Racism Is the Basis Of American Society – Part II

Dear Readers:

Continuing with this piece, by writer Artem Filippov, which is basically a refutation of this anti-Russia propaganda piece in the New York Times.  Which accuses Russia of fomenting racial divisions in American society.  The purpose would be, natch, to defeat the Democrats and keep (Russian puppet) Trump in power another 4 years.  Sounds silly, I know, but a lot of idiots out there believe this crap.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I would have bet $$$ Joe Biden has zero chances of winning the Presidency, because Trump will skewer him in any debate.  Especially regarding his (Biden’s) being the head of an international crime family and all his sleazy corrupt business connections in the Ukraine, etc.  However, now with all this Coronavirus thing going on, who knows?  Maybe Creepy Uncle Joe can still eke out a win, utilizing Trump’s weak and ineffectual response to this medical and infrastructure crisis.

President Coronavirus addresses the nation…

Okay, enough idle political speculation coming from the likes of me, let’s get back to Filippov’s arguments:

For several years already, Americans are accusing Russia of interfering in the (upcoming) 2020 election, Russian goal being to re-elect Donald Trump.  Just last month (February), Russia was accused of helping Bernie Sanders, Russian purpose being to defeat Joe Biden.  Biden represents the “Deep State” Nomenklatura of the American ruling class; and Russia fears him most of all.

As per usual, very few facts or proof were presented to support this hypothesis.  As per usual, it’s just based on some vague “leaks” from secretive sources, along with the usual dose of “highly likely” [a phrase which has now penetrated into the Russian language, as хайли-лайкли].  Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova mocked the New York Times piece, calling it a “roasted duck”, and “empty propaganda”.

Zakharova: “I’m telling you that this is bullshit!”

Once again, the Americans are refusing to take responsibility for their own internal problems, and instead scapegoating the Russian bear.  Which bear is getting mighty tired of being blamed for every wrong thing that happens in the forest.  And not just shitting (which it has to do from time to time), but also undermining American democracy and casting skepticism upon the hallowed institutions of  “civil society”.  [yalensis:  “Civil Society” institutions, for those not in the know, consist of lobbyists and otherwise unelected personages attempting to influence the political processes without actually having to run for office!]

The underlying argument of the American propagandists is this:  Yeah, for sure we used to be a racist society, and there was slavery and Jim Crow, and lynchings, and stuff like that.  But all of that is in the past.  We overcame all of that, defeated racism, won the victory for tolerance.

But the numbers tell a different story.  On January 27, Gallup published the results of a sociological survey.  According to which, only 36% of Americans were satisfied with the state of inter-racial relations; and 58% were dissatisfied.  American society is a place where old wounds can erupt at any moment.  And it’s not just blacks at risk:  Asians are a target as well, and have been the victims of hooligan attacks, especially during this Coronavirus crisis.

We can be like Alex the Great again!

The sad fact is:  Racism is part of the very fabric of American society; therefore it shows the height of cynicism to blame this on Russia.  Race-based crimes occur every day in the Land of the Free.  Even the American armed forces are suspected of harboring white supremacist cliques such as “Identity Evropa“.  And they are by far not the only ultra-right organization recruiting army soldiers and veterans.  There is another group called “Crusaders” which targets Muslims.

And that’s not even mentioning the older, traditional racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.  It was only four years ago that 9 black church-goers were shot in Charleston (South Carolina) by a white racist.

According to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, there were 2,713 incidents (in 2019) of extremist propaganda on college campuses, compared with only 1,214 a year earlier.  Discriminatory propaganda is on the rise and affecting every American state, with the exception of Hawaii.  Jews still have to worry about their synagogues and cemeteries being attacked by Jew-haters.

White racists and Jew-haters are not the only culprits, the so-called “Anti-Fascist” Left is also guilty of extremist practices and violent attacks against, for example, Trump supporters and conservative journalists.  There are even some extremist gay organizations which are packing heat and preparing for armed insurrection, they go by such names as the “Pink Pistols” and “TriggerWarning”, etc.  It goes without saying that in a broken society, such as the United States, violent groupings of all ideological tendencies will spring up, inevitably.  [yalensis:  people should be aware, though, that in the 1960’s where you had a similar ideological ferment, most of the more violent lefties were actually infiltrates from the government security forces such as the FBI, just sayin’…]

In Conclusion:  The political climate in the U.S. is becoming ever more toxic, with every day that goes by.  Racism and inter-ethnic antagonisms have never gone away.  The level of mutual contempt between various racial and ideological groups is matched only by the American willingness to pick up a gun, as the solution for all problems.

But the bottom line remains this:  African-American youths and adult men between the ages of 15-34 are five times more likely than similarly-aged white males, to be shot dead by the police.  American society, to this day, has proved unable to root out of its very fabric, the genes of racism and discrimination.

[THE END] [or is it?]

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4 Responses to Racism Is the Basis Of American Society – Part II

  1. FatMax says:

    “хайли-лайкли” , hilarious. 😀
    A small update regarding Biden: he’s mentally incapable of holding a normal discussion and he’s being blamed for rape. I guess that’s Russia’s fault, too.
    “According to the Jewish Anti-Defamation League”
    These people are shills for Israel and any kind of antizionist behavior is likely to be marked as “antisemitism”.


    • yalensis says:

      For sure, it’s true that Jewish ADL are Israel-shills. However, they also have a dual function, of sorts, and they do keep track of legitimate offenses, like Nazi attacks on cemeteries, that sort of thing. Hence, when it comes to the Ukraine, they sometimes can play the role of “useful idiots” for Russian “propaganda”, like when Russia tries to point out that the Ukrainian Nazis are Nazis; and then Russian media will quote the ADL when it suits them.

      Re. Biden, not only is that guy a mentally-deficient rapist, he is also the head of an international crime family. How DOES he do it?


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