Ukraine War Day #48

Dear Readers:

Just a couple of random things today.

Bucha Bodies Photoshoot

First, I like conspiracy theories, so I wanted to return briefly to the Bucha issue. A couple of days ago our friend Wyatt from Defense Politics Asia posted his daily video, this one is 34 minutes long, included is “Now comes to the tabloid gossip” at around 15:25 minutes in. Wyatt shows video, which somehow hit the internet, of the “Bucha Set Preparation” gag. It shows Ukrainian soldiers using ropes and pulleys to drag the dead bodies into position for their Atrocity Photo Shoot.

Everybody’s first impression upon, on seeing this, is “Aha! I knew the whole atrocity thing was a fake!” But wait, not so fast. According to some of the commenters to the piece, the rope and pulley thing would actually argue for the Ukrainian side of the story, believe it or not. The argument for the defense [if this were a war crimes trial and the Ukrainians were on trial for killing those people in Bucha] goes something like this: It is standard in this kind of urban warfare for the enemy to place a mine or IED under or inside the corpse of a murdered soldier or civilian. That way, when the family or fellow soldiers come to carry away the corpse, it will explode, producing even more casualties.

Hence, you can see where people are going with this line of defense: If the Ukrainians themselves (presumably the SBU and “Safari Team” of the Azovs) had murdered these civilians (presumably to punish them for “collaborating” with the Russians), then they would know damn well the bodies are not mined. Hence, there would be no need for these ropes, pulleys and trucks, etc., it would be a lot easier to just have two guys go and lift up each body (or maybe use stretchers) to place it on its mark on the road.

Whereas, on the other hand, if the Russians had killed these people, then who knows what kind of mines or IED’s they had placed underneath them? Hence the Ukrainian caution in dealing with the bodies. Knowledgeable commenters with military experience, who had seen this sort of thing in Iraq, make this point.

Not even speaking to the main issue, which is why the bodies suddenly showed up 2 days after the Russian soldiers had already left, but just focusing on this one narrow issue with the ropes and the photoshoot set up: There are several counter-arguments which could be made, to the pro-Ukrainian narrative. For example: Some commenters point out that the Ukrainian soldiers are getting way too close to the bodies, assuming they are sincerely afraid of the bodies blowing up. But, on the other hand, that could just be incompetence. Another argument: There are so many bodies and they don’t want to go and just lift all of them up with their hands. Also scared of contamination or covid. Hence, they prefer to disrespectfully drag the bodies around with ropes.

There is also the question: If the Ukrainians are telling the truth, and the bodies had been lying out there on the side of the road for days or even weeks, then why didn’t the families and relatives come to collect them? Who knows? Maybe Azov told the families the bodies were mined, to just to scare them. And maybe regular Ukrainian soldiers setting up this photoshoot weren’t sure, if that was a bluff or not (?)

Anyway, something to ponder.

Shariy Tells A Parable

I saw this video yesterday by Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Shariy:

Shariy’s fans were relieved to see him back online. He had ghosted them for a few days, and people started to assume the worst, knowing he is on the Ukrainian SBU hitlist. Recall that Shariy opposed the Maidan Coup, left the Ukraine in 2014, went into exile, and there has been a price on his head ever since. He blogged against Poroshenko and exposed much Ukrainian disinformation. While all the time remaining a Ukrainian patriot.

Shariy supported Zelensky initially, when the latter ran for President. Anatoly admits now that he was duped, but it’s understandable: Zelensky ran against Poroshenko as a peace candidate, and a lot of people were fooled by him. Quickly realizing the truth, Shariy went into opposition against Zel and despises the man utterly, probably even more than he despises Poroshenko.

Pierre Bezukhov

To the best of my knowledge, Shariy lives in Spain, which granted him asylum. But the Ukrainian secret police apparently know where he lives, and continue to threaten him and his family, using local goons from the diaspora; which is the topic of this video. Shariy’s wife, Olga, has her own blog, by the way, she generally does political commentary and analysis. She also disappeared for a few days, and people were worried about the entire family. Now “Olya and Tolya” are both back online, and one hopes the Spanish police have them under protection.

One should also note that Shariy was not exactly thrilled by the Russian invasion of his country. Nonetheless, with his daily live streams and chatrooms, he tried to keep as neutral a stance as he could. The focus of his chatroom was to share information and provide humanitarian aid for ordinary people stuck in the middle of the war. But it was pretty clear that he didn’t like what Russia was doing. To be sure, Shariy is a patriot, sort of like the Ukrainian version of Tolstoy’s Pierre Bezukhov. Who was pro-French and anti-Tsar until the French invaded his homeland, then he became anti-French and pro-Tsar. War does that to a person. Nonetheless, burying the hatchet with the Ukrainian government, was not an option for Shariy, especially since they don’t seem particularly interested in building a “grand patriotic coalition”, or accepting former dissidents back into the fold. Quite the contrary. The Nazi SBU has doubled down on its threats to murder each and every person who ever said boo to them.

Well, that’s the backstory, now let us listen to what he says. Fortunately for me, Shariy blogs in Russian, so I am able to understand what he is saying. I will attempt to convey his meaning, hoping that the point of his “allegory” will become clearer. The title of his video is This Weak, Miserable Victim, by which he means the Ukraine, of course. His tone is one of coldly boiling anger.

This Weak, Miserable Victim

Shariy: This is an unusual video and I want you to understand the meaning of it. If you don’t like it, I could care less, there is absolutely nothing holding me back any more. You will try to find an analogy here, which is fine, I won’t give you any hints.

Listen to this: For a very long period of time, I have been threatened. I have been threatened in the social media, I have been threatened in public, I have been threatened in Somaliland [!] where the war still rages. I have been threatened by official personages, they threaten me with death, We’re gonna kill you, we’ll find you, we’ll kill you, and so on. Their tiny minions threaten me constantly, every single day, online, they threaten, threaten, threaten.

I would restrain myself, try to remain calm, respond to them calmly and rationally. Either that, or just try to ignore them. But then these devils, who are directly connected to the local [Ukrainian] consulate, decided to visit me in my home, in the house where I live. They approached my house and started their usual circus. I went out to meet them, thinking they had something to present to me, you can see what happened on the video that I posted on my channel, I also posted it on Telegram. [My wife] Olga shot this video on camera while it was happening, so you can see these animals in action.

And then, this is what happened afterwards. These same people continued to approach my house, shouting threats, “We’re gonna kill you!” etc. They received a little punch-back from me, so right away they run to complain to the police. So now I am the aggressor. The police ignored them, of course.

But my point is this: these very pigs who so love to threaten other people, who come and harass you every single day, so they take a little pushback, a light little slap, and then they start to shriek that you are the one who threatened them!

“Alley of the Angels”, dedicated to Donetsk children killed by Ukrainian shelling.

And so they start to write articles saying that I have been provoking them. How so? I didn’t bring these people up to my house. But that doesn’t matter. These people insist that you are the aggressor. What happened next? Understanding that these threats are not working on me, they started to threaten my wife. And when they saw that wasn’t working either, they started to threaten my child. My innocent little angel of a son. And at that point I gave them a very harsh response. After which, in an instant, they started screaming that I had attacked them.

Now, what does this remind you of? What kind of analogy can be made here? Well, I know exactly what this reminds me of. Think about it: Every living day you harass someone. Every day you threaten someone. You threaten them, you insult them, you write constant denunciations of them, you troll them, you threaten their children, you brag that you are holding a bottle, a molotov cocktail. And at a certain moment you get back exactly what you deserve. And then you start to scream and whine to the whole world: He is the aggressor! Just take a look at this tweet and decide whether or not this woman, Oksana Mostovaya is a victim. She lives in Germany now. She writes: “I promise that when this is all over, we, Ukrainian women, will get all the jobs in your kindergartens and schools. And you will pay the price for each of our [dead] children. We will hunt down all of your children in Europe, in Turkey, and across the whole world! You will answer for everything, and I don’t care what you think about this.”

After seeing this tweet, the Russian emigre communities in Germany and Turkey got very upset. These communities are very large and have absolutely nothing to do with the current incursion. But here their children are being threatened. Well, this piece of shit had to delete her tweet. But you see this all the time, this kind of hatred being directed at ordinary Russians. Just ordinary people, manicurists, guys who work at gas stations, working people of whatever profession. And they are starting to hear these kinds of threats. Threatened with death, simply because they are [ethnic] Russians.

And now the same threats being directed against Ukrainians. Ukrainians who never did anything except try to help other people. These people [who threaten] are just animals. They are animals who temporarily had their muzzles removed. They started to run around and were under the impression they are allowed to do anything. But the moment you catch that reeking dog, it immediately starts yelping and running to the police. And then you are the aggressor.

This is how they work. This is how they act. And it’s not just in Europe that they act this way. This is what they do. They constantly threaten, they threaten to kill you, your children, they burn down somebody’s business, and so on. But the moment that [normal] people get together and unite to push back against them, instantaneously they transform themselves into victims. Victims! And those who pushed back are the aggressors! They sob, “Oh boo hoo, we came to your country to find freedom, and they are trying to hurt us, whine whine….” And do you see how these people are undermining normal, adequate Ukrainian [refugees] who are simply trying to flee from the war?

In my own life, many times have I encountered these pigs, and they are all exactly the same. They will constantly harass you. If they have an opportunity, they will slyly give you a shove. They constantly try to provoke you, and eventually you push them back. And when you do, immediately they run to the police. Immediately. Even if you don’t physically push them, but just say to them, “Buzz off, you scarecrow!” they take that as an assault as well. And they run to the police and claimed that you threatened them. But then, with glee they will organize a flashmob and threaten to murder your child.

What to do? Well, I think that, little by little, the question of self-defense, against these animals, will start to acquire a more and more mass character. And yet I know full well that, the very moment they receive what is coming to them … you know, they threaten, threaten, and then come at you with a molotov cocktail, what they are angling for is like a bar fight when people just go at it, and even innocent people get sucked into it and hurt, that’s what they want to see happen, So that they can claim, “Look at him, what an aggressor he is!”

Do you understand my analogy? I believe it is perfectly clear what I am trying to say. That which I see every day in my own, personal life, other people are starting to see. And starting to understand.

Earlier I used to state that there is no black and white in this. But now I understand very well how this process works. Goodbye.

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10 Responses to Ukraine War Day #48

  1. colliemum says:

    Thanks for translation Shariy’s parable! he could not have been more plain when he said:
    “They will constantly harass you. If they have an opportunity, they will slyly give you a shove. They constantly try to provoke you, and eventually you push them back. And when you do, immediately they run to the police. Immediately.”
    Yes, we understand, we understand very well indeed!


  2. I had many discussions about the bodies being pulled by ropes. This simply would not happen. The danger, especially to the rope puller (let alone the one who ties the rope) and everyone else nearby would too great. I have served in the military and dealt with various dangerous incidents. These bodies would have been left until people qualified with the right kit were on site. Failing that, considerable fire power would used to clear the bodies or an armoured dozer. A soldier’s first duty is to stay alive and not be wounded. No one in their right would take such risks.


  3. Lex says:

    Appreciate the translation and his perspective. It’s too easy to forget how conflict affects even the political much less those who aren’t particularly political. I’d wager that most Ukrainians are less concerned with who’s in charge than whether they have employment, food, medical care and education. The most disturbing portion of the west’s reaction for me is how little concern there is for humanitarian aid. There’s been talk and promise of funds, but the news is filled with weapons shipments rather than food. Granted, western Ukraine may not need humanitarian aid, but the theoretically evacuating civilians from the east would. It’s clear that the “west” cares as little for those civilians as Azov does.

    I wondered if the Ukrainian army regulars tasked with moving the bodies were displaying a lack of trust in their own side. Maybe they couldn’t put it past the paramilitaries to mine those corpses. Still not a safe way to do it. And I’m fairly certain if those corpses were out there for me he length of time we’re told that they wouldn’t hold together very well being dragged by a rope.


    • yalensis says:

      Regarding humanitarian aid: I saw a piece on my local (American) news channel, they were going on piously about some local effort to collect relief aid for the Ukrainians. Talking head saying something like, “Many people are watching this war on TV and feeling helpless to do anything to help the Ukrainians. But this local relief effort gives everybody a way to participate and feel better about doing something…”

      Which is exactly what most “charity” efforts are, I believe. Just as funerals are designed to help the living feel better, and not so much the dead; so too the vast majority of charities are designed to make the “givers” feel good about themselves, whereas the needy very rarely get anything out of it.

      And the visuals showed a bunch of people in some local warehouse or church basement, or somewhere, packing an ENORMOUS number of boxes with food, toys, tons of products. I don’t doubt that Ukrainians would be very happy to get this stuff, but my logical brain is thinking: Are they planning to just load all these boxes onto airplanes and fly it over to Western Ukraine or Poland? And then unload? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just send the Ukrainian refugees some money and have them buy their own stuff in Polish stores? Or use the money to pay for a hotel room. Or something. I mean, people always assume they know best, what other people need: diapers, blankets, boxes of macaroni. Maybe some people would rather just be handed a wad of cold cash. I know I would prefer the cash, if I were a refugee.


  4. colliemum says:

    I came across this link (from Gonzales Lira’s account) of a reply by Russian soldiers to that ‘flower girl’ head-chopping video and thought you’d like to watch it:


  5. Aule Valar says:

    Easy to argue the exact same thing about the entire invasion – just really, really upscaled.


    • yalensis says:

      Yup, I think that was Shariy’s point!
      The really interesting thing, though, is that Zelensky totally missed out on an opportunity for “national reconciliation”. That was the point I was trying to make with my Pierre Bezukhov analogy. Pierre was pro-French and probably a Jacobin, a future Decembrist. But when the French invaded his homeland, he flipped and became a Russian patriot.
      Similarly, a man like Shariy, who is a Ukrainian patriot, could have been welcomed back into the fold. He was not exactly thrilled by the Russian invasion in the first place, and may have been a candidate for said bringing back into fold. I saw signs of that in him (watching his chats and podcasts since Day #1 of the war).

      Could have, would have, should have… If I were in Zelensky’s position, I would have used the invasion to broaden my coalition, form a national unity government, forgive all my political opponents, yada yada. [I realize he can’t do any of this, ’cause he’s a NATO puppet, but I am just arguing in the abstract.]

      With the population and the entire political class fully behind me, I (Zelensky) would have been in a strong position to negotiate an awesome peace deal with Russia. We could have even worked out some kind of economic plan to jointly rebuild. Sitting between Europe and Russia, Ukraine would become the economic powerhouse of Europe, “milking two cows”, as certain Russian pundits have crudely put it.

      Instead of doing all that wise stuff, Zelensky just doubled down and decided to become a little bitch. You’ll see in my next post how his personal dictatorship is developing at full steam…


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