder what happened to those people, I hope they’re okay.
      The most amazing thing is that the editors didn’t even slip in the pro-Russian stuff subliminally, but actually put it in the headline. Somebody at that TV station must be an honest person. Paging Diogenes…


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