Who is Egor Zhukov? – Part III

Dear Readers:

Continuing with this crowd-sourced research about Russia’s new star protester, Egor Zhukov.  We have heard some contradictory things, but that’s normal when one is just getting to know a new person.  And, in the end, all this research might be for nought if Egor turns out to be just a Nothing-Burger.  Nobody can see into the future, except for Nostradamus and Baba Vanga.  But I am casting my own dice and betting that we will be hearing lots more from this young man as he continues his career as a professional opponent of the Putin “regime” (aka the elected Russian government).

Where we left off, there was some Storm and Drang about the situation surrounding Egor’s arrest on August 3, 2019.   For Christ’s sake, the guy was just eating lunch with a friend, and has the cafeteria bill to prove it – and yet the coppers claim that he was stirring up the mobs and practically handing out pitchforks!  Somebody is lying, but who?

Continuing with the saga…
The screenshot of the arrest warrant against Egor shows that the cops actually believe there were 10,000 protesters out on the streets that fateful day, namely August 3.  Which I find very confusing, because I thought the actual demonstration had happened a week earlier, 27 July (?)  One now sees why a clever lawyer finds it relevant that Egor and his friend could prove they were just having lunch.  And speaking of lawyers, in a future segment of this post we shall learn more about Egor’s shyster attorney, I promise.  Hint:  A man so eager to fund hardened Ukrainian Nazis that he could barely present a decent defense for the milk-faced young client sitting directly in front of him.

Upset by the blatant lies and contradictions offered by the forces of Law and Order, the student body of Higher School of Economics (HSE) poured out onto the streets to protect their own.  They picketed the police station on the Petrovka.  More importantly, the higher faculty and leadership of the HSE came out in defense of Egor.  This included the Rector of the whole administration, a person named Valeria Kasamara.  As we shall see, Valeria’s support was crucial to Zhukov’s getting “only” a suspended sentence, instead of having to serve real time.  In fact, this whole incident shows that Egor’s Oppositionist and Kreakle ideology permeate the entire HSE, from top to bottom!  Which should make the HSE a fertile recruiting ground for the American State Department, if not already.  Hint to Mike Pompeo:  That place is just teeming with potential assets!

Pro-Rector Valeria Kasamara

Anyhow, quick sidebar on Valeria Kasamara, here is my translation of her stump speech, taken directly from her website:

My Name is Valeria Kasamara, I am the Pro-Rector of the HSE, and am also a political activist.  During the recent elections (to the Moscow city Duma) I headed the election campaign HQ of Yaroslav Kuzminov of the 45th District (Okrug), and as the head of his team I took direct part in making major decisions, formulating projects in the sphere of beautification [of the city], the healthcare system, the leisure and emploment of Moscovites.  I know every neighborhood, every street, every household in this District.  I understand that not all problems have been resolved to satisfaction.  The work must continue by recognizing mistakes that were committed, and in an open dialogue with the residents.  I feel my responsibility for completing what was started, and I possess the experience and competence to propose new initiatives to better the lives of the city’s residents.  I have lived the better part of my life in this capital city.  Here too my children came into the world and live here.  For 19 years already I have been working in the Basmanny neighborhood.  My family, my friends, my work — it’s all about Moscow.  I love our city and I am prepared to do everything I can in order to build a comfortable life for every resident of this city.

Nice speech, Valya, but what is your position on the Venezuelan crisis?  [old Communist joke…]

In addition to the support from the boss of his school, Egor also received the expected support from the Liberal media channels such as “Novaya Gazeta” and “Ekho Moskvy”, and all the other Usual Suspects.   The editors of the aforementioned media, Dmitry Muratov and Alexei Venediktor, respectively, informed the police that they were willing to provide employment for Egor Zhukov.  This is an important point in the Russian legal system, because the courts are unwilling to release a convicted criminal on probation, unless he can assure them he either has a job, or a job offer, in hand.

All in all, we get a very clear picture of Egor’s support network.  The young man has not been cast to the wolves.  In some circles he is a hero now, even a superstar.

But What About The Man Himself?

Commenter Pani Panika posts this:  Since the previous comment laid out most of what is known about the official version, including screenshots of the documents, I wish to focus just on the personal biography of Egor Zhukov. Egor is only 17 years old, and will turn 18 at the end of September.  [yalensis:  er.. the other commenter said Egor was born on July 28, 1998…  Which makes him 21 years old, unless my math is very wrong…]  He is a normal very nice Moscow youth.  A student in his first year at the HSE.  He grew up in Moscow, and went to school here, so that Moscow is his native town.  I emphasize this last bit, because the city leadership likes to tell people that they found many outsiders [and non-residents] among the detained.

Russian coppers: “Save your sob stories for the judge!”

During the time he was a pupil in his school, which is located in the center of Moscow, he encountered some typical schoolboy problems when, due to the frequent turnover of teachers, the pupils end up with insufficient knowledge.  Nonetheless Egor decided to continue on with his studies.  Within his own narrow circle he became known as a beginning blogger.  Not as famous or as cool as some of the other bloggers, who have a million subscribers.  Nonetheless, after the events of August 3, Egor became famous.  His arrest so shocked the people who are close to him, that quite a lot of people came out to support him.  Starting with his friends and fellow students at the University, and all the way up to the top management of the University.  Let us hope that all the charges against Egor will be dropped [yalensis:  they weren’t], because I simply cannot understand how a young man, just strolling through the Moscow streets with his friends, could possibly break the law, when he was not even carrying any signs or agitational materials!

[to be continued]

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