Ukraine War Day #23

Dear Readers:

First some really good news: Russian Defense Ministry reports that a whopping 42,992 lucky people, in the course of a single day, were able to evacuate from Mariupol. I can’t even imagine the hell these people have gone through, but hopefully the worst of the ordeal is over for them. It is reported that 3144 of these people left on buses or personal automobiles in the direction of Kharkov or Kiev (out of the frying pan, into the fire?)

Most of the refugees have requested to evacuate to Russia. In all, according to Russian Defense spokesperson Mikhail Mizintsev, a whopping 2,696,239 Ukrainians, from thousands of cities and towns, have expressed a desire to evacuate to Russia. And who can blame them? Armageddon is no place for innocent civilians.

Now The Cheery Topic Of Biological Weapons

Recall that Kherson had the honor of being the first Ukrainian Oblast to be fully occupied, and is now being administered as an occupied territory, by Russian forces. According to reporter Vera Basilaya, the Russians are discovering some rather dodgy things in Kherson. Unfortunately, Ukrainian forces had enough time to burn or shred all the files in one of the Kherson bio-laboratories, just before bailing. The head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Department of the armed forces of the Russian Federation (РХБЗ) is a man named Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov. Kirillov had the following to say:

Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov

“We need to talk about their hasty destruction of documents in the Kherson bio-lab. One of the reasons for such haste may be an attempt to cover up documentation about an outbreak of dirofilariasis in 2019 in Kherson. This is a disease which is carried by mosquitoes. The question arises, why were there four cases of infection in the month of February [2019], which is not characteristic at all for the life cycle of these insects, even if you factor in the incubation time for the disease.”

As corroboration for his insinuations, Kirillov mentions the fact that in April of 2019 representatives of the Pentagon arrived in the area and visited local hospitals, where they also acquainted themselves with the results of the epidemiological research [into the outbreak] and also made xerox copies of the medical documentation.

A very suspicious General Kirillov also brings to our attention a similar epidemiological outbreak in 2018, but this time in the Donetsk/Luhansk Oblasts, and this time involving a multi-resistant strain of tuberculosis: “This was a big outbreak, for example in the region around Peski there were over 70 cases of infection, all of which ended in a quick death. This could either point to a deliberate act of infecting people, or perhaps an accidental leak of the pathogen, from one of the Ukrainian laboratories.”

Crimes So Gross That Even A Belgian Journalist Is Shocked

Although there is currently no proof that the Pentagon deliberately infected Donbass residents with tuberculosis, using them as human lab rats, this is one of those times when one has to shrug and say, “I wouldn’t put it past them.” And that goes for the Ukrainian Nazis as well, most certainly, not just their American sponsors.

Which brings me to this story by reporter Natalia Anufrieva. Stipulation: the original materials and video that she cites are not accessible to me on the internet. All I have is this Russian summary and translation of the words spoken by Swiss former spy/terrorism expert and current military researcher/historian name of Jacques Baud in an interview with Belgian journalist Michel Collon – I just linked to Collon’s American wiki page to get the spelling of his name, but you can see how American wiki does a smear job on him. My translation into English of Baud’s words is not from whatever his original language is (presumably French), but from the Russian translation from his language.

Swiss war expert, Jacques Baud

Anyhow, in the interview, which was shown on Belgian TV, Baud went against the usual Westie narrative, which glorifies the Azov Battalion as “Freedom Fighters”. According to Baud, the “scumbags” of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion, during their 8-year occupation of the Donbass, committed “unthinkable atrocities” against the local residents: “These are ideological militias, these are people whom one can rightfully call wild, because they are extremist scum. These Azov Battalions in Mariupol, they are responsible for mass murders in 2014, they raged with impunity throughout the whole of the Donbass. […] There were many mass murders in 2014-2015, but nobody talks about that. These Nationalist Battalions, such as Azov, engage in unthinkable atrocities, the kind you cannot even imagine to yourself. There is a lot of evidence of these atrocities, but they are so graphical that I cannot even describe them. These are true beasts.”

Aside from insulting animals by comparing them to Azov, Baud is absolutely right on this score, in my opinion. As the Russian/DPR army gets closer every day to re-taking the city of Slavyansk, who knows? we may come to learn that that story of the “child crucifixion atrocity” was factual all along. Readers may recall that, back in the day, I posted this 3-part series on that crucifixion story. It’s interesting to go back and re-read, given what we know now. I went back in and re-read myself. I found that some of the pictures and videos no longer work, so I deleted them; but I didn’t change a word in any of the text. Readers can decide for themselves, and maybe time will show who is right. Just for the record: I sincerely hope that time proves that no babies were crucified in Slavyansk back in 2014. Because to contemplate such matters is to teeter on the edge of madness and denounce the entire human race. If you don’t believe me, just ask Dostoevsky.

Back To Kherson

Okay, that is some seriously dark stuff. But let us get back to our Kherson story. Where we left off: During the Great Patriotic War, having been liberated from the Nazis in 1944, Kherson first appeared as a full Oblast on the map of the USSR. Kherson rapidly rebuilt itself from the ruins of the war. During all this time, it maintained its cosmopolitan and internationalist character. Lots of different nationalities make Kherson their home, but the language of inter-communication is Russian, of course. And roughly 5/6 natives not only speak Russian, but regard it as their mother tongue.

Nonetheless, in the past 14 years there have been some demographic changes, mainly due to an influx of Crimean Tatars. According to Russian/Jewish pundit and Odessa native Anatoly Wasserman: “Currently in the Kherson Oblast, the concentration of ethnic Russians is less than it was in, say, 2008. But probably not by a great deal. Just as in the rest of the Ukraine, Russian speakers there are in the vast majority.” This despite ardent Ukrainian attempts at de-Russification…

[to be continued]

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6 Responses to Ukraine War Day #23

  1. This is a very dark subject and the danger for anyone discussing it is that they are soon labeled a conspiracy nut job. The USA has form in testing bioweapons on a civilin population, their own. This Smithsonian article tells the story. People will declare, “it stopped in 1969” but did it? Why would they stop? We have various agreements in place and the OPCW to monitor these weapons and their destruction but it has been proven that the OPCW has been compromised and is politically controlled and therefore not objective or reliable. I hope that the political pressure at the UN will result in clarification on the matter. As you say, one is driven to insanity contemplating the utter vileness of it all.


    • yalensis says:

      The OPCW has definitely been corrupted by the Pentagon/NATO, just like most other previously reputable international organizations. Just a couple of months ago Aaron Maté at the Grayzone wrote some important pieces on the OPCW whistleblowers.
      They were told to follow the Party Line on Syrian “chemical attacks”, but didn’t want to, because they saw no proof.

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  2. Chuck Pineda of California says:

    All wars are bankers wars! I’m just amazed that no one mentions the international bank system and their 500 plus years of creating and financing both sides of a war. Since they own the mass media it seems we will never get any information as to how much money their weapons industry is making.

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower called it the Millitary Industrial Complex and added; that if we, the USA, didn’t control it, it would end up controlling us, and now they do. Yet, we get no information from the West, and I don’t expect it, or the Ukraine or Russia. It controls every facet of government
    that may affect their central bank money making scheme. and that include the Congress, the Executive/Presidency, and most of the hawk leaning Supreme Court Justices.

    I wondered if the same families that own the mother of all central banks, THE BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, HEADQUARTERED IN BASAL, SWITZERLAND, also own the weapons industry in Russia because we know they control the West and that kind of includes the Ukraine.

    Yes, even your coverage of the operation in the Ukraine mentions absolutely nothing regarding how much money these debt producing central banking families, their weapons industry, and their minions all over the world are making on this special operation in the Ukraine.

    The administrations, both Democratic and Republicans controlled by the central bankers spent $300,000,000.00 per day in Afghanistan, and we the people never received one cent, but the banker’s weapons industry and military corporation received all the money.

    In conclusion, we, the USA, Russia, China, India, Lybia, all the Latin countries, etc. should declare war on Switzerland, once and for all, and get all our gold, silver, platinum,etc. back;that these bankers have taken from our countries and have these metals of value in their 63 mile tunnel in Basal or near by. This international move would rid of this most greedy banking system operated by a few families and their loyal minions. We would then be able to get out of this constant WAR way of life, and peace would come to the entire world.

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    • yalensis says:

      Chuck, what you are stating in your manifesto is just basic Marxism. And yet I have this sneaking suspicion that you are not a Marxist… just call it a hunch…


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