Against Ukrainian Nazis – Stood One Brave Man!

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The Galicia SS Division was formed on April 28, 1943. It recruited Ukrainian volunteers mostly from the Galicia Province, who were eager to fight on the side of the Nazis. They went on to commit many glorious atrocities and war crimes in the name of their Führer; and later folded their sorry remnants into the Ukrainian National Army. Which exists to this very day, heavily supported and curated by the Ukrainian diaspora, not to mention the American and Canadian governments.

So, yesterday was the 78th Anniversary of this glorious Founding event. RT America’s ace reporter Jonny Tickle reported on the celebrations in Kiev. [Jonny says it’s the 77th Anniversary, but I did the math and I think the number should be 78 ’cause 2021 minus 1943 is 78, no?]

This image is from 2014, but it doesn’t change much from year to year. The Nazis always lead with the flower girls.

Anyhow, regardless which ordinal number-th anniversary, the important thing is that it was celebrated in grand style on the streets of the Ukrainian capital. RT video shows the parade (of what they say was around 100 people] led by pretty young women carrying flowers. I believe these gals are costumed re-enactors of the original Ukrainian Frauen who welcomed Hitler’s troops into Kiev, handing them bouquets of flowers, along with plates of bread and salt shakers. The traditional Slavic “Welcome into our homes, beasts!” The years go by and nothing changes. Nazis are always welcome in Galicia. Oops, I forgot, this is Kiev we are talking about!

The lede of Mr. Tickle’s story is the discomfort of the German government and their Embassy in Kiev, at watching such pro-Nazi shenanigans taking place under their Teutonic noses. However, I found a slightly different sidebar to cover, which is the classic human-interest fable: The story of one brave man who stood up to these unregenerate Ukrainian Nazis.

I saw this piece in VZGLIAD, the reporter is Alexei Degtyarev.

In Kiev A Man Tried To Banish Those Nazis Who Were Marching In Honor Of the “Galichina” Division

In Kiev, on Wednesday, the march took place in honor of the SS Galichina Division. One of the city’s residents interfered and attempted to break it up, calling the marchers “Naziki“.

“Nazik! Get out of Kiev!” the man screamed to the proponents of the action. The video was published by, and sorry, Readers, I can’t embed the video unless I purchase the WordPress “premium” plan, I prefer to continue using their freebie plan, thank you very much, but you can click on the link above or also play the video embedded in the VZGLIAD piece.

Handily, the English translation of the Ukrainian word get’ is also “get out!” We note, by the way, that the brave old dude in question utters his utterances in pure Ukrainian dialect, even though most Kiev residents actually speak Russian.

The SS Galichina – back in the day…

[Caption underneath the video: “Nazik! Get out of Kiev!” — one elderly man at the gathering place in Kiev of SS Galichina Division fans, found within himself the courage to call things by their proper names. The police approached him immediately — and not to defend him.]

The man approached them [the Nazis] and declared to them that “Fascist symbolism is against the law,” therefore the marchers needed to conclude their action, on the grounds that the SS Galichinina served Nazi Germany.

Ukrainian press ( [later] clarified that the Kiev resident in question was a man named Alexander Machaev. He called upon the parade participants to “clear themselves out of here and back to their Banderlandia” where they “could create whatever they pleased, even re-create the SS Division.”

“The laws of the Ukraine forbid this,” Machaev said. “If this had been a Communist march, it would have been quickly banned. But they don’t forbid these people, and even the Office of the President doesn’t ban it,” he added.

The so-called “March of the Embroidered Blouses” was planned to start at 18:00, the parade began at Arsenal Square, and the participants intended their final goal as the Maidan.

Various Nationalists joined the march [as it progressed], but initially there were no more than 50 people at the starting place. According to UNIAN, as more people joined the march, the quantity reached as many as 100, as they formed themselves into a column.

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2 Responses to Against Ukrainian Nazis – Stood One Brave Man!

  1. Stephen T Johnson says:

    100 people? Wow, that’s pretty lame. Any feel for the numbers out in Banderastan..err… Galicia? – Say Lvov or somewhere like that? I saw some bits of coverage, not much about turnout


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