Zelensky Not Perturbed By Nazi Billboards In Kherson

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Today I have this piece from RIA, the reporter is Vladimir Kornilov.  This happened yesterday, June 30, which is celebrated by Ukrainian Nationalists as their Independence Day.  Specifically, it is the anniversary of the “Act of Restoration of Ukrainian Statehood” on June 30, 1941, by the Nazis.  That was when the Nazi quisling, Stepan Bandera, published his proclamation declaring himself the leader of the Nazi puppet government. Until recently this glorious holiday was kept somewhat muted and celebrated mainly in Galicia.  With the hanging of the Banderite red-black banners and all type of pompous celebrations, including patriotic activities for schoolchildren.

But this year, the holiday spread from Galicia and into southern Ukraine, specifically the region of Kherson.  Billboards were set up, congratulating the citizenry with the glorious anniversary of this Banderite proclamation.  The Mayor of Kherson, Vladimir Mikolaenko, personally congratulated the citizenry and wished them a wonderful holiday.

The billboards are notable for their complete brazenness and lack of subtlety regarding the Nazi origins of this holiday.  There is not the usual mealy-mouthed waffling about how “Bandera fought against Communists and Nazis alike…”  Which lies are still peddled in Ukrainian textbooks for children.  No, things have gone too far for that in the public space.

This image of the “Independent Ukraine” newspaper published by the Banderites is too blurry to read, but if you switch to the image in the RIA link itself, they have circled in red the key words here:

Point #3:  The new Ukrainian state will collaborate closely with the Great National Socialist Germany, under their leader Adolph Hitler… Will fight together with our ally the German army against the Muscovite occupation….

That’s just history, right?  But here’s the thing:  The billboards hung up in Kherson last week displayed images of this proclamation, and didn’t even bother to black out Hitler’s name!  That’s just how honest things have gotten in the contemporary Ukraine.  (In a way, it’s like a breath of fresh air!)

June 30, 1941

The Nazis had just occupied Lvov, bringing with them in tow Ukrainian collaborationists, such as Roman Shukhevych and Andrei Melnik, whom they intended to install as Gauleiters over the Ukrainians.  The Shukhevych “Nightingale” regiment immediately set about, along with the Banderite activists of the OUN, exterminating the local Jews, as many as they could get their hands on.  There was some office politics going on, behind the scenes, between Shukhevych and Bandera, with the latter eager to proclaim himself as the Nazi puppet.  This explains the haste with which Bandera published the “proclamation” naming himself as the leader, even though he wasn’t necessarily the first choice of the Nazis themselves.

Here is a more complete translation of the Act of Restoration announcement:

The restored Ukrainian state will cooperate closely with National-Socialist Greater Germany, which, under the direction of its leader Adolph HITLER, is creating a new world order in Europe and the world at large, and which is helping the Ukrainian people to free itself out from under Muscovite occupation.  The Ukrainian National Revolutionary Army, which is being created on Ukrainian soil, will fight alongside the ALLIED GERMAN ARMY against Muscovite occupation, and for a sovereign collective state and a new world order.

Bandera aspired to be the Nazi capo in the Ukraine.

The reporter notes that the words HITLER and ALLIED GERMAN ARMY were denoted by a special font even in the original… that way there could be left no doubt in anyone’s mind exactly who and what these Banderites were.

Up until now, the above phrases about Hitler and the German army were usually blacked out or elided over when quoting this proclamation.  Making it sound like the Ukraine had simply declared its independence from the USSR.  For the sake of ignorant rubes in other countries, the Banderites continued, over the decades, to peddle the myth that their hero fought “against Communists and Nazis” with equal ardor.  Ukrainian Nationalists were the  anti-totalitarians, the pure-hearted Knights who couldn’t get along with anybody else.  Russians and Ukrainians always knew that was a lie, of course; but the lie was for the benefit of the Ignorami and foreign Idiocracy.

But now it seems the Ukrainian Nationalists aren’t even bothering any more with the old deception.  Well, there was a tiny effort, to be sure.  On the Kherson billboards some cunning decorator placed a blue-yellow ribbon in such a way that it partially hid the word “Hitler”, other than that microscopic maneuver, it’s all out there in the open.

But What Does Zelensky Think?

Here is the most piquant part of the story:  These Kherson billboards praising Hitler and the German army, were hung up just one day prior to President Zelensky’s visit to those parts.  It is no secret that Zelensky is Jewish; but the sight of the billboards apparently did not bother him in the slightest.  Nor did he display any cognitive dissonance when he visited the local synagogue, boasting, “In the Ukraine, the level of anti-Semitism is very low.”  Apparently Zelensky is unaware that on that day, in 1941, when the Banderites declared their loyalty to Hitler, they also declared:  “We shall create a militia which will get rid of the Jews and defend the population.”

And so it came to pass.  The militia was created and arrived in Lvov; and what ensued was perhaps the most vicious anti-Jewish pogrom in all of history.  All of it captured on film and in photos which must come with warnings and should never be viewed by children, although Ukrainian children also participated gleefully in the pogroms.

Zelensky: The Jewish Cardinal of a Nazi state

To this day, Ukrainian Banderites peddle the myth that they had nothing to do with this unpleasantness; that the Lvov Jews were butchered by the Nazis.  But this is a lie.  The fact is, the German Nazis were horrified by the sheer bestiality of the Ukrainians.  The Germans were cruel people themselves, but what they saw in Lvov simply went beyond any limit.

The reporter asks the rhetorical question:  Does Zelensky actually know anything about this history?  About these atrocities?  As this man strolls about the city of Kherson and smiles at the billboards which praise those horrific events of June 30, 1941?  This is what Zelensky once had to say about Bandera:  “For some Ukrainians he is a hero — and that’s fine.”  How very tolerant of him!  Some people also think it’s okay to rape and mutilate women in the streets of Lvov, as happened on June 30, 1941.

Ukrainian Nationalist are not the only apologists for unseemly violence. Russian “Liberals” (kreakles; dissidents), who idolize the Ukrainian Nationalists, were initially skeptical of Zelensky when he was elected; they mostly supported his opponent Poroshenko and distrusted Zelensky, believing him to be secretly pro-Russian.  However, Zelensky has since won them over by declaring (in relation to renaming a street after Bandera):  “It doesn’t matter what a street is called, so long as it is well lit and properly asphalted.”

Oh really?  If it doesn’t matter what a street is called, then why rename it in the first place?  Might as well name it “Adolph Hitler Street” and that would be the most honest thing to do.

Once a clown…

Zelensky is not really kidding anyone.  Underneath these bland “neutral” proclamations he is abetting and nurturing the Nationalists and the Hitlerites.  And the latter can point to him and say, “See, we have a Jewish President, so we’re not anti-Semites.”  He is a perfect cover for them.

A still unknown question:  Is Zelensky absolutely and totally aware of what he is doing; is he knowingly playing a political game? or is he just stupid?  Perhaps he is the counter-example to that old stereotype about Jews being smart?  After all, the guy is literally a clown.  And unlike Russia’s President Putin, who has literally written well-researched books, I don’t see anywhere that Zelensky ever wrote a book or even a monograph; or anything other than dumb comedy sketches which aren’t even that funny.

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8 Responses to Zelensky Not Perturbed By Nazi Billboards In Kherson

  1. James Lake says:

    Zelensky is the perfect example of the dangers of identity politics.
    You are spot on about the use of his identity to cover for the racist policies in Ukraine.

    Focus on his back ground ( Jewish, Russian speaker). alone hid the fact he is a Ukrainian Nazi first and foremost.

    We see the use of identity in western politics – Obama being the most high profile example. He was just a front for the same corporate plundering of the American people.
    The Americans went to sleep for 8 years while he oversaw the wealth transfer to the elites.

    The left in many ways has been destroyed by this focus on identity and not policy that addresses the real economic disparities.

    Zelensky is not fooling the Ukrainian people – they waited to see what he would DO, he has just carried on where Poreshenko left off.

    The question is what will the people do about it?

    Sadly I think Ukraine is going to split up – and maybe that will be for the best.


    • yalensis says:

      You’re spot on, James. Zelensky was elected and given an overwhelming mandate by the Ukrainian people. Because they thought he would change things.
      He didn’t, and his ratings are in the negative now.


  2. Mark Chapman says:

    The main difference I can see between Poroshenko and Zelensky, policy-wise…well, there’s two, actually – Zelensky appears nowhere near as martial where combat is concerned, and mostly seems content to leave the lines on the map as they are instead of trying little surges all the time like Porky, to see if they could ‘liberate’ the odd town here and there. Two, Zelensky is not openly making money off his office as Poroshenko did with every evidence of the greatest satisfaction – remember the year the Defense Department bought four tons of chocolate off Roshen?

    But by being soft on the Nazis, he is doing nobody any favours, and it’s a weak and cowardly policy which will exact tremendous costs. The ethnic Russians in Ukraine despise Bandera and any reference to Nazism, so feting that pasty retard and plastering swastikas everywhere only hardens the differences between East and West. The Russians in Russia despise Bandera and any reference to Nazism, so open displays of Nazi-lovin’ make it increasingly impossible for any sort of reconciliation between Russia and Ukraine when the west wakes up to find it is no longer of any strategic value, makes like Snoop Dogg and drops it like it’s hot. Additionally, Russia quietly remains Ukraine’s biggest foreign investor, and such disgraceful behavior discourages that and hurts Ukraine’s already-shitty economy.

    I agree with James that Ukraine will eventually be partitioned; the west will probably go to Poland, if they can be induced to take it. Certainly there can be no reunion between Russians and the west-Ukrainian ziggers and goose-steppers.


    • FatMax says:

      Poland would be bug-fuck insane to take West Ukraine. How in the world would they control it? What would they do, go in and break heads? In a country swimming in weapons and hotheads?
      Ukie Nazis can and want to fight. Utter failure of “ATO” was due to Ukrainian Army being not trained enough, badly led, poorly equipped and low on morale. Ukie Nazis are a different story altogether. And they are mostly based in the West Ukraine.
      Not to mention that Russia has no interest in seeing their ancient enemy creep up even more to their borders.
      I presume that Galicia would be able to maintain some sort of existence between two huge neighbors. It would not be the first time.
      Yes, it would be a basket-case of a country. But even greater basket cases exist and will keep existing.


      • yalensis says:

        I don’t know about the Poles, but I think Hungary would be willing to take on the Hungarian-speaking areas of Transcarpathia, just to get them out from under Ukrainian boot.


        • FatMax says:

          Hungary could, since there are actual Hungarians there.
          Poland would take over a part of Ukraine which has almost no Poles whatsoever and which hates Poles (and Russians, for that matter) with a passion.
          It would be a bloodbath. Not to mention that Russians would probably engage in some skullduggery and send late Soviet-era weapons to Galicians.
          Ukie Nazis are a nuisance, but Poles are enemies.


          • yalensis says:

            Yeah, that’s a good point. Poles are already bringing American troops in ever closer to the Russian border. Trump is deploying American troops from Germany to Poland. If Poles took Galicia, then they’d be even closer to Russia’s borders. It would be nice for Russia to have at least a 5-minute warning before the Polack invasion starts (as opposed to a 3-minute warning – LOL).


  3. Benjamin says:

    What are the fault lines of (what remains under Kiev control) Ukraine? Ethnic, cultural, economic. Because it really doesnt seem like a country with much prospects of remaining whole long into the future. The economy is only going to get worse, if for no other reason than the economy global has shit itself.


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