Putin To Zelensky: Like It Or Not, You’re About to Be F*cked

Dear Readers:

I saw this piece today, the reporter is Anton Nikitin. The genre, loosely, is “Putin being Putin”. For many years now, Putin-watchers have noted the Russian President’s subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) dark (and sometimes cruel) sense of humor. Putin has authored many quips and sayings, what Russians called “winged expressions”, that will live on in infamy. Usually, however, Putin usually does not make up expressions of whole cloth, he mostly utilizes existing ones, like Russian proverbs, quotes from poems, etc. As is the case in today’s example.

The context is this: Putin, at his post-Macron press conference, trolling Ukrainian President Zelensky over the Minsk Accords, which maintain the ceasefire on the Donbass front. Zelensky has a schizophrenic attitude towards the Accords, sometimes saying that he will follow them; other times saying he cannot follow them because they tie Ukraine’s hands too much. On this occasion Zelensky apparently stated that one of the bullet points was impossible to comply with. Putin retorted wittily with the following utterance, which is not only highly insulting to Zelensky, and completely un-diplomatic in tone, but also laugh-aloud funny:

«Президент [Украины] действующий (Владимир Зеленский) недавно заявил, что ему ни один пункт не нравится из этих Минских соглашений. «Нравится, не нравится, терпи, моя красавица», – процитировал глава российского государства. – Надо исполнять, по-другому не получится».


“The acting President [of the Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky] recently declared that he was displeased by one of the points of the Minsk Accords. Like it or don’t like it, but you must endure it, my beauty. You must abide [by the Accords], there is no other way.”

Okay, the really funny part of this does not come through in the translation. It’s the Russian phrase «Нравится, не нравится, терпи, моя красавица». This winged phrase comes from a traditional Russian peasant chastushka, a short song or poem in doggerel rhyme. Chastushki are almost always obscene and vulgar, but can also be very funny and clever.

Many scholars believe that chastushki arose in the Middle Ages and were popularized by skomorokhi, or travelling minstrels who were also clowns, not unlike the Italian commedia dell’arte troups of the same era. In fact, the very word skomorokh likely comes from the Italian Scaramouche.

Like it or not, bubula…

Anyhow, this particular chastushka, the one containing the phrase employed by President Putin, has several versions, but the most common version goes something like this, with the last 2 phrases the ones quoted by Putin:

Лежит милая в гробу, —
Я пристроился, ебу!
Нравится, не нравится, —
Терпи, моя красавица!

I am going to translate this chastushka, warning that it will not sound funny in English, just obscene. It sounds funnier in Russian, though, and also rhymes, with the final couplet rhyme being /nravitsa/ (“like it”) and /krasavitsa/ (“beauty”).

My darling is lying in her coffin, —
I get on top of her, I start to f*ck her!
Like it, don’t like it, —
Either way, just endure it, my beauty!

With Zelensky playing the role of the Corpse-Bride, any further commentary or explication is superfluous.

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6 Responses to Putin To Zelensky: Like It Or Not, You’re About to Be F*cked

  1. peter moritz says:

    One always should remember, despite his education further down the road, he was – as I gather from Putin’s own words – what Dickens called a Street Urchin.

    Despite his internal politics, he is responsible for and that I think they are more in line with what the German Social Democrats were trying to achieve, a capitalism with a friendly face, far removed from achieving any form of Socialism (although for whatever ignorant reason Doctorow still calls this accommodationist org. socialist), the government he leads seems too much under the influence of the oligarchs or tries to accommodate them, his foreign policies are correct only reflect what is needed to have Russia further develop in peace.

    It is overall amazing that the west is incapable to get rid of their untenable hegemonic demands. In the times of the cold war, the capitalist west of course had to keep Russia contained and to denigrate its political system (that for sure needed reforms) and hinder the spread of a socialist ideology that threatened their imperialism.
    Now, that no ideological differences of that deep sort are threatening anymore, it is obviously a purely imperialist agenda to bind Russia to the neoliberal worldview, to gain control over its vast resources and population.
    Imperialism today does not need to occupy a country physically anymore, as the relationships between the EU and the US, with Japan, and other countries show. Just pressure and entice them with promises to follow your commands, and punish them when they are not following. You take the best of their elites, run them through your schools and they will do your bidding.


  2. Stephen T Johnson says:

    Peter: I’m not sure it’s so amazing, it’s (IMNSHO) cognitive dissonance at work. The Hegemon’s agents and minions [b]know[/b] their system is always victorious, and that Russians are a mix of backwards drunken dimwits, leavened with the odd Bond villain, so if things don’t seem to be working, you just need to clap harder. At least, that’s how it seems to me.
    Yalensis: Yeah, it’s good to see that wicked and mordant Putin (and Lavrov, and Zakharova for that matter) humour coming out. Sometimes I think they’re just trolling the collective west, like when VVP used those wonderful Jungle Book metaphors. Don’t hear much from Shoigu, but maybe snappy repartee isn’t his thing so much as mechanized mayhem.


    • yalensis says:

      I personally find it refreshing when politicians like Putin and Zakharova (and Lavrov) just start “telling it like it is”, without the usual niceties. I notice that this is starting to rub off even on the Chinese who, for many millennia, were considered the paragons of polite speak – eventually everybody reaches a tipping point…

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