Russia Rushes To Produce Covid Vaccine

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Today I have this piece by reporter Anton Antonov.  Russian doctors and medical researchers are working around the clock to come up with a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus.  And, the great thing about it is that they are being completely open and transparent about their approach and methodology.  Unlike Westie researchers, who are being secretive and sly.  (For obvious reasons:  somebody stands to make BILLIONS!)

Nikolai Gamaleya

This according to a man named Alexander Ginzburg, who is the Director of the National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology, named after N.F. Gamaleya.  This Institute is located in Moscow, on Gamaleya Street.  This Gamaleya, by the way, refers to a man named Nikolai Fyodorovich Gamaleya (1859-1949), an honored Russian/Soviet epidemiologist and bacteriologist who pioneered many vaccines.  Both the street and the Institute are named after this outstanding scientist.

Anyhow, Ginzburg complains that the specialists abroad are not being as open and transparent as their Russian colleagues.  I mean, everybody is trying to achieve the same thing:  a functional vaccine against the coronavirus, right?  “Our colleagues from other countries are not fully sharing the technological decisions that they are making.  In fact, the scientific community does not even fully understand their approach.”


Before proceeding with Ginzburg’s remarks on the Russian methodology, I have this breaking news piece about the first human test subjects for the Russian vaccine.  This first (Russian) human trial took place at Sechenovsky University on 18 June, involving 18 volunteers.  A second group of 20 volunteers has just started the second set of trials (yesterday, June 23).

Sechenovsky University

The story does not clarify if all 18 test subjects were given the experimental Coronavirus vaccine, or some given a placebo.  (I am guessing the former.)  They received their injections on June 18.  After a few hours, some of the subjects reported a mild mild fever and a headache.  But after a day or so, they started feeling better, according Elena Smolyarchuk, who heads the Clinical Research Section.  The volunteers are all living in isolation at the clinic, one or two to a room, constantly monitored by doctors and researchers, and also provided with psychological support, if needed.  At the same time, the volunteers are being worked by Physical Therapists, and are expected to work out in the gym, so as not to get hypertrophic or put on weight during their isolation.

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Back to the Ginzburg story:  Now that we know the experimental vaccine did not kill the volunteers, we can delve more into its structure.  Ginzburg:  “The approach that we are using is based on the creation of adeno-virus containers as the delivery system of the needed gene.  In this case, it’s the gene which codes the protein for the well-known corona that gives the coronavirus its name.”  Ginzburg estimates that the vaccine will provide immunity that lasts for at least two years, or possibly even longer.  The vaccine will require two separate shots [a first one, and a booster].

Russian public health officials intend to vaccinate the entire Russian population.  They will need a minimum of 70 million doses.  “This is an unprecedented task.”  The Russian government is already taking measures to get the process in motion that will support mass production of the vaccine.  Vaccinations might start as early as the fall.

Ginzburg adds that the test systems worked out by the Gamaleya Institute, will permit accurate monitoring of the vaccine’s effectiveness on each person.  They will be taking plasma from each patient and studying it.  The time is getting close, when the vaccine is ready to be registered, and the mass inoculations about to begin.   Who wants to go first?

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8 Responses to Russia Rushes To Produce Covid Vaccine

  1. nicolaavery says:

    It’s good they have registered some vaccine trials in the WHO register too and good news that it is progressing. Presumably if Russia does have a vaccine before anypne else, a quantity will be heading to the US to prop up somebody’s failing election campaign, hence the rush


    • yalensis says:

      Yes, if I am not mistaken, the Russians have pledged to make the vaccine available to other countries, including the U.S. (Which sorely needs it!)


      • nicolaavery says:

        Yes I’m not doubting their intention to the rest of the world hopefully as a peoplesvaccine , or the competing vaccines in the West who haven’t pledged to make a peoplesvaccine. Just that the US will get it first so Trump can boast about it


  2. Benjamin says:

    The problem is that we’re looking at a realistic timeline of at least a year for anyone to develop a vaccine, and most likely longer (possibly much longer). That’s assuming a vaccine is even possible, and the track record for that with these kinds of viruses is basically nonexistent.

    The US especially is basically fucked.

    Funny that now of all times is when someone finally got around to making a TV adaptation of Asimov’s Foundation novels. Those books are all about the systemic, almost irreversible decline of entire civilizations.

    What’s happening in the US right now is the result of decades of damage. Trump is an inept clown, absolutely, but there are far more problems going on than just him being a dumbass.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah. Was reading an interesting article in one of the popular science mags I subscribe to (“Science News”, I think), about the influence of pandemics on the collapse of civilizations. For example, there was Yellow Fever and also bubonic plague, contributing to the collapse of the Roman Empire, and then later European nations. Covid seems like a pussycat compared to Yellow Fever, by the way, the latter a horrible way to die, and with a 50% mortality rate! We should be thanking our lucky stars that Covid is so benign, in comparison.

      Anyhow, Russia in the past has also experienced cataclysms which are partially plague-related (mostly cholera); for example the collapse of the Godunov reign and ensuing 20-year civil war. In all of these cases, it seems like the plague is not the primary factor, but just helps to reveal underlying weaknesses in the system itself. As we see now, in the U.S. The theory is: If a society is rock solid with a competent government that enjoys popular support; and everybody is cooperating nicely, then it could withstand even a very deadly plague. America obviously lacks any of those factors; the rot has been going on way too long.


    • FatMax says:

      Trump is just a symptom of a disease, not a cause. And bipartisanship has rotted people’s brains in such a shocking way, they don’t see those #resistance grifters as being the same as Trumpster.
      It’s gonna be ugly.


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