Ukraine Must Kneel To New Master Zod!

“Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!” (Conan the Barbarian)

Dear Readers:

As the ancient Romans used to say:  When the new Caesar is crowned Emperor of Mighty Rome, woe betide any poor schlubbus who once stood in his way!  For, yea, the Mighty Caesar will not show any clemency.  (Except for Emperor Titus, he was the exception that proves the rule!)

Emperor Titus: “I MIGHT show you some clemency today, but only because I’m already late for my BLM riot.”

This piece, by Andrei Rezchikov and Andrei Samokhin, was penned on January 11, after Biden’s election, but before his inauguration.  It mostly consists of an interview with Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky who, amazingly, still operates out of Kiev and heads his own analytical think tank.  Pogrebinsky’s focus here is on the repercussions for certain Ukrainian politicians who may have rubbed Biden the wrong way, prior to the latter’s ascension to the Imperial throne.  For example, it didn’t take long at all for the Americans to impose new sanctions on Ukrainian Parliamentarian Andrei Derkach.  What did Derkach do wrong?  Well, for starters he is a “Russian agent of influence” and a traitor to the Ukraine.  At least, if you believe the Ukrainian nationalists and their Washington DC curators.

More blandly, Derkach has been like a busy bee exposing the Biden International Crime Family and its shady operations in the Ukraine.  Siphoning money out of a failed state that can barely feed and house its own people.

Andrei Derkach: “I feel so tiny, now that I am sanctioned again.”

Let us proceed…

Pogrebinsky:  “This is the start of a systematic purge of anything that could compromise Biden who, within a week [this was written January 11, remember] will become President of the United States.  And the intention is to frighten anyone (else) who might want to go down that road.”

Pogrebinsky reminds us of that noxious and arrogant American law which permits the “Exceptional Nation” to sanction any individuals around the globe if they deem this suits American interests or “furthers the interests of democracy” on the planet.  “And currently the interests of democracy are one and the same as the interests of the Democratic Party, and of Biden personally.  There exist certain documents on Burisma Holdings.  It has become necessary to destroy these documents and, in general, to wipe clean any mention of this theme.  Because they understand, that they cannot erase the 73 million votes of Americans who voted for Trump, who partially supported the storming of the Congress, and who might still continue to remind people about the corruption of Biden and his son, in connection with this company.”

Pogrebinsky goes on to say:  “For Derkach there is nothing new in these sanctions, since he was not permitted into the U.S. even earlier, and everybody understands that he is persona non grata for the Democratic Deep State.  A different matter, though, is the addition of Onishchenko to the sanctions.”  He is referring to Ukrainian businessman and politician Alexander Onishchenko who left the Ukraine in 2016.  “And also some other people who may not have conducted actions against Biden quite as energetically as Derkach did and for whom, therefore, being put on a sanctions list may have come as a bit of a surprise.”

Alexander Onishchenko

A different Ukrainian pundit, who also runs his own think tank, Alexander Okhrimenko, adds that Derkach has, for a long time, been exposing this conspiracy that exists between the American and Ukrainian governments.  “Some feelings were hurt.  Derkach said more than he ought to.  And he has paid for the fact that he told the truth.  He used to have his own TV channel in the Ukraine, and they closed it, supposedly by accident.  And I have also heard unofficial rumors that his business has been subjected to frequent audits.”  Okhrimenko adds that that the audio tapes published by Derkach containing kompromat against former President Petro Poroshenko, came back like a boomerang and harmed Zelensky.  “It is normal that Derkach exposed the conspiracy existing between the Ukrainian and American governments.  And it goes without saying, that this expose displeased the Americans a great deal.”

Okhrimenko: Hobbies including cross-country skiing.

The recent American elections were barely done, when the U.S. slapped new sanctions onto seven Ukrainian individuals and four Ukrainian media resources, accusing them of interfering in the American elections.  Derkach being the main target, but there were others as well.

As a reminder what Derkach did:  Last September (2020) he published documents, audio tapes, and other proof of “corrupt schemes” which led to the export of cash out of the Ukraine and into the private bank accounts of members of the Joseph Biden family. This scheme occurring a few years back, when Biden was Vice-President of the United States (under Prez Obama).  The audio tapes included a segment in which Biden offered President Poroshenko a billion dollars [in “aid” to the Ukraine] in return for firing Ukrainian General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

Despite all this factual evidence of criminality, the Ukrainian courts closed the case against Biden; Shokin never got his job back; Biden ascended the throne; and Derkach will continue to rot on the sanctions list.  Let all those out there be warned once again:  “Woe to him who crosses the Mighty Caesar!  Verily he shall rue the day he was born!”  Yea, for verily there is no justice in this world!

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7 Responses to Ukraine Must Kneel To New Master Zod!

  1. seven80nine says:

    “I feel so tiny … ”
    Yalensis, I love how you compose!

    Thank you.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks! I usually try to find a decent, most flattering photo even for people I dislike (and I actually like Derkach). In his case, when rendered it turned out to be quite a small jpeg, almost more like a thumbnail! So I couldn’t resist joke.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark Chapman says:

    Shine a light. Material of record like this may become hard to find. Ukraine remains an important American project because in Washington’s medium-term strategic vision, Nord Stream II will be halted before it can be completed, and Russia will have to resume transit of significant gas volumes across Ukraine, putting Washington in de facto control of Russian gas supplies to Europe. I don’t think that will happen, and a more likely result will be deep European resentment of American meddling, but you can’t fault the way they cover all the bases.


    • yalensis says:

      I know! Add to that the fact that all of Biden’s crooked dealings will soon be flushed down Orwell’s Memory Hole. Just like the New York Post was banned from Google for their story on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.
      Any day now I expect that youtube video to disappear, the one in which Papa Joe brags about getting Shokin fired. I am already starting to encounter people who doubt that this fact ever happened, and call it a “conspiracy theory”. Some clips still exist, enjoy this one while you can, I’m sure it will be taken down any minute now…

      Liked by 1 person

      • yalensis says:

        P.S. – to me, the most egregious part of this clip isn’t even Biden bragging about his abuse of power, the guy is a sociopath so that is just to be expected.
        The most egregious is how certain members of the audience chuckle obsequiously, it’s like they are getting THEIR rocks off vicariously as well.
        I wish there could have been just ONE person in that audience, even a small child, who would have stood up and said: “But what you did is WRONG, Mr. Biden! You caused an honorable man to lose his job so you could protect your corrupt crime family!”

        Liked by 1 person

        • FatMax says:

          Joey B is a gangster and so is the rest of his degenerate family. He’s a bigger crook than Don is, FFS. Shocking, but true.
          Interesting times ahead.
          You know, maybe you ought to move back to the Old County? Just sayin’.

          Liked by 1 person

          • yalensis says:

            I WISH! Just the other day I let loose on my own mom: “Ya know, mom, I HATE this country, why did you ever make us move here?’
            And you know what she said? “Well, we actually intended to move to Canada….”
            So, I reckon it was just a big mistake. Like we made a wrong turn, or something…

            Liked by 1 person

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