Ukraine War Day #73: The Ukrainians Got Shariy

Dear Readers:

Yesterday we heard the sad news about the iconic Mother Russia “babushka” detained by the Ukrainian army. Today I have more bad news about another defeat for the good guys: the detention and house-arrest of popular blogger Anatoly Shariy.

Russian media reported a couple of days ago that Shariy had been arrested in his home in Spain. For those not familiar with his situation: Shariy, an otherwise patriotic Ukrainian, was not thrilled with the Maidan coup of 2014, and became a critic of the new government. Ukrainian Nationalist supporters threatened his life, and he had to flee the country. I am not sure of the exact details of his flight, but somehow he ended up in Spain, which granted him political asylum.

Ukrainian Nationalists gloat about Shariy’s detention

From his place of exile, Shariy continued to be a popular and brutal verbal critic of the Ukrainian regime. Employing the pen instead of the sword, he has eviscerated that regime like no other. Shariy despised President Poroshenko and initially supported Zelensky’s Presidential bid. Taken in, at first, with Zelensky’s campaign promises to bring peace to the country. Shariy himself has his own small political party, called, in Ukrainian fashion, “The Shariy Party”. Soon disillusioned in Zelensky, Shariy turned his pointed-dagger words against the new President. The Nationalists put the blogger on their hit-list, and his life has been in danger ever since. They call him a Russian spy, a Russian agent, a pro-Russian, etc.

When Russia invaded, Shariy was as shocked and distressed as anyone. For the first month of the war, he withdrew from his usual analytical blogging and, instead, devoted himself to livestream telethons intended to help ordinary people stuck in the war zone, or trying to evacuate. For example, his supporters on the ground, in the Ukraine, would deliver food to somebody stuck in their basement. When he did speak out on the war itself, or politics, his comments were mildly anti-Russian, although he made an attempt to keep a neutral tone, given his large audience of Russian supporters. This wasn’t good enough for the Nationalists, who continued, evermore hysterically, to accuse him of being a Russian spy. For example, when one of his party members would post the phone number of a person in need in some Ukrainian town, the Nationalists accused Shariy of providing bombing coordinates to the Russians!

Everything changed towards the end of March. Somehow the Ukrainian special forces, the SBU, learned the exact address of Shariy’s home in Spain (I forget the name of the city, it doesn’t mean anything to me), where he lives with his wife, Olga and their infant son. SBU goons, possibly reinforced by local diaspora Ukrainian thugs, showed up at his home one day and threatened to kill his entire family.

After that incident, Shariy saw the light and became more openly pro-Russian. He dropped the telethon style and returned to his usual analytical video blogs. Always eviscerating the Zelensky regime.

Then, on May 4, at the urging of the Ukrainian government, the Spanish police arrested Shariy “on the suspicion” of state treason, as defined by the Ukrainian side. The entire pro-Ukrainian blogosphere burst out in gloatatory glee, with many openly calling for Shariy’s torture and murder inside an SBU prison. You’ll see some of these violent images and memes in the second video below. One Twitter Nationalist even called for Anatoly to be chopped up into pieces, and each piece sent to a different city within the Ukraine. Just in case anybody still has any illusions about the “European civilization” level of Ukrainian Nationalists.

My Gift For Gerashchenko

Shariy’s attractive wife Olga, who is a blogger in her own right (she usually does analytical pieces about political and economic issues) posted a rather humorous video the day after her husband’s arrest. She starts off wearing a head-scarf and looking appropriately humble as she pleads for the leaders of Spain and Turkey to help free her husband. (This is a parody of a video appeal made by Medvedchuk’s wife.) And then suddenly rips off the scarf and flips a bird to Ukrainian beast Anton Gerashchenko (aka “Fat Bastard”), an SBU thug with a known history of licking food from bowls.

Olga’s humorous and upbeat video reassured Shariy’s supporters and led them believe that everything was gonna be okay, Anatoly would hopefully not be extradited to the Ukraine, where he faces certain death, and worse, at the hands of the Nationalists.

The following day Anatoly himself posted a “proof of life” sort of video, showing that he was out of jail, most likely under house arrest. (Other bloggers have reported that he had to surrender his passport, and I would not be at all surprised to learn that he was wearing an ankle bracelet.) Shariy couldn’t say much about his case (clearly his attorneys have placed a gag order on him), but reassured his numerous followers that he was okay. To those who recommended that he flee to Russia, he gave a ringing endorsement of Spain (“This is the country I want to live in”) and expressed his confidence in the Spanish judicial system.

Shariy blogs in Russian, so if you don’t know Russian, you won’t understand what he is saying; but it is still worth watching his video to see the images and memes made by his enemies. Again, it shows their level of intellect and proves, once again, that the entire Ukrainian government is nothing more than a collection of Mafia goons.

Personally, I agree with those commenters who worry that Shariy might be a bit too optimistic in his belief that the Spanish justice system will protect him from Ukrainian lawlessness. The Spanish may be an ancient and highly civilized people, but let’s face it: All of Europe is currently under the rule of one man: Volodimir Zelensky. Zelensky has the power to literally snap his fingers, and all the princes and potentates have to come crawling to him and obey his every command. He can call the German Prime Minister a slab of sausage, and all the latter can do is bend over and ask for another one.

Zelensky is the Giant Cockroach, after all, and even the Spanish King and Prime Minister must obey his commands, however unlawful. I’m not even exaggerating. I’m saying this so that Shariy’s friends and supporters have time to steel themselves for what will most likely happen next. I got a bad feeling about this. I hope I am wrong.

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10 Responses to Ukraine War Day #73: The Ukrainians Got Shariy

  1. yalensis says:

    Hm… those 2 videos (of Olga and Anatoly) rendered properly when I first posted, but now I am only seeing sad faces. Maybe it’s just my computer. Just in case, here are the URL’s, if you want to see this videos (I highly recommend), post the URL first removing the square brackets on either side: []

    Also: possible fact correction to my own post. I just saw this piece which states Shariy left the Ukraine in 2012 (not 2014 as I thought), and that he has been living in Spain since 2019.


  2. peter moritz says:

    Considering how Spain dealt with its own dissidents, especially those in Catalonia, and that the Spanish justice system is corrupt and still under the influence of Franco area politicians, do not know where he gets his confidence from. ( Maybe he is too concerned with Ukraine, not realizing that Spain has not overcome Franco yet completely.

    After Franco, the new government actually forbade any investigation into crimes committed by and during his regime, quite different from Germany where – however critical one might be about the efforts – trials against perpetrators of atrocities were held and no statute of limitation exists.

    I think his confidence is misplaced under the current hysterical “Ukraine can do no wrong” climate in Europe.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, unfortunately I think you are right. Shariy may not be aware of the entire Spanish history, the Spanish Inquisition, Franco era, etc. Not that I am an expert either in Spanish history, but I know just enough to make me wary of the rosy picture that is presented today, of Spain’s supposed liberal utopia. There is a very strong authoritarian streak in Spanish politics; and even if there weren’t, well, the stark reality is that they belong to NATO/EU, which means they belong to the United States of America.
      That’s a simplification, obviously, but not inaccurate.


  3. Susan Welsh says:

    Arrested March4?? I think it shouls be May 4


  4. Stephen T Johnson says:

    Fwiw, both videos load fine for me.
    I wouldn’t take odds on the Spanish govt. growing a spine and telling the Nazis to take a hike. However, we’ll have to see.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, the videos are fine for me now, as well. There was just a moment when I refreshed my screen and the placeholder showed that sad face which means youtube will not allow you to watch this content! Just a momentary glitch, obviously. I have a tendency to get paranoid and read too much into temporary glitches.


      • yalensis says:

        P.S. my only hope is that Shariy has a very good legal team (I presume), so hopefully they can stall the Spanish courts long enough (by introducing motion after motion) so that, by the time the Spanish government is ready to cave and send Shariy to his death, then Zelensky regime will have fallen by then.

        Well, it might be a nail-biter!


  5. Cortes says:

    Respect for the elderly seems still to be a feature of Russian society. The most touching scene in last year’s Victory Day in Moscow was the post-parade gladhandling by VVP of veterans. “Lord Sauron” interrupted his progression along the ranks of dignitaries to descend to greet an age-bowed but still very alert lady supported by her daughter and patiently listened to her “bending his ear” while the daughter tried to hush her. The old lady paid no attention and continued to pass on her words of advice while VVP listened carefully for a couple of minutes. I can’t imagine a similar scene involving a “Western leader.”


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