Ukraine War Day #107: Did Brits Do Bucha?

Dear Readers:

Today I have this link to a very important post by blogger iEarlGrey on his youtube channel. Many readers may already be familiar with this story, but if not, here it is.

The story concerns the captured British mercenary Andrew Hill. Russian investigators found some very interesting clues among his stuff, including a notebook containing geographical coordinates.

The notebook, as one can see in the video, is a simple Ukrainian schoolchild’s type notebook, in the grid style that could be used for math/geography problems, or just writing in general; or a diary. On one page of this notebook Hill [or somebody] had drawn a crude map, with coordinates, showing the location of a mass civilian grave.

Mr. “Earl Grey”, being on youtube, is not allowed to utter the name of the town where the grave is located [otherwise he risks losing his channel, which is a source of income to his family], so he just calls it “The town that may not be named.”

We all know that is Bucha, of course.

There are several interesting implications and/or “conspiracy theories”, including:

  • Hill knew where the bodies were buried, because he helped put them there
  • (Later for some to be dragged out and posed on the roads for a photoshoot)
  • Hill was not just some random British mercenary, but actually worked for British Intelligence services
  • Bucha was a psy-ops operation of British intelligence
  • the list goes on…

Random notes and comments: One of the commenters to the EarlGrey piece points out that the handwriting on the two pages (shown) of the notebook appear to be from two different hands. (The first page showing the map and coordinates, the second page complaining about running out of money.)

The reason we know it’s Bucha is because (in addition to the actual scientific coordinates) Hill (or whoever) wrote out the Street name Вокзальная (“Vokzalnaya”, meaning “Railroad Street”), using a phonetic Latin spelling (presumably because he doesn’t know the Cyrillic alphabet), spelling it as Vaczalnaja, which is actually close to the way it’s pronounced in Russian.

Question: Are the British intelligence forces really so disgusting and uncivilized that they would assist the Ukrainian Nazis in a mass slaughter of their “own” civilians in Bucha? To answer that question, one only needs to take a very superficial look at British history, in general, which is a very dark history; and then focus in more recently on their blind hatred of Russia and the kind of people they are capable of abetting. Recall Beslan, for example; and the British curating of the Shaitani demons who carried out that horrendous act of terror against schoolchildren. So, yeah, they are capable of it. Did they do Bucha? I don’t know, but maybe time will tell.

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13 Responses to Ukraine War Day #107: Did Brits Do Bucha?

  1. michaeldroy says:

    Am I missing something. Is there a mass grave in Bucha?
    I originally heard loads of claims that there was a mass grave with hundreds (up to 400) in it at Bucha and that they were killed by Russians on their exit on March 30th
    I then saw plenty of evidence of say 30 bodies (unburied) who had apparently died earlier in March during or soon after the period when Russians were entering Bucha.
    On April 1st i saw BBC in Irpin showing similar deaths and there was a Canadian journalist in Bucha (Irpin & Bucha are separated by a river) at the same time.
    Of course these date to a period when the media were celebrating the brave Ukrainian civilians taking the fight directly to Russia so these deaths are not necessarily sinister.
    That they were used as evidence initially to support the 400 mass grave and then to distract from the original claim. But respectable journalists seem to have dropped the Bucha mass grave claim.

    Indeed the only BBC claim I can find on the website was from a hack who has written stories about all over the world, but never E Europe. He has however repeated the Ujghur nonsense a couple of times.


    • yalensis says:

      Good question. As far as I can tell, nobody knows if that mass grave actually exists, because that area is still under Ukrainian government control. There were allegations that some of the bodies might have been removed from wherever they were stored, in order to stage the “Bucha photoshoot” of bodies lying in the streets; which so outraged Westie public opinion.
      I reckon the point is, this British mercenary may know something about it, since he wrote about it in his diary. Maybe he saw the mass grave with his own eyes, or maybe somebody told him about it, or maybe he even participated in creating it (?)


    • yalensis says:

      P.S. – reminding about this clip of a video, I pulled it from the Defense Politics Asia channel. The video, which was allegedly taken by members of the Ukrainian armed forces team, shows a “blooper reel” of Ukrainian special forces manipulating corpses into position, using cranes and pulleys. The theory is that they maybe dug these bodies up again in order to position them for the photoshoot. However, there is a more benign theory out there, that the soldiers are just doing routine “sapper” type work on the corpses, manipulating them from a distance, in case they were stuffed with explosives (presumably by the Russians, if somebody wants to believe that theory).


  2. FatMax says:

    “Are the British intelligence forces really so disgusting and uncivilized that they would assist the Ukrainian Nazis in a mass slaughter of their “own” civilians in Bucha?”
    Yes, and it wouldn’t be the first time those sassenach pig-dogs pulled off something like that. The English are the curse of the world.
    Before their hate of the Russians, the was hate of the Irish/French/Germans/Catholics. They’re completely capable of doing something like this.
    If there’s a nation that deserves a vitrification, it’s the Perfidious Albion.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Max, yeah, that was a rhetorical question. I’m pretty sure the Brits were behind Beslan, and that was even worse than Bucha, since it involved children. By “Brits” I mean their horrendous government and security forces, with the rot starting from the very top, from that ghastly royal family.


  3. the pair says:

    as a writer i used to read said around the time of the iraq war. “funny getting lectured to by brits about ‘imperial warmongering’ when they turned the world into a charnel house for several centuries”.

    this is quite a long wiki entry and it’s just the widely known crimes:

    it includes a passing mention of the UK’s cover up of iraq crimes (including several murders).

    anyone who’s studied recent irish history knows how the brits treated people who look and sound a lot like them. imagine how the average grunt scum feels around darker complexions.

    as for beslan, not sure how the russians can even look at the saudis much less deal with them after that. and after syria. and afghanistan for that matter. i guess that’s why i’m not a diplomat. just seems like “regime change” could be a good thing if aimed correctly.


  4. S Brennan says:

    I say this as a person of Irish ancestry, one who is aware of the history of direct persecution of my family ancestors and their subsequent cleansing from the land of Ireland.

    The ordinary Englishman is no better, no worse than any other but, the aristocracy and their minions of England have a particular fetish for cruelty and that expresses itself in all undemocratic institutions. That hidden cruelty flows throughout government institutions but most particularly the ruling class’s 3LAs. The ordinary English aren’t asked to sign on to what is done in their name and most English people know not to look too hard, they studiously avoid turning over the rocks upon which their nation treads.

    This venality, through much careful nursery has been successfully grafted onto the east coast elites through boarding schools and Ivy league “membership” and in particular, those varietals of the DC-NYC nexus are self propagating. DC is where the English elites parasitically rule the American empire in all but name. The American revolution was folded back upon itself in the post WW II years through the great effort of those “public schoolboys” within the US-3LAs, in particular, the Dulles bros. Since this time the root stock of US innovation and endeavor has been used to bring forth the bitter fruit so prized by the aristocracy of England. One of the greenhouses of this sordid horticulture, the CIA, claims in it’s defense, the public only knows of it’s multitude of failures and never of it’s successes. And to some degree this is true, the 3LAs can not speak of it’s successes but, the real reason lies in the last sentence of the previous paragraph. Were US citizens to know of what the CIA considers a “success” the agency would be “scattered into a thousand pieces[1]”.

    [1]Spoken by JFK in the days preceding his murder by a cadre of assassins. We can’t say for certain which 3LA precipitated the liquidation of the president of the United States but we can document that the CIA and FBI actively participated in covering the tracks of the assassins. One would surmise the that the untimely demise of a sitting US President, a coup that led to the Vietnam war is…one of those successes that can’t be talked about…wink..wink..nod..nod..say no more?


    • yalensis says:

      3LAs (?) I googled it but I can’t find that term.


      • Cortes says:

        Three-letter Agency/ies


        • S Brennan says:

          Concur Cortes, with agencies the plausible denial often rests with refuting the EXACT accusation: “I can categorically say that that a CIA man did not pull the trigger” so…if a CIA man who identifies as a woman happened to pull/squeeze the trigger then the truth was told..or was it? Conversely, should the CIA contract with a DIA agent to do the deed, the CIA can..and has said..tsk..tsk..but, not our guy. Hence the use of the term 3LA, much harder to deny in this manner!


          • S Brennan says:

            BTW Yalensis,

            I greatly appreciate your cultivation of your comment section…definitely old school, not self serving but rather, public service. Good on you!


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