Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Dear Readers:

Happy Martin Luther King Day!  (I have to get to work early today and I don’t have time for my Porgy recap project, I’ll continue on with that in tomorrow’s post, but I just wanted to say a few words about the Big Guy, MLK.)

I find that most Americans respect MLK, but only because they are told to.  Americans, by and large, are a nation of sheep:  They believe what they are told to believe; this guy is a good guy; this one is a bad guy.  Certain countries are good, and certain countries are bad.  Some countries are so bad, that they have “regimes” and “we” have to go to war to topple those regimes, blah blah blah.  And most of the American public just nod and go along with this, they watch CNN or Fox News, then they repeat childish slogans and believe what the lamestream media tells them to believe.

In the case of MLK, when they mention what a great guy he was, the lamestream media is actually correct for once, but probably for the wrong reasons.  They have turned this man into a practically meaningless icon, like a black Santa Claus.  Most Americans don’t know about this man, who he really was, and what kind of evolution he underwent.  Evolving from a preacher-man in the Southern Black Christian milieu, then a cunning strategist for the Civil Rights movement; and then becoming the acknowledged leader of the entire African-American community (which doesn’t necessarily mean that all black people agreed with him, just that the majority of them accepted his leadership).

MLK’s genius was that he sussed into what he knew the vast majority of African-Americans wanted:  They didn’t want to go to Africa (as a certain “militant” wing of the movement prescribed); nor did they want to “kill whitey”, however satisfying that might feel for a few seconds; nor did they want to build an enclave (as certain other “black nationalists” insisted).  No, what they wanted was full integration into the American system and into American life.  MLK, a master politician, took this mass desire, he formulated it into an intelligent political platform (“I have a dream!”); and then he turned the notch even higher, to formulate a world-class worldview that attacked the foundations not just of racism, but of poverty itself, and economic equality.  Which  he saw as the roots of racism.

And then, towards the end, MLK started to evolve into a true statesman.  He connected the dots between the war in Vietnam, the Military-Industry Complex; and their connection to poverty and racism.  In his large and good-hearted brain, he saw the whole picture.  With a mass following, he was in a position to really start to change things.  He was trusted by all well-meaning people:  both black and white.  A born leader and a statesman, this man should, by all rights, have become the President of the United States.

Instead, he was murdered.  And the world has been a much worse place ever since.

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2 Responses to Happy Martin Luther King Day!

    • yalensis says:

      Hi, Sid, thanks for the link!
      Yeah, liberals are so typical, they only “adored” MLK when they thought he was compatico with the imperialist consensus. Once he spoke out against the Vietnam war, he signed his own death certificate.
      In the U.S. you are allowed to be “anti-racist” so long as it’s just about identity politics and doesn’t threaten the system. MLK wouldn’t play that game, he took a risk.

      “Jackie Robinson, the celebrated African-American baseball player and civil rights advocate, wrote to Johnson two weeks after King’s speech to distance himself from the civil rights leader….” doesn’t surprise me at all, Jackie Robinson was a lackey of the Imperial establishment and unfit to shine MLK’s boots. No surprise that Jackie supported the 1980 boycott of the Olympics. Why? Because the Olympics were held in the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union had just “invaded” Afghanistan to try to put down the nascent Al Qaeda insurgents so beloved by the CIA. And Jackie was a loyal Company man! QED.


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