Ukraine War Day #19

Dear Readers:

Russian mainstream media reports a notable military success in the war: The highway from Crimea to Mariupol is now fully under control of the pro-Russian forces. Mariupol is still a bloody slog, but the hard work is finally paying off. According to reporter Dmitry Zubarev, this land corridor is now a thing.

Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Republic Georgy Muradov: “Crimea and Donbass are now connected by a land route across the territory of the Ukraine. Namely the automobile highly leading from Crimea to Mariupol.” While the fighting continues, this magistral can be used to deliver humanitarian supplies from Crimea to the recently liberated towns in the Donbass. “This road could be become the most important magistral connecting the peninsula with Mariupol, which is the metallurgical center of the Azov area, and with the industrial region of the Donbass. In Soviet times this same hard-paved road secured the transport of goods from Eupatoria through Mariupol and towards Donetsk…[…] This can secure the future development of the entire region,” Muradov concluded optimistically.

Ukrainian Repressions And Genocide

It should not surprise anybody who has been following this ghastly civil war for the past 8 years, that the Ukrainian fascist regime, in its death agony, is lashing out at ordinary civilians whom it deems as “pro-Russian” and hence enemies of the people.

Town of Popasnaya coat of arms

Those who have been following Yury Podolyaka’s military reports, are aware that the town of Popasnaya, in the Luhansk Oblast, has changed hands a few times just in the course of the past week. Yesterday LPR officials reported that, upon re-entering the town, they found that the Ukrainian soldiers had shot quite a lot of civilians and buried them in a mass grave. Fortunately, some civilians miraculously survived the shooting, and will hopefully get to testify to their experiences at the International Court of the Hague. (Yeah, right, as if the Hague would listen to anything said by “pro-Russians”!)

Ivan Filiponenko is the spokesperson for the LPR militia, now more like an army: “As they retreated, the Ukrainian forces used civilians as human shields, and then shot them, not wanting to leave any witnesses behind to report on their atrocities.” Filiponenko told journalists that the area is now a crime scene. The fighting is still going on nearby. In his words, the crime was committed by the Ukrainian 57th Brigade, which is made up mostly of ethnic Ukrainians from the Western region of the country: “These people, by all accounts, are very ideologically determined, plus they must have realized the gravity of their crimes in relation to the civilian population of Donbass. It’s not so simple for them to just lay down their arms.”

Russian commenters to the piece point out cynically that the U.S. and Europe will simply blame Russia for any mass graves found in the Ukraine, even in the Donbass region. Which is why it is good that there are survivors to this massacre, who may be able to testify at any future court proceedings.

Why A Hit-List Is A Handy Thing

One of the most odious personalities to emerge from this ugly war, is the neo-Nazi Governor of Nikolaev, Vitaly Kim. In this piece from just yesterday, you can watch Governor Kim on his Telegram videoblog, opine about those Ukrainians who sympathize more with the Russian side, who are well overdue to be murdered: “I know a bunch of people, they are telling me: I know exactly who to shoot, and believe me, it won’t be the regular army who will do it…” [In other words, as Kim salivates at the thought, it will be irregular Nazi formations carrying out extra-judicial punishments against those Ukrainian civilians who sympathize with the Russian side in the war.]

How do Kim’s friends know who to shoot? It’s very simple. One only needs to remind, that for the past 8 years, ever since the Maidan Coup, the Ukrainian SBU (successor to the bloody Soviet KGB) has been putting together a hitlist of “enemies of the people”. This hitlist is called the Mirotvorets (=”Peacekeeper”) web site. The list includes several prominent Ukrainian journalists and politicians from Oppositionist parties. One notes with worry that some of these journalists have recently gone missing, and their loved ones have no idea where they are. I hate to sound pessimistic, but I suspect many of them will never return to their families. The very last act of a tyrannical regime, in its final death agony.

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8 Responses to Ukraine War Day #19

  1. Moscow Exile says:

    Why waste time with the Hague? Just do with the Ukronazis what the Red Army used to do with Waffen-SS prisoners. The SS all had an identity tattoo: on the inside of the upper left arm it was, I think.The Yukonazis are also easily identified by their tattoos as the morons like to cover their hides with tattoos of stupid nazi symbols and slogans.Shoot them all like the rabid dogs they are!


    • yalensis says:

      I saw a similar comment on a Russian blog, they were, like, the serious Ukro-Nazis have tats like you wouldn’t believe, and they can never be erased. I wonder what happens if someone with a Bandera tat escapes into Poland?

      My mom always said: “NEVER EVER EVER get a tattoo”, and she was right! I hope you tell your children similar. Only freaks get tattoos.


  2. colliemum says:

    Thank you again, yalensis! I read but must be brief because I’m having a bit of trouble reading and working at the PC right now. I hope to be back, later, and better.


  3. Charles Pineda says:

    What happened with the Budapest treaty or agreement? You should interview Bill Clinton, Barry Soetoro, AKA, Barack Obama/VP Biden, and the UK representatives as to how they messed up the Ukraine. It seems that the central bankers who start all wars and own the mass media don’t want their minions interviewed. The Globalist are the owners of the central banking system and they are the one’s who push the Gay/Sodomite agenda in the West. President Putin should tell the world that he doesn’t want a decaying life style country next to Russia.

    We, the family values Democrats, don’t support the sodomite lifestyle, that is what it is, and not a right. There are tens of millions of us in the USA, but the owners of the mass media don’t ever mention us because they own the mass media, and their agenda violated God’s laws in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13

    I was wondering when Pres. Biden told the Americans in the Ukraine to leave 30 THOUSAND AMERICANS LEFT AND QUICKLY. How many were sent to the Ukraine to push the Gay/Homosexual lifestyle on the people of the Ukraine? Can your staff find out?


    • yalensis says:

      Oh no! Seems like I already violated Leviticus several times, especially Chapter 11, not that I have ever committed sodomy or taken it from behind. Still, I’ve done lots of other bad stuff, like eaten animals which cheweth not the cud.

      Ooops, I reckon I will go to hell, do they serve pork there in the Hell cafeteria, I wonder?


  4. Ryan Ward says:

    This comment has nothing in particular to do with this post (just putting it in the most recent one). Just wondering if you’ve seen anything detailed about Russian supply issues in this war. I’ve seen claims floating around that Russia can only supply the army for another couple weeks. I suspect this is just the latest round of wishcasting, but I’d be curious about any info re: how much ammunition and other supplies Russia is able to produce on an ongoing basis, and how that compares to likely needs. I’m not having much luck searching for this kind of info.


    • yalensis says:

      Great question, Ryan. I haven’t seen anything in particular about the supply issue, but I’ll keep my eye open for it. Are they talking about bullets and that sort of supplies, or are they talking about food? I suspect there is plenty of food, since the Russian army are delivering convoys of humanitarian aid to each liberated town after bombing the shit out of it.


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