America Can’t Breathe!

Dear Readers:

I interrupt my regularly scheduled programming.  Don’t worry, I’ll finish that piece on Ukrainian mythology, probably tomorrow.  It’s just that there are so many things going on right now, like America burning in the flames of revolution, and stuff like that.

America:  a nation with a permanent underclass.  A nation in the middle of a pandemic, with 25% unemployment, whose citizens are armed to the teeth; and are allowed, nay encouraged, to wear masks in public thus thwarting automated facial-recognition algorithms.  What could possibly go wrong here?

Everybody knows how it started, the “spark” that lit the flame and became the “I Can’t Breathe” mass protest movement.  And it wasn’t Covid this time, which was preventing people from breathing.  It was the ancient, original sin:  Racism.

The Russian word for “spark” is “iskra“, which is what Lenin named his newspaper, back in pre-revolutionary times.  Lenin’s theory of revolution was that a spark would ignite the fuel of anger which has been building up in the oppressed masses.  The spark could be anything, any incident.

Well, America is always full of sparks.  Hardly a day goes by without the American police brutalizing some innocent citizen, usually a black man.  The way the American police treat the citizenry goes beyond the word “outrageous”. The George Floyd case is not even the most egregious, American cops have long operated like comic-book storm-troopers, completely above the law and with guaranteed immunity for everything they do.  And you don’t have to be Nostradamus to foresee that this murderous cop, his name is Chauvin, I believe, will get away with it too.  There are already signs and portents in the wording of the prosecutors document against Mr. Chauvin, like it wasn’t his fault that George died, because the guy had a “pre-existing medical condition”.  Which was not conducive, apparently, to being put in an 8-minute chokehold.  Heck, if George had medical issues, why didn’t these cops take him to the hospital, instead of  hiding him behind a car and choking him?

In any case, I predict pessimistically, even if this case goes to trial, the jury will end up exonerating the cop.  They always do.

Why Scan a $10 Bill?

For those of my readers in foreign countries who don’t understand how the American police operate, here is a youtube video (from the omni-present surveillance footage) showing the events which led up to George’s cold-blooded murder.  I can add a tidbit here, because foreign readers might not “get” why George was “suspected” of being a money-forger.

Hint:  George was not a master forger.  Pre-Covid, if I were to walk into, say, an American “Dollar Store” to buy, say, toilet paper, and hand them a $20 bill (or anything over that), then the young girls (usually teenagers) behind the counter, run some kind of pen over the bill, to check that it’s not a fake.  [I don’t know how that technology works.]  After the Covid thing started (and a quarter of the country lost their jobs), I noticed that they started doing it with bills as low as $10.

Which is exactly what happened to George Floyd, from what I have read online.  He walked into some store, tried to buy something, the kids behind the counter scanned his $10 bill and wouldn’t accept it.  They told him it was fake, and asked him to leave it with them.  (Maybe they were taught to do that, in their training manual.)  George said no, if they wouldn’t give him the product, then they couldn’t take his money.  And he walked out of the store with his $10 bill.

The kids consulted among themselves, maybe they checked their training manual again, and decided that they needed to call the police.  The worst decision they ever made in their lives!

But It’s Russia’s Fault!

The surveillance footage clearly shows that George was meek as a lamb and offered no resistance whatsoever….  But what’s the point of even making these points?  It obviously doesn’t matter.  When the cops make up their mind to really whale on someone, whether saint or sinner, they just go at it, expecting no repercussions!

At the very end of this particular vid, you can see that the “picador” cops have succeeded in walking George across the street, far away (as they believe) from the prying cameras.  And then Mr. Chauvin’s police cruiser makes a U-turn to get into position.  Officer Chauvin is on a safari, his prey, the Great Black Buck, is at his mercy, and now it’s time for the final kill…

Protesters attack Fake News at its very source.

Meanwhile, the usual liars and scoundrels, for example, Susan Rice, a dreg from the Obama Administration, claims (without any proof or evidence, other than her gut feeling of “I wouldn’t put it past them”) that the Russians are behind the escalating riots and disorders.  It’s not because ordinary people are enraged and want to see justice (or maybe payback), no, it’s because Russia is fanning the flames.  Pure projection, obviously.  Some witty commenters on Russian blogs have suggested that Maria Zakharova should fly to Minneapolis in order to hand out cookies (Russian cookies, of course) to the rioters.  Others have pointed out that a color revolution is not possible in America.  Why?  Because color revolutions only happen in nations where there is an American Embassy.

Meanwhile, what America needs is not some fascist color revolution, but a true revolution.  What the disorganized protesters really need is a person like Lenin.  To show them how to turn that spark, not into a destructive fire, but an actual rebuilding of society.  Along lines that better the lives of ordinary people, provide jobs, education and healthcare.  Rather than treating ordinary people like disposable garbage that can be deprived of their livelihoods, beaten to a pulp, and murdered at will whenever some thug decides he doesn’t like their face.

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8 Responses to America Can’t Breathe!

  1. Josep says:

    if I were to walk into, say, an American “Dollar Store” to buy, say, toilet paper, and hand them a $20 bill (or anything over that), then the young girls (usually teenagers) behind the counter, run some kind of pen over the bill, to check that it’s not a fake. [I don’t know how that technology works.]

    Maybe these can answer your question?


  2. Benjamin says:

    Well, you know those Rooskies. Deceit is in their blood. That’s what Generalleutnant Herr Jakob Klapper said anyway:

    Anyway, this could be the start of the breakup. George Floyd’s death was ultimately just a trigger, and this is ultimately about a lot more than just black deaths from police.

    Unemployment is pushing 25% (at least), and the benefits run out next month. Corona is going to return for a second wave (ironically probably supercharged by the protests); so the economy, which was shit for a decade already and has been deeply damaged by the current lockdown, will contract again after whatever small resurgence it gets from the current reprieve. There will be a lot more to protest for the foreseeable future.

    And Trump is making noises about invoking the Insurrection Act to bring in regular military, under his command. 10th Mountain and 82nd Airborne Divisions arrived in DC last night.


    • yalensis says:

      Yeah, things aren’t looking so great right now… Yesterday I stopped at a CVS on my way home from work to buy some stuff I needed. This particular store is impeccably clean and well-ordered. The store clerks were visibly nervous, and then I overheard a couple of them talking while I was standing in line at the check-out. Their management had alerted them to abandon the store at a moment’s notice, if necessary, because a violent mob was currently in the process of looting a Walmart just a couple of miles north of there; and depending on which way the mob decided to go after that…

      When I got home I googled around, but I didn’t see anything about a Walmart being looted in this vicinity, so I don’t know if this actually happened or was just a rumor. But I was thinking to myself, those poor store clerks, they can’t catch a break! They earn minimum wage and had to come to work risking getting covid these past months; I have also seen them have to deal with truly obnoxious foul-mouthed customers; and now have to worry about being beat up by mobs of criminals, shit, it’s not a life! This country is broken, for sure.

      Having said that, here is my prediction, putting on my Nostradamus cap: Biden will get 100% of the black vote, but Trump will still win the election, based on his tough “law and order” stance. That’s my prediction, and I stand by it!
      Here is another prediction: The cops who murdered George Floyd in cold blood will be acquitted by a jury, like they always are. But Floyd’s family will go on to win millions of dollars (from the city of Minneapolis) in the ensuing civil case. I watched them on youtube last night. Floyd left behind an adorable little 6-year-old girl, who looked completely shell-shocked in front of the cameras. But that cute kid will be a millionaire a couple of years from now, and good for her. Amen.


      • Benjamin says:

        If the cops get away with it, the resulting riots won’t leave the city intact to conduct a civil case in.


        • yalensis says:

          I know. I was thinking the same thing. If those cops are acquitted, then the Rodney King riots will look like children’s games at Chucky Cheese. And yet (pessimistically), it’s bound to happen.
          I was reading how the coroners are reporting Fentanyl in George’s system. So, the jury will figure: Aha, the guy was on opioids, that made him violent, and thus the cop had no choice except to choke off his carotid artery.
          Meanwhile, something like 50% of Americans are on opioids, I think it makes them stupid rather than violent, just my personal opinion.


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