Juicy John Bolton Firing Conspiracy Theory!

Dear Readers:

Today I have this interesting “conspiracy theory” from the Russian press, regarding President Trump’s sudden firing of his National Security Advisor, John Bolton.  The author is Ivan Danilov.  It is pretty clear to all that the walrus-moustachioed Bolton didn’t want to go, and was rather upset about his sacking; even felt somewhat humiliated, since he protesteth that “I wasn’t fired, I quit!”  No doubt Mr. Bolton will write a book telling his side of the story.  Until then, we have to rely on intelligent and informed speculations.

Like a detective investigating a crime, the first thing to adduce is the chronology:  Bolton was cast out of the White House quite soon after completing his European trip.  Without falling into the logical fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc (it followed in time, therefore was caused by…), this is still something to be noted, in case, maybe, there was a connection.  Sort of jumping to the lede before developing his thesis points :  Danilov speculates that Bolton, during his European tour, especially while in the Ukraine, engaged in open sabotage of a major project beloved to his employer, Donald Trump.  As a boss, Trump is cruel but fair, he is able to forgive certain things, but not this one.  Let us proceed…

The Ukrainian Case

Danilov calls his theory “the Ukrainian Case”, and of course we knew that Ukrainians were involved somehow.  Had to be.  But, the Perceptive Reader inquires, might it not have something to do with Bolton’s failed policies in Iran and Venezuela?  Perhaps, Danilov replies.  But those were older mistakes, and older differences of opinion, and Trump bore those failures like the stoic philosopher that he is.  Whereas the Ukrainian Case is new stuff.  Bolton went to Kiev, did and said some stuff, returned, and Trump fired him.  Trump might tolerate a well-intentioned (from his POV) mistake, or even failure; he might forgive Bolton screwing the pooch on the Venezuelan regime-change operation; but he will not tolerate personal betrayal.  And that’s what Bolton did:  He betrayed Trump.  In a personal matter of utmost importance to the President.  At a time of his greatest need, when Trump felt vulnerable and threatened.  This is the working theory.

Danilov reminds us of the “Ukraine-Gate” backstory from 2016.  In the more recent continuation of this saga, a key player is Trump’s ally and personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani.  Giuliani was also sent to the Ukraine, to make certain demands on the administration of newly-elected Ukrainian President Zelensky.  Giuliani asked Zelensky to investigate his (Zelensky’s) predecessor, Petr Poroshenko, and to charge him with corruption and abuse of office.  Ex-Prez Poroshenko, while in power, believing that Candidate Trump was too soft on Russia, made a clumsy, ham-fisted attempt to influence the 2016 American elections, in favor of Hillary Clinton.  (Poroshenko’s main contribution to Hillary’s campaign was to dig up dirt on Trump’s advisor Paul Manafort.)  In addition to prosecuting Poroshenko, a major Trump “ask” of Zelensky was (according to this theory) to dig up even more dirt on Joseph Biden, who stands as Trump’s most likely competitor in the upcoming Presidential election.

Second from right: a grinning Hunter Biden

When it comes to political dirt, Biden is a gift that just keeps on giving.  For example, the corrupt relationship between Biden’s son (Hunter Biden), and Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings; and Papa Biden’s Don Corleone type moves against the Ukrainian prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) investigating Sonny.  If Zelensky is willing to provide crucial support for Giuliani’s investigation; and if the investigation produces real pay-dirt; and if Trump goes up against Joe Biden in the final round to pull this “October Surprise” out of his hat at the fitting moment; then he, Trump, will win his second term in the White House.  While, at the same time, ending Biden’s long but shady career once and for all.

9/11: Rudi rushes to save people from the burning buildings… But now he is a traitor.

But fear not, the Dems also play 3-D checkers; or maybe, since this is Rudi 9/11 we are talking about, we could call it 3-D Chutes and Ladders.  In other words, the Dems are not sitting back and complacently waiting for the October Surprise:  They are fighting back well in advance, protecting their chosen champion from this looming disaster.  Namely, the American press reports that certain Democratic Congresspersons loyal to the Biden family are preventively going after Giuliani.  Accusing him of crossing all bounds.  Self-righteously these true patriots insinuate that Giuliani is a fucking traitor who promotes “Russian aggression” against a key American ally, Ukraine!  The dastardly Giuliani even threatened to withhold life-giving weapons which allow the Ukrainian army to repel daily invasions from the Mongolic Russian hordes.  How did it come to pass that America’s greatest patriot, Mr. 9/11 himself, suddenly became a despicable traitor?  Because, see, if one is insufficiently pro-Ukrainian, or insufficiently anti-Russian, then one is, by definition, anti-American as well!  Giuliani himself, uncowed, claimed that the dirt he has already dug up on te Biden family “stinks to high heaven”.  Oh my!

In their hubris, the Dems are acting like they are already back in the White House and speaking from a position of power.  A high-ranking official of the Democratic Party made it clear to Zelensky that, under no circumstances, is he (Zel) to investigate Joseph Biden.

Zel: “If I guessed wrong, I might have to shoot myself.”

Biden: “I could hurt you badly, you Khokhol motherfucker.”

Poor Zelensky, different people are telling him different things, what is he to do, and whom should he listen to?  Whom should he obey?  The current sitting President, or the Dem-Party Opps, whose chances of defeating Trump are maybe 50/50 or less?  The bird in the hand, or the one on the horizon?  It seems that Zelensky has already made his Sophie’s choice — for Trump.  This just happened in the past week, and as a result of which Trump released to Zel a new tranche of military aid to the tune of $250 million bucks.  If I were a gambler, I probably would have made the same choice as Zelensky.  Betting on the Trump horse over the Biden horse, in other words.  But there is always a risk:  What if that old crook and sexual predator Joe Biden actually manages to ooze his oily self all the way back into the White House!  And then Zel might be punished for not joining the winning team back when he had a chance.  But still, what is an honest clown to do when pressured by two competing sets of Mafia crime families?  In a situation like that, you just have to go with your gut.  Or your conscience, if you have one.

But What Does This Have to Do With Bolton?

Be patient, my friends, we are getting to that.  So, Trump, via Giuliani, was putting the screws to Zelensky, as we said.  At one point the two Presidents were supposed to meet in Warsaw.  Then Zel did or said something that Trump didn’t like.  Or maybe Trump suspected that Zel was leaning towards the Dems.  Trump punished Zel by cancelling their “summit”.  “I have to stay home and personally manage the hurricane situation,” Trump explained piously from his golf course.

Around this same time, Trump’s other player, the “Grey Cardinal” John Bolton was manifesting himself in Kiev.  And whatever he did there, in Kiev, word got back to Trump, and Trump felt the knife slide into his back.  Because, instead of tightening the screws on Zelensky, Bolton was busy trying to turn the latter in the wrong direction.

See, Bolton is not actually a Trumpite, his loyalty is not to Trump.  Trump brought him into his administration as a gesture to the Deep State, whom Bolton represents.  As a neo-con war-mongerer, Bolton’s life is devoted to color revolutions, regime-changing wars; and making things unpleasant for America’s “enemies”, among whom Russia takes pride of place.  Trump, at a basic level, is not really into that so much, and even campaigned on a semi-isolationist platform.  (Using the American definition of “isolationism” which means to not start a bunch of wars and invade countries every other week.)

Bolton to Zelensky: “Presidents come and go, the Deep State is always there.”

So here is the key speculation, based on these known facts and personalities:  That Bolton, when meeting with Zelensky, may have uttered an unapproved message, of the type [approxiate wording]:  “Presidents come and go, the American Deep State is always there, and the Deep State needs to use Ukraine against Russia.  So don’t worry about Giuliani, and don’t be intimidated by that guinea greaseball.”

Bucked up by Bolton’s underhanded support, certain Ukrainian political figures may have acquired the boldness (or stupidity) to go against Rudi, to ignore his calls to dredge up dirt on Biden.  Thinking that Bolton openly gave them permission to show Mr. 9/11 their middle finger.

Did Bolton permit Ukrainians to be rude to Rudi?

According to this entirely plausible theory, Bolton, while in Kiev, acted as an Emissary of the American Deep State, and not of the Trump Administration.  He was disloyal, in other words.  The theory requires that word of Bolton’s betrayal somehow got back to Trump; which is easy to believe, all it takes is one tattle-tale.

Probably not as shocked as Julius Caesar, but it was still an “Et tu” moment for Trump.  The betrayal shook him up, he got angry, and he did what any boss would do:  He fired the disloyal employee.  And then he got on the horn and set Zelensky straight about who is his boss.  Zelensky saluted, and Trump released the tranche of money.

The only real question left is whether Trump will replace Bolton with still another emissary of the Deep State; or will he pick his own person this time?  The fate of the world might even depend on his choice, melodramatic as that sounds.

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3 Responses to Juicy John Bolton Firing Conspiracy Theory!

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Nothing anyone could turn up about the Biden family’s dealings in the Ukraine would ever hurt Joe Biden in the slightest. I’m amazed that Trump would expect anything to come of this.

    Financial crimes, especially in foreign countries, aren’t compelling television. Any scandal that takes longer than ten seconds to explain just isn’t going to make any impression upon the American voter, because if he hasn’t been given something to excite him by that point he’s just going to switch over to ‘Ow my Balls!’. Even if you could get them to understand what happened, swindling money out of foreigners isn’t a grave moral failing to Americans, it’s just something that loveable scamps in movies do.

    Sex crimes do get their attention, but Joe Biden is exempt from this sort of scrutiny even though he can’t seem to appear in public without groping somebody. Perhaps it’s not surprising that America, which invented gruesome, paedophiliac rituals like purity balls and daddy-daughter dances, gives carte blanche to the nation’s perverted granddad.

    Even Biden’s rambling, incoherent senility and bloodshot doesn’t seem to have dented his campaign. It’s understandable really – so his verbal communication is disjointed, nonsensical drivel, how is that different from any other American?

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