Polish Embassy vs Ukraine New Bandera Spat – Holodomor In Doubt?

Dear Readers:

This post is almost like a continuation of the last one.  I have this piece from RIA as my starter.  And we’re still talkin’ WWII and we’re still talkin’ Hitler, Godwin’s Law be damned!  The difference is, last time the Poles were defending their hero, Lipski; and now they’re attacking Ukraine’s hero, Bandera.  Oh, what to do?

The Polish Embassy in Kiev has criticized the response of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry Press Secretary Ekaterina Zelenko.  This occurred as a joint statement of both Polish and Israeli ambassadors, who condemned the heroization of Ukrainian Nationalists.

Zelenko, commenting on the position of these diplomats declared, that every people and every nation have the right to define and honor their own heroes.

Ambassador Cichocki shows off his BRAND NEW vaccum cleaner!

Earlier, the ambassadors Bartosz Cichocki and Joel Lyon (Lion?) expressed their disquiet in the fact that Ukraine celebrated Stepan Bandera’s 111th birthday with a torchlight procession.  The diplomats pointed out that Bandera’s victims “included tens of thousands of Poles, Jews, and also thousands of representatives of other peoples.”

The diplomats were also upset by the fact that the Kiev municipal administration hung on its building a banner with a portrait of Stepan Bandera; while the Lvov Oblast council adopted a resolution to budget for a celebration honoring the Nazi collaborator Andrei Melnik, and also “the xenophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-Polish writer Ivan Lypa, along with his son, Yury Lypa, the creator of “the theory of the Ukrainian race”.

Ambassador Joel Lyon represents Israel in the Ukraine.

In the embassy they also critized (Ekaterina) Zelenko for her (hinting) words that Poland and Israel’s condemnation of the celebration of Ukrainian Nationalists goes to the benefit of “a third party” [guess who?!]

“When it comes to benefiting a third party,” the diplomats retorted, “in the case of Ukraine’s quarrels, on the historical arena, against her main allies, they should really think twice, those who publicly, and at the state level, honor the authors and executors of the ethnic cleansings that occurred in the 1940’s.  We are convinced that they are distorting (historical) information.”


In a final zinger, the two Ambassadors brought into question the beloved “Holodomor” fake-history theory of the Ukrainian Nationalists, i.e., the notion that the Soviet government deliberately targeted ethnic Ukrainians for famine.

“The diplomats raised the question, why Kiev demands of Moscow a recognition of the Holodomor, when they themselves consider their cult of Bandera and Melnik, to be just an internal affair of the country.”

Haha!  Gotcha on that one, Ukie Nationalists!

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