Ukraine War Day #86: The Condition of Mariupol POWs

Dear Readers:

Zelensky: “Grandpa Semyon,
I swear on your grave and on your memory that I will destroy every last effing Naughty in this effing country! Whatever it takes and whatever it costs! שום דבר לא נסלח.”

In the interests of rampant humanitarianism, I hope to allay people’s worries about the Mariupol POWs, who are of course the most important people in the world. Latest count is something like an astonishing 1800 men who crawled out of the Azovstal tunnels and surrendered to the Russians. Must be highly irksome to Ukrainian President Ellen Sky, who was no doubt hoping these guys would all starve to death or rot away. But his Spartans decided they wanted to live, thus foiling his evil scheme – mwahahaha!

Exhibit A: Westie media was horrified at the sight of Neo-Naughties being “marched” down the streets of Mariupol. Click on the “Today Show” propaganda video below, which spins this process as a “parade of prisoners”, not unlike the Bataan Death March of the modern era. The headline emblazening RUSSIA PARADES SURRENDERING UKRAINIAN FIGHTERS!

Meanwhile, the only truly inhumane thing about this process was that the “fighters” had to carry their own luggage, since the valet service was busy elsewhere. Most of the commenters to this video righteously mocked the egregious propaganda, pointing out that the guys only had to walk a couple of blocks from the tunnel entrance, down the access road, and onto the waiting buses. I personally had to walk farther than that (dragging my suitcase) from the hotel to the shuttle, during my last luxury vacation. And I’m not a soldier!

Exhibit B: I ask you to examine below photo taken from outside the bus, wherein neo-Naughties are being transported from Mariupol to their POW location. This is a luxury coach, so maybe they even got to watch a movie, Valkyrie with Tom Cruise is a perennial favorite. Things to notice: (1) some neo-Naughties are skinheads and closely shaven, but others sport luxurious beards. I have been told that the latter attempt to emulate Vikings and Nordic Gods like Thor. (2) Note that these Vikings have been supplied with rather large bottles of water so they can stay hydrated during their long bus trip. (3) Their hands are free, they are not in handcuffs or shackles. Please compare this with the way that prisoners and POW’s are routinely treated in the U.S., they are always shackled and often hooded as well. Which proves, once and for all, that Russians are nicer people than Americans. (4) The signage on the outside of the bus window reads, in Russian: “You must wear a mask and gloves” (for covid, natch). Nobody is obeying that rule, so I reckon it’s a health violation, but whatever…

After their bus ride, the prisoners arrived at their new homes. Reporter Alexandra Yudina dishes about their conditions. She was able to interview some of the prisoners. An Azov guy named Stanislav told her that “We have a dining room. Breakfast was soup. Lunch was soup and kasha. We have everything that we need here: beds, mattresses, blankets, pillows. Some of the guys here are wounded, and we are waiting for the arrival of the doctor, which they promised us would be soon.”

Another Azovite named Sergei remarked that the conditions of captivity turned out to be better than he had expected: “The food is really good here!” Customer satisfaction is not just the goal, it’s also part of the culture.

Every Naughty little boy gets his own binkie.

In the sleeping quarters, the men are not piled up like sardines, and they don’t have to sleep on the floor. Each man has his own cot, with a mattress (not a thick one, from the looks of it), sheets, pillow, pillowcase, and soft comfy blanket. The only thing he don’t get is a teddy bear. But maybe some could be brought in, once the wardens get their act together and figure out just how many stuffed animals they need to purchase.

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29 Responses to Ukraine War Day #86: The Condition of Mariupol POWs

  1. colliemum says:

    You creased me up with this one, you really did: “Ukrainian President Ellen Sky”! Well done!

    Regarding the neo-naughty POWs: aww, it surely must be humiliating and against their ‘ooman roights to sleep under a pink duvet?
    On a more serious note: wouldn’t one expect the Kiev Propaganda Machine to come up with the fabulous conditions in which they keep the Russian POWs of which they have so very many, or so we’re told? I mean – after two ays they and their white helmets Propagandists surely could’ve come up with something by now. They did manage with people carrying that border post, didn’t they, swallowed up gratefully by Reuters and other western meejah …


    • BM says:

      it surely must be humiliating and against their ‘ooman roights to sleep under a pink duvet?

      Aren’t most of these nazis homosexual anyway?


    • yalensis says:

      I can’t claim credit for the “Ellen Sky” gag, I “borrowed” that one from Wyatt, over at Defense Politics Asia. That guy comes up with the best jokes, he always cracks me up!


  2. Stephen T Johnson says:

    Like colliemum says, funny!
    Watching videos of the evacuation was pretty interesting, really. I was a bit surprised when a saw a guy with a missing arm amongst the walking wounded, but I guess, ok. At least he looked in decent physical shape, as (actually) most of them did – a lot of the POWs from the Donbass front looked a lot sketchier. Looks like it was a real collection of odds and ends in there, including police (from the harbour? Eez a meestery!). Anyway, it’s a tough row to hoe for the propaganda departments, but they’re doing their best (or worst, maybe)


    • yalensis says:

      A lot of the Azov guys were missing limbs. The guy you saw with the missing arm probably isn’t the same one who became famous, but there was a really famous one, he had a hook for a hand, and he made a lot of tik-tok videos while he was holed up. Can’t remember his name.


  3. FatMax says:

    Yeah, compared to what Ukie POWs from Donbass look like, these guys are catwalk material, really.
    They had plenty of time to do their calisthenics and grow those fabulous beards and didn’t have to hunker in some badly dug-out trench and wait for Russian artillery to blast them into bits.
    Bunch of pansies.


    • yalensis says:

      Plus, like I mentioned to Stephen, they were hooked up to internet the whole time and busy updating their social media profiles and making tik-tok videos. It probably wasn’t that bad, except for the part about not seeing any sunlight.


  4. popasnij says:

    Well, good for them. Any Russian life saved is worth a few warm meals and a cot.
    Unfortunately, for the true believers, they will be interrogated, cross-examined, and such. Their pictures will be circulated amongst the inhabitants of the land – and most of them will sing about their comrades.
    The death penalty is fine and alive in Donbass.

    OTOH…there is a need for men, handy with tools…Dunno, if the security considerations/expenses could be justified by their labor. Probably not in place.


  5. popasnij says:

    that…today showpiece though…
    Now those bipeds – I have no mercy for.


  6. B0b says:

    Popansij, POWs we’re used after ww2 to clear land mines and build buildings/clear debris. They can and should be used to clean up their mess.

    Yalensis, thank you for taking your time to provide these reports we in the west do no receive. All we get is bullshit!!


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, B0b, much appreciated!


    • popasnij says:

      I DID say, that on the side of mercy(to avoid life in prison in some cases I am sure, or reduced sentences) they could b used as hard labourers for a limited time(work their way out if they so chose – if they are not implicated in serious crimes).

      Now, think about the implications of such a deal:
      They would be modern day chain-gangs under constant supervision, or a labour force akin to Oswiecim and surrounds – in an age of diesel and electric powered implements.
      In an age, when ANY of them overpowering a vehicle CAN reach safety in a matter of hours. Todays Russia/Ukraine are not as insular, as some might say. FAR from it.

      Under those circumstances(price of security, corruption) is the value of their labour exceed the cost of it? Dunno.

      I would let the Republics decide that. The people they terrorized.

      An other aspect of this, if you bring up the example of WWII: This solution would let ALL the big fish out of the net, and serve up the small fry on the altar of revenge(retribution). Now that – is just wrong.

      I want to see the likes of Nudleman, Bidet hanging off lamp-posts. All the instigators. As many as even WE can get to – even as private citizens of the relevant countries – by hook or crook. And that list is long…

      The small fry – not my concern, let the localities judge them, though I would err on the side of mercy when in doubt.

      what say ya?

      Oh – BTW, I enjoy the atmosphere of this blog. Hope You don’t mind me sticking around for a while…


      • yalensis says:

        Hey, popasnij, stick around as long as you like, I enjoy your company!
        These are great points, by the way. Not a big fan of chain-gang type prison labor myself, for all the reasons you listed, plus I’m a big softie.
        I do believe in productive labor as rehabilitation, but that means teaching prisoners real skills that they can use ,pay off their debt to society, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

        The danger of a mass prisoner break-out is real. I am following reports from the front on several youtube military sites. If certain people are correct in their analysis, there could be as many as 20,000 Ukrainian POW’s, all at once fell swoop, from the Lisichansk/Severodonetsk cauldron. How to guard so many people?


    • popasnij says:

      I would like to add, that the hysteria, and madness, by which the “west” is reacting to Russia rolling up their well laid plans and the attempt(not unsuccessful) to drive the narrative is – to a large extent – an attempt to cover their crimes, which are mostly financial in nature.
      The moneys, that were laundered through ukraine eversince it`s (in)dependence are unimaginable. The land is an ethnic crime syndicate NOT ran, for the sake of the ukies – they received the morsels…


  7. peter moritz says:

    Here is a sitrep that is reliable (similar to a few other non-mainstream ones who get their info spoonfed)
    and in the meantime, the democracy that never really was gets even less real:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mark Chapman says:

      It sounds as if Ukrainian legislators simply append the label ‘de-Sovietization’ to any change they want to make which gives the employer more power and influence over his/her workers. Makes it sound like they are doing something progressive and positive. Kind of like the Bushies under George Dubya, gutting environmental regulations and enabling factory polluters, and calling the revised package the ‘Clear Skies Act’.


  8. Mark Chapman says:

    Your sarcasm is razor-sharp, Yalensis; a great piece!


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  10. JMF says:

    Thia really is a nifty site. Love the humor!

    Way to go, yelensis!


  11. JMF says:

    Sorry, yalensis. Senile fingers in evidence above!


    • yalensis says:

      No problem, JMF, thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoy my blog.
      I figure that humor is the only possible way to deal with the madness of this world, the only other option is to clutch one’s pearls and screech like a banshee!


  12. Bill in Japan says:

    Thanks for daily SMO updates. I really appreciate them.
    One thing I’ve noticed that doesn’t seem to have been mentioned much by commentators is how Russia’s public thinking regarding the Asov battalion and other far right paramilitary units evolved and why I think this really helps their war effort.
    When the SMO started the comments attributed to Russia seemed to basically “The regular army troops can surrender but we are going to kill the Nazis.” But this has changed to “keep fighting and you will die. Surrender and if you are guilty you will be charged and you may go to prison – with maybe the possibility of a death penalty.” IMHO, I think that would be even better if there were no death penalty.
    It’s not because there aren’t those who well deserve to die. The world is full of people who deserve to die. A lot of them wear suits and live in good neighborhoods.
    It’s because it will shorten the war and also save Russian lives. If a man knows he will die if he surrenders, he has no reason to surrender. There is no fork in the road ahead. “If I’m going to die I might as well take as many with me as I can.”
    Nowadays everybody has a smartphone. The videos of the Asov paramilitary surrendering and being loaded unshackled on tour buses, and the wounded being taken to hospitals for care are wonderful counter propaganda. The photo last night in your Awful Avalanche blog of a wounded Asov fighter embarrassed under a pink kindergarten blanket makes great ad copy for surrender.


    • yalensis says:

      Great points, bill. I also noted that the Russian position hardened after a few weeks into the war. Initially there was the theory that there was still a “healthy” element in the Ukrainian army and political leadership. Putin/Shoigu were actively hoping for a decapitation coup, with maybe the “healthy” military elements removing Zelensky and doing a “Night of the Long Knives” on Azov. Those hopes didn’t pan out, as they were based on faulty intelligence. After that the Russian position hardened (and the analysts giving out such faulty intelligence were sacked from their jobs, from what I heard).

      To the point where yesterday (or the day before) the Russians did something that would have been unheard of just a few weeks ago: They dropped a rocket on a Ukrainian training center (I forget where, somewhere in the center of the country) where newbies had just been gathered to train for the front. Killing, like, 100 newbies at one shot. And these were, probably 40-year old husbands, just ordinary working guys (not Nazis) who had been drafted because they didn’t have the means to flee the country or hide from the conscriptors. To just callously kill these ordinary guys was kind of shocking, in a way, but shows that the Russian side is not playing Mr. Nice Guy any more.

      Agree with you totally about the death penalty, I fail to see how it serves any good, especially in these circumstances. Treating prisoners humanely is not just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. Because it encourages more to surrender instead of fighting to the death.


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