Ukraine War Day #89: Were Azov Nazis At Least Good Fighters?

Dear Readers:

Let us begin with my lede, we shall answer the question posed by my title, and then circle back to this point later. In a word, No. The Azov Nazis were not good fighters. Executive summary:

In 2014, after the Maidan coup, the citizens of Mariupol overwhelmingly voted in a referendum to split off from Ukraine and join Russia. The response of the new coup government was to send in the Nazis to terrorize the people and keep them in line. For the next 8 years the Azov Battalion set up its criminal HQ in Mariupol, these guys behaved basically like a criminal gang (one might call them the “Aryan Brotherhood”) extorting all the local businesses and terrorizing the civilians, whom they regarded as enemies. The hatred between the locals and the Azov was mutual, which was why the Azovs never could break out of their fortress prison in individual groups, they knew the locals would turn them over to the Russians without a second glance, if they should find some ofthem wandering around the countryside.

Chubby Azov Nazi shows off his marvelous Hitler tattoo.

During their 8-year Reign of Terror the Azov Nazis murdered, tortured and raped the local civilians while building a lucrative criminal empire on the port trade. They made the Sicilian Mafia look like boy scouts. After the Russians invaded, the Azovs holed up in schools and hospitals, setting up their artillery, literally using civilians as human shields. Which is why the Russians were forced to destroy so much civilian infrastructure. The Azovs wouldn’t fight like men, they wouldn’t allow the civilians to leave in humanitarian corridors, because they didn’t want to be left alone, mano a mano, with real soldiers. Preferring to hide behind women and children.

In the end, they turned out to be bad fighters, even worse tacticians, and were overcome, within a month or so, by much less numerous and worse-equipped Separatist troops. After which these Nazis fled into the AzovSteel bunker and hid out like rats until they ran out of food.

I realize that all of the above sounds very harsh and mean, but it can be backed up, see below the Khodakovsky interview.

But What About The Plot Twists?

Next: a couple of bullet points to (hopefully) wrap up this Mariupol subplot of the main story arc in Season 4 of the Ukrainian soap opera Servant of the People.

  • So, what about those famous Western dignitaries whom the helicopters were trying to rescue from the Steel Plant? Will we finally get to learn their names? Honest answer is: I don’t know. We were all waiting to gasp with appreciation at the cleverness of the plot twist, once the mystery man (or woman) was revealed. Like, OMG it was Hunter Biden all along! What a whammy! Such clever writers! I saw Alex Mercouris’ podcast a couple of days ago, his opinion is that there never was a celebrity in there. Which means those helicopters and their constant suicide missions were going after nobody. Or at least, nobody that we viewers care about.

Jibing with that theory, I saw this piece by reporter Anton Antonov. The title is misleading: “Zelensky talks about the failure of Ukrainian aviation.” But that is not what it’s about. It’s about the numerous attempts to rescue these theoretical “dignitaries” from the steel plant.

At Cannes Film Festival, President Ellen Sky accepts her award for best comedy war drama, and receives her usual standing ove.

So, Ukrainian TV showed a fragment of an interview timed for the third anniversary of Zelensky’s inauguration. In this [interview] the President of the Ukraine declared: “A very large number of men died, our pilots, unfortunately.” He explained that the pilots were trying to fly in medicines, food, water; and to evacuate the wounded and dead [from Asovsteel].

Zelensky admitted that these evacuation attempts were a big failure, but his excuse was unassailable: “It was virtually impossible to reach Azovsteel, since there were no air corridors, due to the sheer power of Russian anti-air.”

In my view, Zelensky’s words partially corroborate Mercouris’ hypothesis. Unless people assume that Zel is lying, and that the helicopters were, all the same, trying to evacuate some celebrities. In lieu of any proof for that (yet), my current personal belief is that they actually were just trying to evacuate the regular Azov leaders. Because the latter were still considered super-important. These leaders are now in Russian hands, and they don’t seem all that big and important any more; but I reckon they were beloved at the time; enough beloved that a score of helicopters and pilots was sacrificed for their sake.

Tony Soprano: “You accuse me of abandoning your brudder to da cops? I sacrificed SIX of my best capos trying to rescue your brudder…”

But wait, here is the really interesting twist! I believe that Zelensky still fears Azov, even though most of them have been rounded up; but there must still be some of them, or their Nazi friends, close enough to the throne, and he still fears them. Why else would he publicly admit such a failure? Because he fears these guys enough that needs them to know (and believe) that he wasted helicopters and pilots trying to save their comrades. This is to mollify them, so they won’t accuse him of betraying their comrades. As in: “You see, I did all that I could, even sent scores of valuable pilots to their deaths!” Will the Nazis be satisfied with Zelensky’s big excuse? Only time will tell.

  • Next bullet point: Were these Azov Nazis at the very least good soldiers (before they surrendered)? Or were they over-rated. It is commonplace to refer to them as “elite” fighters, like they were the crème de la crème, in the words of Miss Jean Brodie. Oh, I’m sure some of them are/were competent enough, for example the sappers, the snipers, some of the other specialties. But what about the bulk of them? Frankly, some of their opponents were underwhelmed. I saw this piece by reporter Dmitry Steshin, who interviews Alexander Khodakovsky, a DPR commander. Khodakovsky fought against, and defeated, the Azovites in Mariupol. He knows them very well, as only an enemy can initimately know another enemy. Many warriors come to respect their enemies (Achilles and Hector come to mind.) But this is not one of those examples. This post is already too long, so I’ll break down the Khodakovsky interview in a separate segment, look for it tomorrow. [to be continued]

Pictures At An Exhibition

But to end on an artistic note: The reason why God created tattoos was to make it easier for the cops to ID criminals. Please watch the video below. I realize it was an outrageous violation of their human rights when Russian MPs forced Azov POWs to lift up their shirts and show their tats. Surely the Geneva Convention forbids this. But there is a reason why police around the world keep databases of these things. Cops know that criminals, for whatever reason, are driven to brand themselves in a rather permanent way. Me, if I was a criminal, I’d be an intelligent criminal, not a moron, and I’d just get one of those wash-off tats.

Anyhow, for those who like classy artwork, some of these tats truly deserve their own exhibition at the Hermitage! My personal favorite is the full-length Adolph Hitler in all his regalia.

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25 Responses to Ukraine War Day #89: Were Azov Nazis At Least Good Fighters?

  1. colliemum says:

    Good grief – those tats! And they don’t precisely look as if they had been starving for weeks, do they!
    Regarding those ‘celebrity Westerners’ in Azovstal: I believe there were indeed some who are now in the hands of Russia. therefore their imprisonment falls under ‘military and state secret’ and we’ll not hear about them until Russia thinks the time is ripe. They surely are excellent bargaining chips for negotiations with the USA. It is surely not by coincidence that the two top military ‘geniuses’ of the USA called Gen Shoigu and his deputy just when it was clear that Azovstal would fall.
    That the president Ellen Sky is trying to declare the attempts at liberating those Azovstalists as ‘humanitarian aid’, well, in the immortal words of my father: ‘only someone who pulls up his pants using pliers would believe that’ …


    • yalensis says:

      It’s funny, ’cause some of these guys had a lean and hungry look, and others looked like they weren’t hitting the gym enough times. Maybe food was rationed according to who had the best tattoos?


  2. Jen says:

    If, as Alexander Mercouris believes, there had been no Western military celebs down in the Azovstal catacombs, how then to explain the frantic calls French President Emmanuel Macron had been making to his Russian counterpart, apparently pleading for a French-Greek evacuation team to be allowed into the steelworks in the weeks leading up to the French presidential elections?


  3. et Al says:

    I think Zelensky still has to worry about Azovites even if captured.

    1: Their wives, who look and are nutjobs (famous former teenage criminal Vita) and even met the Pope.

    2: Russia could always release select Azovites who are very angry at being betrayed…

    It wouldn’t be the first time that weapons used against one side have come back to punish those that let them loose in the first place. The plus would be that it would cost money, manpower, intelligence etc. from Kiev and its terrorist backing allies to ‘clean up’ the mess, lest they go even more rogue and ‘for hire.’


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, I saw photos of some of those Azov wives. Those are very attractive (most Ukrainian women are) but super-crazy chicks! Probably bi-polar and violent, not to mention Nazi.
      Speaking of Ukrainian girls, I was reading some gossip piece in the Russian press, which was translated from the English tabloid The Sun. It was about a Ukrainian young woman (around 21 years old) from Lvov. When the war started she was quick to take advantage and “fled” from her perfectly safe city to England. A very nice young English couple, all full of the blue-yellow fervor and with charity in their hearts, took her in and adopted this waif-life refugee.

      I think we know what happens next: Within 10 days this young woman had seduced the husband away from his wife and broken up his family. Hubby said he “never experienced any feeling like this before” (the sex must have been amazing), and they ran off together (after the wife threw them out of the house).

      I think we know what happens next: They will get married, she will get her British passport, and then she’ll dump him for a richer guy, with whom she will settle down and have babies.


      • Thirdeye says:

        You just described a common pattern among the mail-order “Natasha” brides from the 1990s. It came to be called the Five Year Plan. Something tells me Natasha is making a big comeback.


        • yalensis says:

          Super! I have also heard this “Natasha” plan referred to as the “Starter-Husband Project”. Gotta hand it to this particular girl, she worked fast, man. Just 10 days in, and she got herself a card-carrying Western man. I was reading how the nosy neighbors knew something was up right away. This “Natasha” (whatever her name) completely ignored the wife and never spoke to her, pretended she didn’t know English. And the wife was the sweetest person in the world, had opened up her home to this waif. But as soon as hubby was due home, “Natasha” would get herself all prettied up with makeup and a sexy dress… LOL…

          Haha, those dumb Europeans and Brits deserve everything that happens to them. They didn’t know what they were doing when they invited Ukrainians in en masse. They must have thought they were adopting adorable blue-yellow kittens with big eyes who needed a hug. What they got was a lot of gold-diggers who have been waiting for years for their big chance to get into Europe on a free ticket!
          As that famous misogynist Mozart might have remarked, cynically: “Così fan tutte!”


  4. the pair says:

    a friend of mine once said “tattoo is an ancient word meaning ‘suspect’s identifying marks'”. he grew up (as a hispanic kid) around northern virginia skinheads and other scum from the DC area “punk” scene so he saw some truly stupid “ink” back in the day. i also can’t help thinking about the yakuza.

    and that’s all these guys are. basically chavs with guns. crips and bloods have a lot of guns but it doesn’t mean they can shoot for sh_t. lucky for these “fourth reich gangstas” the russian troops have better manners than US cops.


    • yalensis says:

      Interesting! I just googled the word “tattoo”, it says it comes from the Tahitian/Samoan word “tatau”, meaning a puncture mark on a skin. A practice borrowed by English sailors (from the Polynesians) in the 1700’s. I remember, in Melville’s novel Moby Dick, the character Queequeg who is a Polynesian cannibal, is described as heavily tattooed, even on his face.

      I also remember reading once about Ötzi the ice-age hunter, some scientists thought they detected tattoo marks on his mummy. There was even speculation that some of the marks corresponded to known acupuncture points. In other words, tattooing may have been invented initially as an assistance to acupuncturists of the Ice Age. But by Polynesian times it might have just degenerated into body ornamentation just for the heck of it.


  5. Ben says:

    Most of the OG Nazi fighters weren’t very good either. The regular Wehrmacht hated most of the SS troops, who were fanatical more than anything else. They mostly wanted to find ways to throw away their lives in glorious sacrifice, whether or not it was actually tactically useful (and it often wasn’t).


    • yalensis says:

      Seems like Ukrainian Nazis weren’t so much interested in sacrificing their own lives, but more into sacrificing other peoples lives. The original Nazis were the real deal, these guys are just copy-cat killers.


  6. Stephen T Johnson says:

    Hey, not to be an offtopic jerk, but Gilbert Doctorow as a very interesting piece eon the Gergiev empire over at . I have to say I loves me some Gergiev conducting.


    • yalensis says:

      Hey, on my blog there is no such thing as off-topic! Especially when it comes to classical music. Gergiev also happens to be one of my favorite conductors. I think I mentioned in an earlier blogpost that I started boycotting the Metropolitan Opera (which is sad, because they used to be my fave) when their management fired Gergiev and started promoting the Ukrainian B.S. narrative.


  7. P.A.Semi says:

    About NATO generals in Azovstal – in our (eastern-european) uncensored press, there have been mentioned Canadian general Trevor Cadier, American Roger L. Clutier, and Ukrainian Olexander Sirsky captured on or before May 2 when trying to fly away in a helicopter… These were for whom the Helicopters were flying…
    Jim Stone and others mentioned US Admiral Eric Olson being captured in Azovstal on May 16, recognized on one photo, and below that mentioning British Lieutenant Colonel John Bailey,
    just on the day they’ve unleashed Buffalo shooter to distract readers’ attention somewhere else…
    (And I guess Russians would not mention that publicly, while they surely know, who they’ve got….)


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  9. Bukko Boomeranger says:

    You could also call him “Hell-in-sky” because he’s caused a lot of that to come down on the heads of his Naughtzy pets


    • yalensis says:

      Or, you could call him “The Man Who Accidentally Killed More Ukrainians Than Anybody In History, Including Stalin” ! [alluding to this youtube vid which is viral, on a completely different, but very interesting, topic, which also explains, by the way, why everybody today is stupid, it’s because of lead poisoning, dummy!]:


  10. Beluga says:

    I like this website. I guess a bit of dark humor is appropriate when things are so screwed up, and this is the only place that has made me laugh in these depressing times. Plus the overall message is on track for my way of thinking as well.

    I also like Doctorow and Indian Punchline. The Saker place is as blind to any criticism of what the Russian armed forces are up to, or not up to, as the case may be, as the Western media is rah rah anti-Putin. Cheerleading for the sake of it doesn’t tell me much of anything, whether it be pro or anti-Russia.

    Speaking of, today’s post points out that the CSTO is hardly cheering for Russia. Kazakhstan in particular seems wobbly and the Americans are ramping up efforts there to destabilize, as you’d expect. Nice to read somthing from an educated retired diplomat with a brain, from a huge country that is trying to thread the needle of not buttering up either the US or Russia.

    Then you have the doddering Biden telling us the US will fight for Taiwan and druglord Chiang Kai Chek’s immortal legacy of pure wonderfulness. The good part of that is it might straighten up China’s spine to be a bit more of an overt ally of Russia. Let’s face it, without Chinese plastic, WallyMart and DollarStores won’t have anything to sell to Americans, even Dr Scholl’s shoes. So reverse physical sanctions by China to keep all the plastic for itself would put the US in a tizzy, plus destroy the supply of 75 cent US flags, three for two bucks, for citizens to wave on July 4. Something to consider, then.

    Meanwhile, I see Ellen Sky has made a captured Russian tank soldier admit to knocking off a Ukie senior under threat of having his gonads removed by skilled surgeons with rusty spoons for scalpels, and claims to have 13,000 more such trials to go. I predict Russian trials of captured Azovites from the steel plant bunkers at Mariupol will be ignored by Western media, while trumped-up trials of captured Russkies will be featured forever. Well, at least until the world becomes uninhabitable in a few years.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Beluga, I’m glad you like my blogposts. What can I say? Dark humor is the best way to deal with the absurdities of modern life. The only alternative is to put your head in a bag and scream!
      Regarding Chinese plastic, I am noticing some really odd shortages in my local supermarket. Just random things, that don’t make any sense. Like, my shopping list this week included sponges. Just ordinary household sponges, for cleaning. And the sponge aisle was nothing but bare shelves. Yet, there were plenty of other cleaning supplies of the type one would have to practically kill for, during the height of the covid thing last year.


    • Ben says:

      Saker is insane. His community is made up of extreme Orthodox who are convinced this is all part of a thousand year old struggle between western Satanic Crusaders and Orthodox True Christians™.

      He can be a useful avenue for the latest battlefield events, but I wouldn’t put any stock whatsoever in anything he or his crew says if it isn’t corroborated elsewhere. Here’s a big example: at the start of the war Saker assured us 85% of the Ukrainian military had simply given up and gone home. He repeated this multiple times. Three months in, I don’t think we can pretend Ukraine is doing what it’s doing with only 15% of its troops. Saker never acknowledged he was repeating a lie, nor has he retracted the claim. He simply stopped using it one day, and hoped everyone would forget.


      • yalensis says:

        Yeah. A person loses credibility when they start making very specific predictions which don’t come true. That’s why, if you want to be a prophet, it’s better to be more vague, like Nostradamus; and not so specific with numbers and timelines.
        I also don’t care much either, for that Orthodox holier-than-thou attitude. I mean, a lot of Orthodox believers are very fine people, but they don’t have a monopoly on goodness or kindness, necessarily. I mean, I’m an atheist myself but I like to think I am a good person nonetheless. Like, I would never kick a puppy nor steal somebody’s wallet, for example.


  11. Bukko Boomeranger says:

    After some further thinking:

    The Azoles were not good soldiers, but they were adequate terrorists. Terrorising the Russian-speaking schmoes (is it insulting to use a Yiddish slang word to describe a Russian?) while they were squatting in the Donbas. And they had a lot of help, with all the Naughtzy-lite international terrortourists who would come on paid “safaris” to shoot real ammo at living people. Like a theme park where you get a chance to kill actual humans!

    Not all of those visiting terrrrrrrrrrrrists were killed or Captcha’d, unfortunately. They went home before Opening Day of the 2022 Blastball Season. Now they’re in Norway, or Norwich, or North Carolina (home of many fine institutions training men in camo how to be better killers. I’m lookin’ at you, Lejeune!) Regaling their mates with heroic tales of how they ALMOST got to fight the commieSlavuntermenschen, except they got stabbed in the back by border control authorities in their own countries who wouldn’t let them return to take on T-72s with their bare hands. Which they totally would have done! Buy me another beer, bro, and I’ll tell you what I saw in the underground cells at that sausage factory where our guys put the rebels…

    One of Azov’s stated goals was to spread their ideas to home-grown neo-Nwords in other countries. It’s not just Bolsheviks who get to have Internationales! I don’t have the link to the story I read about their mission statement, but maybe you’ve featured it before, Yalensis. I have not read through your entire back catalogue, although I’m dipping my toe. The Azoles might have blown beetroots at their main job, but I reckon they were great salesmen. Selling the Wolfsangel mindset and merch. (Srsly, how long until we start seeing that “swastika-that-isn’t-quite-a-swastika” and related grafix on T-shirts worn by reichbois who want to look tuff? I hear it’s already on Amazon. Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bulls gear is gonna have a run for its money!)

    Remember those freedom-fighting mujaheddin that the U.S. trained to kill the 1980s edition of comSlavunters in the Himalayan heroin colony? Good times. Too bad there was that bit of bother by the beardy moojahiding guy in the cave in 2001. (IF you believe the official story.) And how about those freedom-loving Contras in Central America who were trained to fight the brown commies? OK, so some of them turned into MS-13 narcotraficantes and they’re warlording it up in Guatemala and El Salvador and Los Angeles. Who coulda predicted?

    Sarcastirony aside (trying to be on tone wit’ yez) what do you think the Nazti franchise teams will be up to in the next few years? Especially with all the blow-up toys that have been handed to them. The U.S. and NATO (but I repeat myself) have seeded malignant cancer cells into the flesh of so many countries. The sadly deceased American writer Chalmers Johnson penned a great book titled “Blowback” in 2000 about the unintended consequences of Amerika’s imperial warmeddling. And that was even before Osama! Although the Azoles were sad bastards in battle, their blowback is going to be spectacular all over Europe and North America. Already has been an inspiration to the Christchurch, N.Z. and Buffalo N.Y. shooters. Just wait until the “blowbackin’ in the wind” Stings up an airliner’s engine or Jav’s into a petrol tanker in some Big City intersection. Sow the wind…


    • yalensis says:

      Hey, Bukko, what a great comment! And funny, you had me laughing (sadly, but still laughing). I like the way you play with words, and yes, Yiddish is fine. I love Yiddish words, the more the better. I have a Jewish friend who taught me a lot of Yiddish words, I think in one my past posts I referred to Ukraine as a “schnorrer-nation” and cracked myself up.
      Anyhow, it’s all sadly true. The American Empire never changes its playbook, the only thing that changes is the name and particular identity/ideology of the terrorists and criminals they use as their street muscle. Sometimes it’s head-chopping Wahhabis, sometimes it’s head-chopping Nazis. They pick guys who they think will fight to the death out of sheer ideological (or murderous) fervor. Because ordinary soldiers, ordinary people just don’t have it in them to go that far. Ordinary soldiers will fight out of duty, patriotism, whatever; but at a certain point they just fold up their tent, they don’t possess that extra fervor-sauce which is needed to be an Imperial Stormtrooper.
      Re the idea of a Nationalist Internationale, I can’t claim to have invented that insane concept, but I have bemusedly pointed out this seeming paradox in some of my earlier posts.
      Re. Buffalo shooter, a lot of people are connecting the dots between this guy and his Azov inspiration. Which sadly makes sense, because Azov official ideology is white supremacy (the real kind, not the kind that was attributed to Trump!), and these “Ukrainians” all think they’re, like, Nordic Aryans even though they’re genetically mongrels, just like the Russians!


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