In Bolivia, Americans Let the Genie Out of the Bottle – Part I

Dear Readers:

Today I have another breaking-news VESTI piece, this one about the coup in Bolivia.  The reporter is Sergei Brilev, and the headline reads:

The U.S. Does Not Understand What Kind of Genie They Let Out of the Bottle

One might consider the headline to be misleading or, at the very least, naive.  In the genre of:  oh, those foolish Americans, they just blunder around like Victor Frankenstein, creating monsters they never intended….  Another way of giving the American Empire the benefit of the doubt, which they do not deserve.

One might counter that, yes, the U.S. always understands, but never cares.  How many uncorked genies are running around in the world.  As far as the American Deep State is concerned, the more the better.  I would go further:  They do actually care, and they think it’s pretty cool.  They thought it was cool when they created Al Qaeda and Osaba bin Laden, to harm the Soviet Union.  They thought it was cool when they created ISIS headchoppers to bring down Qaddafi in Libya, and then try to overthrow the Assad government.  They thought it was cool when they unleashed civil war in the Ukraine, in order to (try to) get their hands on Sebastopol.  And after overthrowing Evo Morales and unleashing a potential ethnic genocide in Bolivia, they’re feeling pretty good about themselves….  In other words, the actions of the U.S. are not a form of madness, they are calculated to bring maximum profit to The Empire.  They experience a few failures along the way, but also (gotta give the devil his due) many successes, from their point of view.

Be that as it may, Brilev starts his piece by criticizing that part of the [presumably Russian] commentariat whose knowledge of Spanish is so poor, that they don’t even know where to place the stress on the surname of Jeanine Áñez, the self-declared interim President of Bolivia.  And speaking of wikipedia, even the usually pro-American site does not sound like they are totally enthralled with Ms. Áñez [stress on the first syllable]:

Jeanine Áñez, Bolivian coup leader and American puppet

Political views
Áñez is described as a right-wing[27][28] religious conservative[29][30] and has been a critic of Evo Morales.[31]
Áñez has spoken out against the proliferation of drug trafficking in South America.[32]
In 2017, her nephew was arrested in Brazil for smuggling 480 kilos of drugs.

But leaving wiki aside and returning to Brilev’s piece:

It will soon be 200 years, since the former Spanish colony of Upper Peru won its independence from Spain.  This former colony became known as Bolivia, after its Liberator and first elected President, Simón Bolívar.  Brilev, who is a stickler for correct Spanish pronunciation, reminds us that the stress is on the second syllable:  Bo-LI-var.  I don’t know much Spanish myself, despite the fact that I live in a bilingual English-Spanish speaking town; and yet I sense a pattern:  If, in the spelling of the word, there is an acute accent over the syllable, then that syllable should be stressed (?)

The Librator, Simón Bolívar

Brilev:  The nation of Bolivia holds a dubious record:  The most Presidents ever, in history.  To be exact, in 194 years of history, 65 Presidents, of which 28 were overthrown.  The record for shortest Presidency was 6 days.  Average length of presidency =  2 years and 11 months.  And that average was artifically extended by the fact that Evo Morales, the nation’s first Indian President, lasted as long as he did.  [Indian, in the sense of indigenous, native-American, pre-Columbus type person, it goes without saying.]  Morales actually holds the Bolivian-President longevity record:  He was in office for 13 years, 9 months, and 18 days!

Furthermore, Morales entered into the history books when he stood up on the podium at the United Nations and openly [verbally] attacked the United States.  Thus endearing himself even further to the Yankee Conquistadors up North.

In Bolivia, Morales added the Indigenous Banner to the national flag; transformed Bolivia from a Spanish nation into a “multinational” country; made the 36 indigenous native languages equal to the Spanish language; thus enraging a section of the “white” Spanish elite.  In the economic sphere, Morales was a success story:  Under his leadership, the nation achieved a zero inflation rate, a radical reduction of poverty, and economic growth.  Given these successes, why was he forced to flee for his life?

[to be continued]

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