WWIII Starts in 2021, Get Ready (and brush up on your German!)

Dear Readers:

Today I review this short piece from VZGLIAD, by reporter Dmitry Zubarev.  Zubarev, in turn is basically just restating (without linking his source – grrrr!) a piece from the German Left-Marxist newspaper Junge Welt.  Fortunately, although my German is a little rusty these days, I managed to find Zubarev’s source material (via linking to the Junge Welt online portal, then typing in the search word “Ulm”, and I found this piece from yesterday.  The original (German) reporter is Von Jörg Kronauer, and the headline reads:

NATO Command in Ulm is Preparing for War

Zubarev, in his version of the headline, helpfully adds “against Russia”.  To which the average burgher might just go “Duh”.

So, the German Bundeswehr, along with NATO command are preparing to launch a war against Russia.  Yawn.  Just like the last one (which worked out so well for Germany), this one will be launched from German territory and heading East through Poland.  The German city of Ulm plays an important role in the invasion:  This is where all the activities and logistics will be coordinated from the rear, while the German and American soldiers effortlessly conquer city after city in their amazing Blitzkrieg.

Ulm, Germany sits on the beautiful Danube River.

NATO’s plan is to quickly put all their front-line units into place the moment the war officially begins.  No delays, no glitches, no foobars.  The American war center will operate out of the beautiful city of Norfolk, Virginia.  Once the starting gun goes off the NATO military geniuses will instantly move all necessary forces and equipment across the Atlantic Ocean, and into Ulm.  This beautiful city located on the Danube River and sporting a population of around 120,000 people, which has been settled since Neolithic times circa 5,000 BC, will be buzzing with activity.  NATO bigwigs will be stationed here and spend their days looking at maps and moving units into their starting positions.

This Ulm command center is expected to be fully up and running by the beginning of 2021.  [Doing the math, that gives Russia around 15 months or so to either get ready for the assault, or start learning German.]

Meanwhile, American troops are being dispatched, even as we speak, from the great state of Texas into the historically relevant nation of Poland.  These forces will include around 3,500 soldiers and 2,000 units of military technology, including 85 Abrams tanks and 120 Bradleys.  Which is pretty much all it takes to bring down Russia, what with its decaying army and stuff.

Yesterday (Tuesday, 9/17) NATO representatives gathered at a conference in Ulm to concretize their project of setting up this Joint Support Enabling Command (JSEC).  The JSEC has been in the planning stages since 2018, but now it’s almost ready to rock and roll.  Meanwhile, plans are also underway for the deployment of U.S. troops through Dutch ports crossing through Germany into Poland.

Operation Atlantic Resolve: “We’re ready to go, just point the way to Russia.”

NATO planners discovered, during their war games Operation Atlantic Resolve, that troop transport through European countries is an issue now, just as in Napoleon’s time. Many roads, bridges and underpasses in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe can not withstand heavy US military equipment or are simply too small for large military vehicles.  German Brigadier General Hartmut Renk reported that much improvement was necessary in the area of, say, having prior information about a proposed route.  Lest, you know, like, a tank get stuck in an underpass, that would be embarrasing.  Hartmut not only works for the German army, but is also Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army for Europe.  Which shows the crucial importance which the Americans place on the nation of Germany as the nuclear crater staging area of its future invasion of Russia.  And also because the Germans have so much experience invading Russia.

In conclusion:  this JSEC thing is up and running now, and will be ready to organize the logistics of the invasion of the Russia.  Which is slated to start in early 2021, so mark your calendars.  Once the Americans and Germans figure out how to deal with that whole issue with the bridges and underpasses and stuff.  I bet Hitler never had these problems…

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8 Responses to WWIII Starts in 2021, Get Ready (and brush up on your German!)

  1. robertmcmaster0955 says:

    So, these would be the fat, tubby American soldier ‘undeployables’ armed with the Really Low Serviceable whatevers so typical of the U.S. military. When such get in range of the Russian KRET Anything it will be deemed an offense that Twitter and garbage TV is unavailable. A tragedy that fresh donuts cannot be ordered and pizza deliveries cannot be made.

    Crimea River


  2. Ben says:

    I don’t really have anything to say about the article specifically, but I just wanted to say that having spent some time clicking around your site, I want to congratulate you on running what so far seems to be a genuinely insightful and independent blog about Russia.

    You don’t seem to fall into either the ‘Putin as omnipotent Bond supervillain who wants to conquer Europe’ category that dominates Western coverage, or the Eastern Orthodox reactionary crowd that excuse and justify absolutely everything Putin and Russia do or say. The former are beyond parody at this point (‘Russiagate’ has completely imploded as the made up intelligence agency coup attempt it obviously was from the start, but the media and liberals just keep right on going as if it hasn’t), and the latter I find to be actively disgusting. Seriously, the Russian Orthodox reactionary types are retrograde even by the low standards of conservatism in general; I genuinely feel icky after reading some of the stuff places like Vineyard of the Saker put out (one that always sticks with me is a piece Saker wrote years ago about how he refuses to call homosexuals ‘gays’, because he’s convinced they’re all mentally ill ‘sads’).

    I also want to compliment you on your excellent English, and for providing translations that actually read well in English.. No idea if you’re a native speaker or not, but it seems like it. I’ve noticed Russian commentators often have a dubious grasp of the language, and Russian to English seems to often be really bad for some reason, even stuff put out by the Russian government itself where you would think more effort and professionalism would be put in.

    You’re also succinct, which is a refreshing change after trying to slog through the walls of text people like John Helmer regularly write.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Ben, I really appreciate your comments!

      You don’t need to worry about me falling into the super-Orthodox pigeon hole. When I was skimming the Russian press yesterday I happened upon a piece (which I ended up not using) about Ortho hierarchy disputing Darwinisim in favor of Creationism.
      Which places the Orthodox Church somewhere lower in the evolutionary totem-pole than even the Jesuits – LOL!


  3. Ben says:

    I don’t know about “even the Jesuits”. My understanding is they’ve always been viewed with suspicion by much of the rest of the Church, considered heretics by some and regularly accused of being deists if not downright atheists. They’ve also always been big on learning, as in actual education, not indoctrination.


    • yalensis says:

      That’s true. I should have said “even the Vatican!”
      From what I understand, the Vatican pretty much accepts evolution as a fact. I think they learned their lesson in the Middle Ages, not to fight so much against science.

      Which is not the case with the Patriarchs of the Eastern Orthodox churches, who are always trying to poke their noses into education.
      Sad but true. Enlightened Russians refer to these types as мракобесия, translated as “obscurantism”, or, more colloquially, “the forces of darkness!”


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