Groundhog Day: It’s 1939 All Over Again – Part I

О чем шумите вы, народные витии?
Зачем анафемой грозите вы России?
(Pushkin, “To the Slanderers of Russia”)

Dear Readers:

Poet Pushkin’s age-old question, “Why are you threatening Russia with anathema?” rings truer now than ever before.  Last week the world witnessed a farce of indescribable proportions, as the European powers deliberately snubbed Russia from events commemmorating the 80-year anniversary of the partition of Poland and the start of World War II.  Frantic to rewrite history, Westies have all but deemed Russia (that is to say, the Soviet Union) an aggressor state in that war, equal to Nazi Germany!  While, under the covers, the Nazis are being quietly rehabilitated and almost turned into the Good Guys.  Russians are astounded and shocked by this pack of lies being pedaled as the Truth.  It is a deliberate and malicious slander, designed to turn Russia into an outcast state, blamed for every bad thing that ever happened in Europe.  While the actual perps can don their halos and crow:  “We were all good people!”

Fortunately, instead of taking this on the chin and apologizing for being such a bad country, as Russia tended to do during the Yeltsin years, Russia is now fighting back against these slanderers.  With the most powerful super-weapon of all:  Facts.

Everybody knows that it’s all, of course, about the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.  Which Westie propagandists describe as a uniquely evil deal, a pact of two devils against all the angel countries on the continent.


The following shows a list of the now-fully-approved Westie nations, and the order in which they made deals (pacts) with Hitler; followed by the one outcast non-approved nation who is solely to blame for all of this:

1933 – Great Britain, France, Italy – four-power pact
1934 – Poland – Hitler-Pilsudski pact
1935 – Great Britain – Anglo-German naval agreement
1936 – Japan – Anti-Comintern pact
1938, September – Great Britain – non-aggression pact
1938, December – France – non-aggression pact
1939, March – Romania – economic agreement
1939, March – Lithuania – non-aggression pact
1939, May – Italy – pact of friendship and alliance
1939, May – Denmark – non-aggression pact
1939, June – Estonia – non-aggression pact
1939, June – Latvia – non-aggression pact
1939, August – USSR – non-aggression pact

[Thanks to Moscow Exile for above chart and translation, posted as a comment to the Kremlin Stooge blog.]

Notice the order of Russia in the list.  It’s almost like Stalin and his Foreign Ministry waited until there was really no other choice!  Of course, Westies like to pretend that it was all the other way around:  They never loved Hitler, they were firmly against him from the very start, but dastardly USSR undercut them at every turn.  Which is completely logical, since Stalin and Hitler were virtually identical twins, both totalitarian dictators!  Such is the depths of ludicrosity to which current political-historical thinking has descended.

Dastardly Exhibition

Next we proceed to this piece by Vladimir Kornilov, who describes how Westie panties really got into a bunch, when Russia had the gall to display actual documents from the actual archives of that era – gasp, how dare they!  Additional smelling salts had to be brought when Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov praised the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact as a “triumph of Soviet diplomacy”.  Reporters at the English Guardian were practically thrown into a palsy and had to dance the Tarantella to remove their demons.

[to be continued]

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