Russia Will Solve Crimea Water Problem Without Western Help Or Pity

Dear Readers:

Today I have this piece from RT Russia, the reporters are Sergei Gusarov and Anastasia Rumyantseva.  The issue is the water shortage in the Crimea.  This problem is becoming serious, no human society can survive without fresh water.  The Council of the Federation of the Russian government (the so-called “Senators”) have embarked upon a plan to solve this problem once and for all.

Hydrographic map of the Ukraine

The core issue, as everybody knows, is that the Ukrainian Nationalist government has cut off, as best it can, using dams, the fresh water supply from the rivers of the Ukrainian mainland to the Crimean peninsula.  The Ukrainians have made it crystal clear that they will not turn on the water taps again until Crimea surrenders to them.  Crimean citizens must take the knee, beg for forgiveness, and grovel to be allowed back into the bosom of Mother Ukraine.  Otherwise:  No fresh water for you!  This water blockade is a powerful form of political blackmail.

The blockade began back in 2014, after the Crimean people voted in a referendum, overwhelmingly, to leave Ukrainian jurisdiction and reunite with Russia.  The Ukrainian government retaliated by closing off the sluices of the Northern-Krym canal.  This water, flowing from the Dniepr, used to satisfy 85% of the peninsula’s water-fresh needs.

Crimeans responded in a resourceful manner by finding other sources from local wells, some de-salinization efforts here and there; and sometimes just plain improvisation.  However, in 2020 many of these local wells and springs dried up and muddied up, due to a series of factors including a drought; and over-drilling.  This partial drought over the past year is the source of the current crisis.

Although the Ukrainian water blockade is an act of war and an unacceptable human rights violation, most Russians are mature enough to accept that the problem cannot be solved by appealing to the humanitarian impulses neither of the Ukrainian Nationalists nor their friends and allies in Europe.  The latter having the same attitude toward Russia and ethnic Russians as Mr. Goldfinger had towards Mr. James Bond (hint:  “I just want you dead!”)

Hence, it is a waste of time for Russia to appeal to any international bodies or try to get anyone out there in the broader world to cry over the problems of ordinary Crimean residents.  That international humanitarian system has long been broken, and it’s just a dog-eat-dog world we live in now.

Sergei Tsekov

Instead, it is up to Russia, and that trade-marked Russian resourcefulness, to find technical solutions to get around this Ukrainian water blockade.  This is what Senator Sergei Tsekov, who represents Crimea in the Council of Federation, told the RT reporters:  “We are convinced that we can solve this problem by ourselves.  Yes, times are tough right now, but we are working out various mechanisms, there will be a multitude of programs implemented, for supplying water and cleaning the water; we will search for new sources of water.  Russia independently and by herself will solve this problem of a reliable water supply for the Crimean peninsula.”

Recall that Arsen Avakov, who heads the Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian government, declared in a television interview, that the Ukraine is not obliged to deliver water to Crimea until the peninsula returns to Ukrainian jurisdiction.  Until then, Ukraine is not responsible for the water supply of the Crimean residents and could give a fig if they all died of thirst.  This attitude makes logical sense, from a brutal Nazi point of view, although technically it goes against international norms on issues of this sort.  Where it is traditional for even unfriendly nations to somewhat share vital resources such as water.

Olga Kovitidi

Crimean Senator Olga Kovitidi pointed out how Avakov’s declaration violates international norms and reveals the true face of Kiev and its allies:

“Having subjected Crimea to a blockade, including a water blockade, in front of the entire world, official Kiev has revealed its true intentions towards all of us, who live in the Crimea.  This gross violation of human rights, on the part of the Ukraine, in relation to 2.5 million Crimeans, and carried out with the silent approval of the USA, and European Union and their satellites, has morphed into a systematic attack, on the part of the collective West, against the rights and liberties of the residents of Crimea.”

Olga is correct to point out the blatant hypocrisy and cruelty of the West in regard to ordinary Russians, and this should be pointed out time and again; but very few people in Russia believe that the Westies will be touched in their conscience; or that they even have a conscience when it comes to Russians, whom they regard as subhumans.  Therefore, as stated before, it is necessary for subhumans to count only on themselves in the solution of this problem.  How?  By putting on their subhuman thinking caps and coming up with ingenious solutions to thwart the master-race!

Ruslan Balbek: “Medieval methods…”

Ruslan Balbek, who represents Crimea in the Russian Duma:  “We have reconciled ourselves to the fact that the Northern-Krym Canal is empty, and we accept as objective fact, that the Ukrainian government is Russophobic and aggressive.  And that means that we will not be able to reach any agreement with them, and we will not receive any water from them.  And we have also gotten used to the thought, that we mean nothing to the international institutions which are supposed to protect the rights of human beings.  They stubbornly do not even recognize that a water blockade is taking place, even though this is such a medieval form of besieging cities.”

So, what is the plan?  The Russian government has allocated 50 billion rubles to come up with realistic solutions.  Experts have put on their thinking caps and devised 14 different tactics, among which:  Finding new sources of fresh water; construction of water intakes; building new water treatment facilities; geological surveys; and also a much-needed overhaul and capital repair of the entire existing network of water pipes.

Marat Husnullin

Deputy Prime-Minister (of the Russian Federation) Marat Husnullin added that some 65 various enterprises have been launched to help solve the water crisis:  “Our main priority in the [economic] development of Crimea is to ensure a quality supply of fresh water [to the population].  We have already passed the legislation.  We plan to construct somewhere around 65 enterprises involved in finding water, cleaning it, and supplying it to all the populated areas; this forms a vital part of the development program for all of the Crimean Peninsula.”

Final word is given to a man named Alexei Chernyak, who works as a Deputy in the Crimean Parliament:

“We have managed to cope with all the problems, and we will continue to cope.  Enjoying the support of all the citizens of Russia, and the Federal authorities, Crimea will be assured a reliable and consistent water supply.  The Kiev government keeps repeating, like a mantra, the same old declarations about Crimea; meanwhile, in Crimea itself nobody listens to them, or even remembers them.  Every day it’s the same old thing, and it’s almost funny.  The Crimeans knew what they were doing, and where they were going.  Nobody is even thinking about turning back.  Crimea will never return to the Ukraine.”

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4 Responses to Russia Will Solve Crimea Water Problem Without Western Help Or Pity

  1. Cortes says:

    Thanks, Yalensis, for yet another great article.

    It may interest you that around 500 years ago the key to the final destruction of the seat of Aztec power, Tenochtitlán, was dismantling the freshwater supply from Chapultepec. So, if we see a bunch of media weeping over the anniversary of the success of the Conquistadors, perhaps Ms Simonyan can stick a rocket up the backsides of her reporters re the situation with Crimean water supply?


    • yalensis says:

      Did the Conquistadors do that to the water supply? That wasn’t very nice of them.

      I remember reading some article in a magazine (don’t remember which, probably National Geographic) about the Aztec system of water pipes. Actually, not sure if it was Aztecs or some other indigenous civilization. Anyhow, archaeologists initially saw some aerial views of some kind of ancient system, and just jumped to the conclusion that these were some kind of ritual religious markings, like drawing spokes of the sun, or something silly like that; only to have it pointed out, by a different scholar, that this was obviously an ancient aqueduct system!

      People always assume “religion” instead of the more obvious practical reasons for constructing massive public works.

      Also, while on the topic of peoples water supplies, one should never forget how the “African” American President Obama destroyed the most prosperous nation in Africa (=Libya), while casually blowing up their massive fresh water project in passing. Destroying or blocking peoples water supply is the most primal act of war that can be imagined.


  2. Feral Finster says:

    Well, I guess that blows up the fiction that the residents of Crimea really really really wanted to stay part of Ukraine and were forced to join Russia at gunpoint, gunpoint, I tells ya!

    Or are the Ukrainians the kinds of bastards who deliberately withhold water from people they say are being held hostage?


    • yalensis says:

      OF COURSE the Crimeans wanted to be Ukrainians! Were forced at gunpoint to join Russia, just like hostages at a bank robbery.
      Are happy to die of thirst if that will help promote the Ukrainian cause.
      I am the King of Siam, by the way, maybe you didn’t realize…


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