Orange Crusader vs Yellow Peril: Trump Will Sue China

Dear Readers:

Today I have this piece by reporter Dmitry Bavyrin.  The shocking news is that President Trump plans to sue the nation of China for a whopping $6 TRILLION BUCKS!   There are many twists and turns in this story.

You might think this would be a time when all nations of the world should put aside their grievances and work together to help each other and find a cure?  But Noooooo….

Covid’s mugshot has gone viral.

In a nutshell, Trump blames China for the Covid-19 outbreak; his economic advisors estimate the damage to the American economy at some $6 trillion; and Trump intends to sue China for that amount. The Chinese government, of course, will placidly accept the blame and fork over the dough… NOT!

Trump is totally serious about this frivolous lawsuit.  His plaint boils down to this:  The Chinese government were too secretive and inscrutable during the first few days.  They should have pushed the panic button the first second they learned of the first infection.  Instead, the muckety-mucks retreated into the back rooms to figure out what to do.  They decided to hide the fact that people are eating digusting undercooked bat soup.  Thanks to this khalatnost precious time was lost and America got infected.  This led to American business suffering such tremendous losses in the past couple of months; not to mention the indescribable suffering of regular working people.  It wasn’t that the American bureaucracy and medical infrastructure were woefully unprepared for a crisis, no, they just didn’t get the timely warning from the Chinese they should have gotten.

The American government plan to pursue this strategy the way they always do:  They hired a sleazy Personal Injury law firm.  Just a bigger, richer version of those shills you see on TV hawking their services.  These highly paid legal eagles will go judge-shopping, find a judge somewhere in the world that rules for them, and then, once the Chinese refuse to fork out the dough, they will seize all Chinese assets located in the U.S.

Travis Lucas, Senior Partner of Lucas/Compton

Sleazy law firm in question is Lucas/Compton [Bavyrin has a typo there, mis-spelling it as Copmton].  This law firm is involved in Trump’s pre-election campaign as well, which Bavyrin cynically remarks is no coincidence.  Trump’s demand that China pay up for America’s problems, will most likely find a lot of resonance with his voting base.  Plus, this is totally in Trump’s style:  He is always demanding that other countries pay up or he will bust their kneecaps; he’s sort of like the Tony Soprano of international relations.

Bavyrin comments that Trump is a sincere Sinophobe.  He detests the Chinese, in other words.  He sincerely believes that China is the main threat to the American economy, and he wants to whale on their yellow assets.

Angry and panicky American voters are sure to go for this bait; we see in the news already that Trump’s popularity has skyrocketed, even though he himself showed quite a dosage of khalatnost in his response to the crisis.

The Biden Connection

This is where the story gets interesting:  There is another sleazy Personal Injury law firm filing an almost identical claim, but this time on behalf of the State of Florida.  This is the Berman Law Group, one of whose top managers is Francis (call me Frank) Biden, brother to Joseph (call me Joe) Biden!  America’s glorious former Vice President and current Presidential candidate.  Oh wait,  I found this piece, in English, which conveys some of the same material as Bavyrin’s piece.  Quoting the Breitbart piece:

Frank Biden: “Our hourly rate is very reasonable…”

“This is an ambitious complaint against a world super-power,” Russell Berman, co-founder of the firm, said in the news release. “But, as we have alleged, China has unleashed a pandemic upon the world, and the harm is now exponentially multiplying every day here in the U.S. and Florida — our firm isn’t afraid to take them on and get the justice that is deserved. It is the Chinese government that should be paying damages for economic stimulus to the United States not the American People.”

This Berman lawsuit has got to be a very unpleasant surprise for the Chinese.  See, the Chinese government, amazingly, has cultivated good relations with the Biden family!  Which puts them at odds with the Russian government, which considers Biden to be the anti-Christ incarnate.  So we have this weird situation, where the Chinese want (or wanted) Biden to win the Presidency; whereas the Russians are rooting for Trump.  Not because they love Trump, but because they consider him to be the lesser of the 2 evils.

Did It Come From Shrimps?

Either way, Trump wants the Chinese government to pay for the huge stimulus package he just passed in the Senate.  Which is estimated to amount to $6 trillion.

The big question is:  How will China respond to this big slap to their collective countenances?  Will they lose face?  Trump has been more than boorish in his attacks against the Chinese, practically calling them contagious to their faces; some of the wince-atory rhetoric is reminiscent of the “yellow peril” scaremongering of the 19th century.  On the other hand, there are indications that the Chinese are starting to get nervous, like maybe they do have something to hide.  Maybe a slightly guilty conscience?  Like, what’s up with that bat soup and undercooked offal?  Is that why the terrified virus took a leap out of the bowl and into the gourmand’s nasal orifice?

Chinese cops shut down the shrimp shop in Wuhan

The official Chinese version is that Patient Zero was a woman selling shrimps in the market in Wuhan.  Virus leaped from shrimp to human.  Once the lady got infected, the Coronavirus spread exponentially, as airborne (or droplet-spread) viruses are wont to do.

There is another theory, believed by many Chinese diplomats and doctors (also by many “conspiracy theorists” throughout the world):  Namely, that the Covid-19 virus was created in an American laboratory.  Possibly even as part of a germ-warfare program against China.  Or maybe the virus just escaped from the lab, as in a Hollywood movie.  The Americans and their allies counter with a counter-conspiracy theory, whereby the Chinese government was testing something in their own germ-warfare facility near Wuhan.  But this latter theory is debunked by reputable scientists, whereas the former theory has some appendages.

According to still another theory, believed by many Italians, based on anecdotal evidence:  The virus actually travelled from China to Italy already a year ago.  Long before Covid became a household word, an unusual number of Italians showed up in hospitals complaining of pneumonia.  If this theory were true, then China really could be accused of extreme khalatnost.  But is there any way to prove this theory in court?  Probably not.  The pneumonia could be explained away by other factors, and the anecdotal evidence is of the same type as my mom saying, “I’m pretty sure I had this last summer…”

Bavyrin: America has released the Kraken!

In conclusion:  The political benefit will accrue to Trump if Covid helps him win the election.  The Chinese will be sad, because they want to see Biden win.  [WHY?  ARE THEY CRAZY??]   But the Russians will be okay with a Trump win, due to their visceral hatred of Biden.  On the other hand, Russia does not approve of the American tendency to swing their you-know-what all over the world and demand that other nations submit to their laws and regulations.  Everybody is sick of their coercive methods and their shake-downs, it’s just not healthy, and it’s not good for the world.  Russia has had its own taste of this noxious medicine.

Up until now, Bavyrin concludes, the Chinese have behaved rather meekly in response to American bullying.  But this lawsuit goes too far, and will surely overflow their cup of patience.  And speaking on the geopolitical plane:  The more backbone that China shows; the more hostile that China becomes to the U.S. – then all the better for Russia!  The last thing that Russia wants to see is an American-Chinese alliance against Russia, as in the 1960’s.


Oh wait!  I was about to hit the “Publish” button, but then I saw this piece from Gazeta, which just came out yesterday.  The reporter is Anna Yuranets, and the tone is completely different, the headline reads:

“China Has Gone Through A Lot”:  Why Trump is Making Peace With Xi

Apparently, after conferring with world leaders at the G20, Trump started talking nicer, and more politer than before.  He even stated that the two countries could collaborate on finding solutions to the pandemic.  Trump on Twitter:

Ping, Pang and Pong: “Nice country you got here. Would be a pity if something was to happen to it…”

“China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus,” Trump wrote in a post on Twitter. “The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”

Which is quite different from yelling at them and suing them for $6 trillion bucks!

One can only speculate what came over Trump.  Did 3 Chinese ghosts appear to him in the middle of the night?  To remind him what they could actually do to the American economy, were they to take the route of confrontation?

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3 Responses to Orange Crusader vs Yellow Peril: Trump Will Sue China

  1. moon says:

    you may have stepped into a verbal imprecision trap, not the America but some Americans firms seem to have filed a case against the Chinese state. But maybe under some type of class action would allow a law firm to file a case against China. Let’s say a firm representing 1.000 families that lost one member.

    Here is one such ruling, seems the law firm found a tiny bit of evidence that helped them win:
    Pantazis was part of the legal team that developed the evidence over more than eight years to establish that Iran failed to stamp the passports of as many as 10 of the hijackers, a detail that would have alerted U.S. authorities to the scope of their global travels. His efforts included traveling to North Africa and conducting interviews with defectors from Iran’s intelligence agencies.

    But apparently there isn’t much left to confiscate in the US and European courts don’t follow the trodden path legally.

    But it feels we have yet to see a case in which a state legally challenges another state based on international private law. Or did we have that yet? America vs China????

    Arbitrarily an article from the Falun Gong American-Chinese paper Epoch Times:

    How are Konstantin Rykov and Anna Katasonova Doing? Special art events planned for the coming election? You also follow his twitter feed? Or do you only read his online media? You made me add it to my link collection.


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