Polish Jews Defend “Anti-Semite swine” Józef Lipski – Part II

Dear Readers:

We are almost ready for the punchline to this joke, but first a quick review of how this Cat Fight started, and who are the players:

Round #1:
European nations launched their standard ideological attack against Russian statehood by (a) equating Stalin with Hitler; and (b) blaming the Soviet Union for starting World War II.

Round #2: 
Russian President Putin riposted with historical facts, including the entire Soviet Foreign archives from that era, including the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact itself, even its “secret” codicils.  This should have put the matter to rest once and for all, if any Europeans were still capable of reading or comprehending what they read.

Putin then added a cute little zinger against Józef Lipski, the Polish Ambassador to Nazi Germany from 1934-1939.  When asked to characterize Lipski, Putin described him as:  “A bastard, an anti-Semitic swine, there is no other way to describe him. He was totally in solidarity with Hitler in [the latter’s] anti-Semitic intentions. And moreover, even promised to set up a monument [to Hitler] in Warsaw, to reward the latter for his mockery of the Jewish people.”

Round #3:  The Polish government responded with its usual hysteria, how dare you attack one of our best diplomats from that era?  And then trotted its a few captive Rabbis to put in their two shekels worth.  But before we get to that…  Some fact-checking about Lipski.  Did Mr. Putin in fact mis-characterize this man?  Were Lipski’s comments about deporting Jews to Africa, in fact taken out of context?

The Words Of A Patriot

Lipski: “I didn’t mean what I said… oh wait, I did!”

Trained as a lawyer, Lipski joined the Polish Foreign Service in 1925.  In 1934 he was appointed Ambassador to Nazi Germany.  One of his main assignments was to work out a Polish-German non-Aggression Pact.  Sort of like the later Soviet Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but with Lipski instead of Molotov.  So, instead of, say, “Mollentrop” we have, say, “Lippentrop”.  Diplomacy, folks, deals with the devil:  It’s disgusting when the Russians do it, but beautiful when the Poles do it.

All this time, natch, the Germans were planning to take over Poland and just absorb it into the Reich, but they were already worried about the number of Jews living there.  At that time there were roughly 3 million Jews living in Poland; which Hitler reckoned to be 3 million too many.  To be fair to Hitler, he probably wasn’t yet thinking along the lines of “kill ’em all”, he was considering other plans, like maybe deporting them all to Africa.

Which, by the way, was really unfair.  Say what you like about the Jews, but they were really excellent European citizens during that diaspora period.  On the whole, a very hard-working people, and punching well above their weight in terms of what they contributed, to Europe in every arena:  educational, medical, the arts and culture, science, you name it.  But none of that mattered to Hitler, he just wanted them out of his precious Europe.  And since so many of these Jewish people were concentrated in Poland, that presented a special challenge for Mr. Hitler.

Hence, in 1938 German officials approached the Polish government with a plan to resettle all European Jews to Africa.  Lipski went to talk to Hitler personally, and expressed his enthusiasm for the scheme.  Lipski was quoting as saying:  “If he [Hitler] can find such a solution we will erect him a beautiful monument in Warsaw.”

Timothy Snyder works for CIA Radio and is willing to give Lipski the benefit of the doubt.

Historian Timothy Snyder, as quoted in that wiki piece, gives Lipski the benefit of the doubt:  This was 1938, Lipski probably had not actually read Mein Kampf and could not have possibly known that Hitler would go so far to actually slaughter the Jews:  “Lipski was expressing the hope that despite the overwhelming difficulties, Germany could induce some maritime power to open some overseas colony to Polish Jews. It never occurred to him that Hitler’s ‘resolution’ could be total mass murder.”

Continuing with my important background research in wikipedia:  On 24 October 1938 Lipski met with Ribbentrop at Hitler’s mountain retreat in Berchtesgaden.  Ribbentrop:  “Gimme Danzig.”  Lipski:  “Nope, you can’t have Danzig.”  At a certain point the Germans realized that Lipski was just a cypher and had no real negotiating authority.  After they invaded Poland, Lipski was able to escape to France and then, eventually, to the United States (1951) where he represented the so-called Polish Government in Exile, i.e., the anti-Communist shadow government set up by the U.S.  He died in 1958.

Given that the current Polish government (also a U.S. puppet) considers itself to be the heir to that earlier shadow government and not the one that was set up by Stalin after WWII, it makes sense that the current Poles feel the need to defend Lipski as one of their own.

March Out The Rabbis

So, in Round #3 of this ideological war, we see the Poles shooting back at Putin and defending Lipski.  And they use a curious weapon:  Zionism itself.  If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then surely Zionism is the last refuge of an anti-Semite!  See, Lipski wanted to help the Polish Jews by moving them to a nicer place.  Whether or not they wanted to go.

The wiki piece I cited above is actually up to date on this, and American wiki being Russophobic by nature, it wants to have the last word on this kerfuffle:

Putin’s remarks were condemned by Polish government officials, and Poland’s Chief Rabbi, Michael Schudrich, stated that “for us Jews, it is particularly outrageous for Putin to manipulate the tone of [Lipski’s comments] made in his conversation with Adolf Hitler in 1938. One shouldn’t forget Poland supported the emigration of its 10 percent Jewish minority, but it did so partly in cooperation with the Zionist movement, to which it gave clandestine military support. At the same time, however, when the Third Reich expelled thousands of Polish Jews in 1938, Polish diplomatic services, including Ambassador Lipski personally, assisted them. Accusing [Lipski] of antisemitism on the basis of one sentence taken out of context is extremely irresponsible.”
Professor Mariusz Wołos [pl] stated that “[Lipski’s] extensive legacy… has no traces of antisemitic attitude. Lipski was not an antisemite.”

Uh huh.  Note how the word “emigration” is used instead of “forced expulsion”.  There is also the underlying ideological assumption that Zionism was the only possible way out for European Jews, even though the majority of Jews at the time were assimilationist in their political views.  I don’t have time here to get into the whole interwar Jewish politics, thing, but one thing I do know:  More political Jews of that era in Poland and other European countries were socialists or Bundists; and only a tiny percent Zionists.

In other words, the Zionists were just a small minority among the European Jews.  And they never woud have gained any power or authority had Hitler not killed off the base of the other Jewish parties.  Meanwhile, there was a concerted effort on the part of Jew-haters like Lipski, to support Zionists, though.  Why?  Because of the obvious shared interest:  Both Zionists and Jew-haters wanted the Jews out of Europe.  Jew-haters didn’t care where the Jews went, or if they died en route.  Zionists wanted them as fodder for their utopian scheme to build a Jewish state somewhere.   Ruled by themselves, of course, the political Zionists.  They would prefer the ancient homeland, Israel.  But if not there, perhaps somewhere in Africa.  This is the confluence of interest between Lipski and the Zionists.  As to whether Lipski or the Polish government actually provided Jewish Zionists with “clandestine military support”, well, I reckon the real historians would have to go at that one.  Even if it were true, it just confirms that the Polish government didn’t want to keep the Jews where they were, as their own citizens.  Even though the Jews actually made for very good citizens, on the whole.  And certainly didn’t deserve to be marched out of their homes at gunpoint, deported, let alone killed.

On thing is true though:  the Polish government did indeed score a tactical victory (of sorts) against Mr. Putin, when they trotted out Rabbis like Schudrich to defend Lipski and condemn Putin’s comments.

Rabbi Schudrich: “I am blinking to you in Morse code… HELP!”

Here is the piece I started with, as my original source.  It reports that the “Organization of Jewish Communes” in Poland came out in opposition to Putin’s remarks.  The leaders of this organization are a lady named Klara Kołodziejska-Połtyn, and the aforementioned Rabbi Michael Schudrich.  They called Putin’s remarks “outrageous” and defended Lipski’s support for 10% of Polish Jews to emigrate, along the lines of the Zionist movement.  They also make the usual vague claims that “Lipski helped some Jews.”  Yeah, I’m sure he did.

Russian commenters to the VZGLIAD piece are not impressed with the Polish counter-attack.

Commenter Sanitar:  The Psheki [slightly derogatory ethnic slang for “Poles”] are strange people.  They are not bothered in the slightest by the pederast marches for Bandera, and erecting a monument to Hitler, a man who slaughtered all Jews — that is to their liking.

Sergei Klassen:  How come the Polish Jews didn’t say something about the Banderites, with their torchlight marches through Kiev?

Lemonade Joe:  Thanks to Putin for bringing up this historical fact, which very few people knew about before.

Sergei Lomakin:  In other words, they were all eager to go to Africa.  Marching and singing.

Sergei Panov:  In Poland they are not free to say what they really think. They are forced to praise that anti-Semitic swine.

Vladimir Petrovich:  And so it appears, respected Jews, that you are in agreement with Hitler’s plan to resettle the Jews in Madagascar? If this plan had succeeded, would you have participated in the erection of a nomument to Hitler in Poland?

S.Z.:  The Polish Jews concur with Hitler’s democratic initiatives to destroy Polish Jews.

Andrei Barmalai:  I recently heard some Jew talking on the radio, he was saying there are virtually no Jews in Poland, and that for the past few years they have just built some fake Jewish organizations, with fake Jews, because they won’t let any real Jews into the country.  I don’t know if that’s true or not…

Paul Ivanov:  It’s true that we haven’t seen any Jews there for decades now. I think they do exist, but they’re just a tiny minority.

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