Ukraine Coronavirus Panic Underlying Causes – Part I

Dear Readers:

Everybody who reads them some history books knows that plagues incite blind panic, especially in ignorant populations.  And when ignorant people lash out against plagues and the victims of plagues, often the [ironical] result is to spread the infection even further!  The textbook example being when ignorant European peasants killed cats in the Middle Ages.  They killed the cats who controlled the rats, who carried the fleas that carried the plague!  Less cats = more rats = more fleas and more plague!

This is the context in which the world was treated to the spectacle of ignorant Ukrainian villagers stoning a bus carrying fellow citizens (=Ukrainians) who had just been evacuated from a Chinese province (supposedly infected with coronavirus) where these unfortunate Slavs were visiting, either professionally or as tourists; and brought back home to the Ukraine to be put under observation.  Note that these Ukrainian evacuees were not necessarily diagnosed with the virus and probably are not even infected; it was just a precautionary measure to quarantine them for a certain amount of time, give them medical check-ups, and then either release them (if clean) or send them on for further medical treatment.  Russia had done exactly the same thing with their citizens maybe a week or two earlier, in a quick, efficient, and unheralded operation.  As did several other countries.  Note that I am not taking sides here on whether this whole coronavirus thing is simply a gigantic fake-news, or the result of CIA germ warfare against China, there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there…  I’m just saying that various countries, including Russia, are treating it like it’s a real thing, a real plague, and are taking precautions to, e.g., evacuate their citizens and even quarantine them for a certain period of time.

With that stipulation, Russian RT, the tabloidy and sometimes loud-mouthed voice of the Russian government, had a field day with the “Ignorant Ukrainian Peasants” angle, as well they should.  Commenters to the piece pointed out how stoning the bus and breaking the windows, etc., would only serve to spread the virus, if indeed any of those unfortunate tourists was actually infected.  The optics were not good.  In fact, the optics were bloody awful.  So awful, that Ukrainian President Zelensky felt like he had to apologize to the world for this ungodly spectacle:

“You know, we always say that Ukraine is Europe,” the president told the nation, referring to a slogan popular among pro-Western elements, which became particularly widespread following the 2014 Maidan coup. “To tell the truth, yesterday, we sometimes seemed to be the Europe of the Middle Ages,” he added, chastising those who staged violent protests in central Ukraine.

Ukrainians doing what Ukrainians do…

But wait!  Westie media which supports the Ukrainian government, felt that they had to eke some shred of dignity back from this debacle.  Hence, Buzzfeed tried to blame Russia by “implying” that bad actors, presumably from Russia, incited the whole thing with a fake email.  By implying that some of the people on that bus were actually sick with the virus.  [Which, just speaking for myself, if I were a Ukrainian villager, I would have kept as far away from that bus, and that hospital, as I could.  And not be trying to get up close and personal with sick people.  I mean, really?  Who is with me on that one?]  Nice try, Buzzfeed, but no cigar, the initial optics were so horrendous that there was really no way to mitigate this for your client…

In any case, being the skeptic that I am, I kept waiting for more stories to break that might have something more intelligent to offer.  Or maybe a better explanation of what happened.  It can’t be that simple, right?  Just a bunch of ignoramuses stoning a bus just because they (=the ignorami) are stupid and vicious?  Whether or not they received a trolling email from the Russian government?

So, eventually I came upon this more analytical piece by reporter Nikolai Storozhenko.  And while it doesn’t contain any juicy conspiracy theories, Storozhenko does make a reasonable case for the Ukrainian coronavirus panic being a home-grown affair.  Containing some of what all the other pundits have suggested:  Collapse of the medical infrastructure, breakdown of society in general, lack of trust in the government and institutions, etc. etc., plus an extra ingredient:  The role of Western Ukraine and the virus of Separatism.  And by Separatism, we’re talking Lvov, not Donbass!

In a case of Irony too Ironic to hardly seem real, this is a story of the Servant becoming the Master, and then the new Master feeling a resentment so intense, that he needs to take out his rage on innocent and possibly sick people who are his neighbors and fellow citizens…

[to be continued]


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9 Responses to Ukraine Coronavirus Panic Underlying Causes – Part I

  1. FatMax says:

    Yeah, that certainly looked godawful. I watched those news with my family and reaction was universally negative towards Ukies.
    Although, anyone forced to live in the Mad Max UkieLand would turn ignorant and violent in a heartbeat.


    • yalensis says:

      It’s funny though (not funny haha) that the American and European media accepted everything that the Ukrainians did and do, including torchlight Nazi parades and heroization of Nazi collaborators and all that… not to mention the burning alive of people in Odessa.

      Westie media was totally okay with all of that, because it was directed against Russians.
      But attacking people who may or may not have innocently become infected with a flu virus…
      Maybe this was just the “one bridge too far” sort of thing that finally rouses a conscience?


  2. FatMax says:

    Conscience? Westies actually have it?
    People so utterly brainwashed with shitty propaganda? 😀
    Fat chance.


    • yalensis says:

      Maybe not “conscience” so much. But there are still certain “norms” that most people still believe in. For example, a sentimentality towards children; and also, maybe, the belief that sick people should not be stoned to death.


      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Westoids loathe their own children, and their reaction to the Beslan massacre makes it pretty clear they aren’t more sentimental about others.


        • yalensis says:

          That’s a good point about Beslan. The Westies did sort of cheer on the torture and murder of Russian/Ossetian children, did they not? On the other hand, I think they do like their own kids. It’s one of those tribal things. Some Westies are capable of loving their “own” while hating the “other”. Not unlike hyena packs.


          • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

            Americans in particular see their children mainly as financial burdens and sex objects (the way they talk about their kids – and their pets for that matter – makes this gruesomely obvious). So much of what Americans, Canadians, Englishmen and so on say and do makes perfect sense when you realise that they’re nations of molested idiots.

            There’s nothing that can be said in favour of westoids. Barring a tiny, irrelevant handful, they’re malicious,hellish monsters who can’t be cured by anything short of a nuclear exorcism. The only consolation one has is the knowledge that they all hate each other like the damned in hell whom they will all eventually be, and there’s a good chance they’ll tear each other apart before they work up the nerve to start world war III.


          • FatMax says:

            Same goes for Syrian children. Westies could care less about those kids that were killed by headchoppers that were paid and equipped by Western goverments. They only “care” about those that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when SAA decided to liberate their country from jihadis.
            Thank gods that Syria will be liberated soon and Westie rags and TV pukes can stop bloviated about “monster childkiller Assad”. 😀
            They’ll turn to Libya instead.


            • yalensis says:

              Yes, it has taken a long time, but fortunately it is clear that Syria will be cleansed of the headchoppers. Russia gets a lot of the credit, Russia proved that “Terrorism can be defeated”, despite the naysayers. It’s just a question of will and logistics.


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