Ukraine War Day #76: The Curious Story of Wali And Friend

Dear Readers:

Today I just wanted to share a rather clever youtuber whom I discovered, in case you are not familiar with his work. His blog is in English, actually very nicely accented British English, he even goes by the moniker iEarlGrey. (Earl Grey happens to be my own favorite tea brand, so I was predisposed to him right away!) Plus, this guy is young and very nice looking, apparently he is a computer gamer coder who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. His knowledge of gaming code and Artificial Intelligence has helped him devise cunning ways to thwart the youtube Algorithm. For those who don’t know, the Algorithm is basically designed to downplay and suppress videos which contain pro-Russian sentiments and elevate those which contain pro-Ukrainian sentiments. This is especially important for professional bloggers/podcasters who actually try to make a living from their blogs and videos, they call this “monetizing” the content. The opposite is called de-monetizing. It’s not as important for people like me, who have a real job and just blog for fun; but it’s definitely a problem for those who want to earn a living from their creative work but happen to have the “wrong” political opinions.

Man vs Machine: Who is winning?

The ideological culling is done via Artificial Intelligence, here is how it works: AI is not quite clever enough to see the whole picture, so to speak; the best it can do is a “verbal analysis” of utterances, based on rules and a database of examples. It scores utterances based on key words. For example, using the word “Nazi” sends red alerts. Which is why Malaysian blogger “Wyatt” over at Defense Politics Asia channel coyly refers to the Azov Brigade as “neo-naughties”. Not that any English-language AI algorithm would understand Wyatt’s crazy accent anyhow, LOL! I have also read about a Swedish podcaster who rants pro-Ukrainian sentiments, but also holds up caption cards containing the exact opposite of what he is saying. Apparently the Algorithm is too dumb to be able to read his caption cards. (Which actually doesn’t make sense to me, since Banking AI algorithms can easily decipher people’s crazy handwriting when they desposit checks – go figure.)

In the end, one has to remember that, in the final analysis, computers are still just dumb machines, so it is rather easy to fool them. For example, Mr. Earl Grey will utter out loud something like, “We support Ukraine, of course!” and then wink at the camera, and that’s all that it takes to fool an idiot computer or robot.

Anyhow, here is one of my favorite videos from Mr. Grey’s arsenal, it is about the curious story of “Wali” and his friend The Sniper. Both of them evidently French Canadians (Quebecois) who went to the Ukraine to be mercenaries. I have watched a lot of videos of mercenaries from various nations, they all say the same thing, that they just wanted to help the Ukrainian people. There was one young English fellow, in an interview, who laid it on very thick: “I just wanted to put a smile on the face of a Ukrainian child.” One has to literally pick oneself up from the floor, from laughing out loud. Or vomiting.

I would not wish Artillery barrages even on my enemy.

The sad (and disgusting) fact is that all of these mercenaries, every last one of these sons of bitches, went to the Ukraine expecting it to be a kind of “Safari” experience, where they could simply hunt humans like animals. Animals don’t usually shoot back. Imagine their shock and disappointment when they found themselves the targets of Russian artillery. An experience said to be worse than anything that Satan could ever devise in the bowels of Hell. So, the hunter became the prey, and the Safari became a reverse turkey shoot. Wali and Sniper had to witness a young Ukrainian soldier have his legs blown off when he made the mistake of leaving his trench to have a smoke. Wali and his friend quickly decided that enough was enough, they hightailed it back to Quebec. (They were lucky the Ukrainians let them leave.) No, this was not the war they had signed up for! It wasn’t fun any more. But Sniper at least had a consolation prize: in one of his own videos, which you can find on youtube (the Algorithm gives it high marks and recommends) he narrates how, his last day in the Ukraine, before escaping from this grand holiday gone sour, he had the opportunity to fire a bullet through the window of a civilian house. That was the only time he even got to use his special “sniper” skills, and that alone I reckon was worth the price of his “Safari” vacation. He doesn’t think he actually killed anyone. Even so, somebody has to pay for that broken glass.

The really sad thing is that the Algorithm has decided that these guys are cool. Average Canadians won’t even blink an eye at the notion that it’s okay to shoot through the window of a civilian house. Because the people inside are Russians, after all. Which means they are not human beings. But the cowards who went to kill them, and then fled with their tails between their legs — those guys are heroes!

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12 Responses to Ukraine War Day #76: The Curious Story of Wali And Friend

  1. colliemum says:

    Those two like so many other ‘mercenaries’ – at least the younger ones – seem to have thought that their ‘skills’ in online games and their experiences in playing ‘dungeons and dragons’ online would stand them in good stead. Others seem to’ve belonged to the horde of LARPers, some of them thinking the wielding a foam sword makes them a fighter.
    (There are others doing re-enactment who put a lot of training into their efforts, lots of skills and time, e.g. training their own horses for jousting, in full medieval armour. They know what they’re doing and going to a real war because they got maximum points in a video game would never enter their minds!)
    And therein lies the delusion of western media whose journalists have played the same video games and who only ‘see’ war on their social media accounts. That’s why civilians simply don’t appear in their world view – unless they can wring a weepy propaganda story out of them.
    As antidote I recommend watching the video Martyanov put up yesterday here:
    ‘Tis long but shows something ‘Teh West’ seems incapable of understanding.
    (Yeah, my room was suddenly full of dust when I watched, made my eyes tear …)

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    • yalensis says:

      I never had any interest in video games myself (other than the original classics like Tetris or Pacman, which were simply fun), but I understand there is an entire generation out there which thinks they are fully knowledgeable about war, from having played Call of Duty and the like.
      Personally, I would only trust people who had actually studied in a reputable military academy and had experience on the battlefield. Having said that, I heard that Wali actually fought in Iraq as a mercenary and had experience as a sniper. His friend “Shadow” was not quite as seasoned.

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      • colliemum says:

        I’ve only learned about those games during Lockdown – and not by playing these games but by reading. I noticed that there suddenly was a whole new genre of literature, called “LitRPG”. These are based on the progress~ and status~reports people receive in a video game. It’s quite amazing and strange – but if it gets people to read books I’m all for it!
        Btw – thanks for the hint regarding that Englishman’s youtube channel: iEarlGrey. I checked out some more of his stuff and found it excellent. He’s got a very English way of ‘speaking between the lines’ which I appreciate very much..

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  2. Ben says:

    This interview with Wali’s friend is utterly damning: It aligns 100% with what all the pro-Russian sources have been saying for weeks; that this is a hugely one-sided war where the Ukrainian side is getting curb stomped.

    He describes first being deployed in city fighting, where before they even got a chance to do any of their sniper games a Russian tank ended their outing and they run away. Then things got even worse as their next mission sent them to more open country. He even drops the tidbit that the Ukrainian troops have to move around in vans, which is further evidence of just how depleted the Ukrainian vehicle pool has become. This has been apparent for months, but here we have yet another confirmation of it *from the Ukrainian side*.

    Russia couldn’t have scripted a more brutal interview.

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    • yalensis says:

      Yup, that’s pretty damning. Interesting that he openly admits they set up their sniper nest in a civilian apartment building, thus making it a legitimate target for the Russian tank.

      The part of the interview where “Shadow” talks about the Ukrainian soldier getting his legs blown off is absolutely horrifying and nightmare-inducing.
      I am curious whether ordinary Canadians/Quebecois watching this interview, think he and Wali are really cool, or are as repulsed by them as I am. I mean, aside from the fact that “Shadow” speaks broken English the way Peewee Herman speaks broken French…

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  3. “Wali” was built up by the Ukraganda on Twitter as “killing Russian generals left and right”. But the same Ukraganda is now deafeningly silent about his running away. How strange.

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    • yalensis says:

      From what I understand, Wali himself, “The Best Sniper In the Whole World”, admitted that he only ever got to fire 2 shots the whole time he was there. And both shots were not exactly high-kill shots, he just fired randomly through the windows of a civilian home. Probably just to vent his frustration. What a fucking Snowflake!

      I saw a really funny comment on one of the blogs, I wish I had saved the link, but I forgot, so now I am just paraphrasing from memory. There was a pretend Customer Service Letter to Wali apologizing for his lousy trip. It was, like, “We are deeply sorry that you found our War Experience to be a disappointment. As Customer Service representatives for the War Experience, we hold ourselves to a standard of excellence, and we assure you that all customers complaints are taken seriously. Our Quality Improvement Department will endeavor to address your complaint. Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds for our Elite Safari War Package, however we are willing to offer a significant discount on your return trip, if you should decide to try our services again…”

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      • Yeah, I have the screenshot of Wali claiming he only fired into two windows to “scare people”.

        Meaning he’s a literal self confessed terrorist.

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        • yalensis says:

          Not to mention a coward.
          The owners of those windows should take him to court and sue him. They need the replacement cost of the glass, plus extra for the pain and stress that he caused their family.

          Damn, that degenerate snowflake could have actually killed a child! That’s the main problem with fascists, they just don’t care about anyone except themselves.

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