Ukraine War Day #125: Russia Versus The World?

Dear Readers:

I remember back in those distant days, when the war had just begun and it looked like the Russians were about to storm Kiev, I happened to catch one of those sock-puppets on CNN mouth the platitude du jour: “Even if the Russians win, they will find that the whole world is against them.”

Ukrainian soldiers complete their neo-colonialist mission in Iraq.

People still repeat that meme, but is it true? There is an arrogant assumption that the “whole world” consists of the U.S., Britain, Europe, Australia, and Japan. But last time I checked, most of the “rest” of the world (Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East) is rooting for Russia. Why? Well, maybe these people got sick and tired of the NATO schoolyard bully, strutting around and beating up the other kids. Always accompanied by his giggling subservient sidekick. In this regard one needs to recall that the Ukrainian army provided over 5,000 soldiers to help the American army loot and destroy the Arab nation of Iraq. And maybe some people just got sick of the neo-colonialists targeting their countries with their subversive NGO’s, just like the original colonists flooded them with Christian missionaries. All with the same goal of destroying their cultures and subverting them from within. And maybe they feel just a little bit of righteous Schadenfreude at the sight of the bully’s sidekick receiving a welll-deserved punch in the nose. In this regard it is interesting to see how the leaders of the African nations basically snubbed Zelensky when he tried to sell them his usual kool-aid. Africans are smarter than people give them credit for; they know darned well who is blocking the grain they need to feed their people; and they are certainly much wiser and more principed than the current crop of G-7 leaders. Who resemble nothing so much as Caligula’s inner circle, mouthing silly platitudes and showing off their 60 IQs.

Emperor Caligula with his cabinet of low-IQ clowns and degenerates.

Given that context, it is time to talk about real issues of international relations; and of Russia’s complicated but real-life relationships with its own neighbors. So I have this piece by reporter Evgeny Pogrebnyak. The headline reads:

Central Asia Is Conducting A Complicated Game In Order To Help Russia

“The Information War in regard to the Ukraine rages in Central Asia at an unprecedented rate.” Says pundit Igor Shestakov who specializes in Russian-Kirgiz relations. Meanwhile a paradoxical situation is emerging: Central Asian nations which are factually allies of Russia, refrain from making public statements in support of Moscow’s actions. And yet act behind the scenes to support Russia.

Political expert Igor Shestakov

One could look at certain phenomena and come to the (incorrect) conclusion that these nations support the Ukraine unconditionally. For example, in Kirgizia and Kazakhstan the much-publicized banning of the letters Z and V. Which was done to please the American State Department and Western NGO’s. Which are hyper-active in this region and have organized large and well-planned demonstrations against Russia. On the other hand, the civil societies of these nations back Russia more often than not. Even more importantly, the leadership of these nations is slyly helping Russia to fare the storm of Western sanctions. The governments were also wary of the pro-West and anti-Russia demonstrations organized by the usual suspects. Worried about the unrest, the Kirgiz government, for example, banned all political demonstrations in the capital having to do with Ukraine, starting April 1. This was partially motivated by the danger of violence breaking out between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian activists.

Shestakov: The main motive is this. The countries of Central Asia are trying, with all their strength, at least for the sake of appearances, to distance themselves from the Ukrainian conflict. They are trying to avoid reprisals (“limitations”) coming from their Western partners. Hence, Bishkek [capital of Kirgizia], Tashkent [capital of Uzbekistan], and Nur-Sultan [capital of Kazakhstan] have declared, on more than one occasion, that they take a neutral stance on the Ukrainian situation.

[to be continued]

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9 Responses to Ukraine War Day #125: Russia Versus The World?

  1. colliemum says:

    That’s a very interesting attitude of those Central Asian Republics. I suspect they are working hard to keep on the right side of not just Russia but also China while trying to take the air out of the subversive western NGOs.
    Btw – that photo of the G7 summit: I’m ashamed of the UK PM, Johnson. He and Canada’s Trudeau look like two dissolute, drunk bullies trying to grab the limelight with their antics. And these are the types who now have declared that “we” will support the Ukraine for, like, forevah. And now they’re in Madrid for the NATO summit where more sabre-rattling is on the cards.

    Btw – I’ve ranted about this today, interested readers might take a look here:

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    • yalensis says:

      Thanks for the link to your rant, great reading!
      Yeah, I think Russia is very understanding when it comes to the plight of these Central Asian Republics. It wasn’t that long ago that Russia herself (under Yeltin regime) was a colony of the U.S. and had to endure these NGO’s, and always be looking over their shoulder. Russia was finally able to shrug most of them off, but it ain’t easy, it’s like a skin rash that is very hard to get rid of.


  2. Liborio Guaso says:

    None of those in the photo have the courage to take up a weapon to fight their $upue$to$ ideals, but they are capable of killing millions of human beings to stay in power. And they rule the world for six centuries.


  3. John Thurloe says:

    The wheel is still turning but the hampster is dead.


  4. Bukko Boomeranger says:

    So which one is Caligula? My vote would be for BoJo. He looks the part of a mad leader, and I can see him nominating a horse to Parliament, although he’d probably go for the Downing Street cat. One cannot label Biden as a Caligula because he’s too much of a feeb — America’s Chernenko. (I was going to call him Andropov, but looking at Yuri’s biography, he was an active force in the Soviet government for decades before his final kidney-failing months at the top of the Politburopile. Biden’s been a mook for decades except when it came to doing the bidding of the financial industry. His current flailing is more comparable to the crumbling Konstantin of the mid-80s.)

    I am not a Putin fanboi, but the G-7 mockery of Vlad’s bare-chested horse-riding photos reveals an inability to look in a mirror at themselves. ALL leaders stage imagery to make themselves look better. Biden favours shots at the wheel of his Corvette whilst wearing aviator shades. Trudeau has been in the boxing ring for pix; prolly has footage of him playing hockey like Putin — kinda natural for a Canuck, eh? I can’t be bothered to look up the puffery of the other G-7 dwarves, but I’m sure they all do it. Note to pots — don’t be calling the kettle flack (sic) when your spinmeisters have also been polishing your image in ludicrous ways.


    • colliemum says:

      There’s not much time or effort needed to find puffery photos of Johnson! His whole life as PM seems to insist in having photo-ops at this or that agricultural or other professional festival/show/market/, generally dressed up in some ‘professional’ outfit – and he still looks like the dissolute, shifty character he is.
      (Also, this sort of thing means he doesn’t have to do real, prime-ministerial work …)


    • yalensis says:

      To be honest, not one of these a$$holes fits the “Caligula” meme. When I posted it I meant Biden of course, because he’s the most powerful one, but he’s too old and senile. Caligula was a young buck, no? So maybe Justin, but that also doesn’t fit because Justin is just a puppy following after the big dogs.
      Yeah, when they started mocking Putin and threatening to take off their shirts, that was just cringeworthy. Even the she-male in that coven, that Ursula creature, she’s like, “Let’s show our pecs.” Honey, please, no!


    • yalensis says:

      P.S. on that same theme: I saw this piece in my morning headlines.
      In the link, scroll down a bit then run the video, if you want a bit of a giggle.
      It is an interaction between Herr Liver Sausage and some random she-reporter. She asks him in German, “Blibberty blabberty Ukraine blobberty…”

      If I am remembering my schoolbook German correctly, Sausage replies in the conditional mode: “Ja, könnte ich” (“Yes, I could…”)
      Which sounds in English like he is saying, “Ja, I’m a c*nt.”
      Which is a true statement.


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