Breaking News: American Collusion In Moscow Municipal Elections!

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this Breaking News story!  Some quick background:  The Usual Suspects from Russia’s Liberal Opposition groups have a beef against the government:  They believe that they have been unfairly shut out of the upcoming elections to the Moscow municipal Duma.  Election officials say these losers couldn’t cough up enough signatures to get on the ballot.  Opps beg to disagree and claim that they are being repressed by the state.  This past Saturday (August 10), they split away from the sanctioned political rally and went galavanting off on an unsanctioned demonstration that ended up with a rock concert attracting (they say) up to 20,000 people.

But the lede here is not so much about that dispute, as about allegations that the American Government itself is interfering in this internal Russian political process – GASP!  “Well, I never…” as Aunt Bea used to say.  Everybody knows that it is the Russians who interfere in American elections and even helped to put Donald Trump in the White House.  Those wily “Ivans” even sussed out the byzantine Electoral College, which is why their campaign advisors told Trump that  he needed to campaign more in Pennsylvania; a tactic that proved beyond the intellectual capacity of Hillary Clinton.  Who wasted so many precious days campaigning in California, a state she already had in her handbag!

But anyhow, if you were truly plugged into the Matrix and actually listened to the American Lamestream Media, they would assure you that Russians interfere and collude all over the world; whereas they, Americans, pure as the virgin snow, would never do such a thing.  They would never stick their noses in somebody else’s business; or, if they did, it’s only because they care about people and want to help.

Tatiana in the avtozek offers free legal advice.

Which must be the reason why this American citizen named Tatiana Brennick [not sure about the English spelling of that last name, all I have is the Cyrillic spelling, so I’m just guessing] was found inside a Russian avtozek (police van) transporting to the Soylent Green Processing Center people who were arrested at the unsanctioned demonstration; and giving out free legal advice to the other detainees, how they should comport themselves at the Processing Center.

All we know about Tatiana is that she is an ethnic Russian, was born in Russia (1975), grew up there, emigrated to the U.S. at some point, and acquired American citizenship in 2016.  By profession she is an attorney.

Returning to Russia, she apparently participated in the Opps demonstrations and seems to be an expert on how to game the Russian police system.

Inside the police van, a Russian guy named Anton Tsaplin was making a video on his Smartphone and noted how Tatiana was offering “instruction” to the others, “how to pull the wool over the cops eyes”.  She gave people advice how to properly answer the questions that would be posed to them, and how to evade responsibility.  Anton posted this on his VKontakte page (the Russian version of Facebook), along with his video.  He was able to capture a photograph of Tatiana’s American passport.

In the video, the detained people sitting in the van, discuss their rights.  Tatiana enters into the conversation.  Her opinion is that people should dispute the protocol of their detention and demand a hearing at the Supreme Court.

Somebody asks her what is her name.  A man sitting next to her claims that she is an American citizen.  She puts her finger to her lips, in a shushing motion, like it’s top secret.  But at a certain point relents and admits that she is an American citizen.  She also admits that the cops didn’t beat her or lay a finger on her.

American Collusion

Tatiana is just one person, but there is weightier evidence that the Americans are involved, even in these smaller demonstrations and manifestations.  Indeed, they have been trying for many years to overthrow Putin, but always without success.  Unable to take the Kremlin by brute force, they try to chip away a more manageable portion, even in the fringes of Russian politics.  It’s one of the job duties of every American Ambassador to Russia.  In fact, some analysts believe that the recent resignation of Ambassador Jon Huntsman is linked to his failure to achieve anything in this area.  Indeed, the recent Opps protests have been such a fizzle that Jon, this past weekend, had to pack up his Mormon underpants and fly back home to America.

There is some circumstantial evidence that the American Embassy was in on the actual ground-floor of the planning of these demonstrations.  Prior to the demonstrations the American Embassy had posted a so-called “warning” on its site, directed at American citizens resident in Moscow.  On the one hand, it was a “warning” of a concerned parent, on the other hand it laid out in quite a lot of laudable detail the planned actions along with some tactical advice:

On Saturday, August 10, protesters plan to gather for an authorized political demonstration at Sakharov Prospect, near the Garden Ring Road, beginning at 1400 hours. After the rally, some protesters indicated plans to embark on unauthorized demonstration marches throughout Moscow, likely towards the city center. Previous recent demonstrations resulted in over one thousand arrests, and there were eyewitness accounts of excessive use of force against protesters. There were also reports that innocent bystanders were detained, and that cellular voice and data services were suppressed near protest areas.

They advise American citizens to make sure they have their passport and current visa with them at all times, in case they get swept up in the dragnet.  Tatiana apparently heeded that good advice.

Russia Fights Back

All of this is fairly weak sauce, of course, and would hardly even be worth mentioning, were it not for the persistent pattern of egregious American interference and collusion in Russian politics over the past 30 years.

Andrei Klimov: “Told ya so!”

But that angelic Russian patience is wearing thin.  Andrei Klimov, who heads the Working Commission to Defend State Sovereignty, has stated that he will offer a protest against these types of American Embassy announcements.  “Some of this,” he claims, “could be regarded as incitement to others to break the law.”  Klimov points out that the Embassy statement “described events that had not yet occurred and in fact ought not to occur.  For example it is written that demonstrators are likely to head to the city center and may meet with resistance from the police.”  Klimov feels that his earlier predictions, made last May, have been vindicated, namely, that the Americans would most surely attempt to interfere in the Moscow municipal elections; in this case via staging provocations and trying to bait the police into a violence response.  Klimov says that his Commission of Inquiry has discovered the identities of some of the American lobbyists trying to influence the Russian election:  “These are official, commercial lobbyists, and we know about some their concrete attempts to influence certain members of the President’s Commission on Human Rights (СПЧ), and also to influence certain people working in higher education institutions.”  Klimov will issue his report to the President.

Maxim Grigoriev, who is a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation also objected to the American Embassy announcement.  He called it “inexcusable”, and a “crude interference” in Russian internal affairs:  “Factually, the American Embassy is engaged in advertising the actions of the Opposition, as has been the case many times before.  What they are doing is very obvious, they are not even hiding it, and it is clearly intentional.”

To which pearls of wisdom, one can only respond in one word:  “Duh!”

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3 Responses to Breaking News: American Collusion In Moscow Municipal Elections!

  1. Mark Chapman says:

    Great post! Klimov is wise in his revelation of lobbyists in commercial positions who are enabling the Russian opposition, such as it is; by not naming any, he puts all of them on notice, and any of them can now be selected for questioning and subsequent dismissal from the country.


    • yalensis says:

      Thanks, Mark.
      But seriously, what did you think about my joke about Huntsman packing his Mormon underpants?
      I wrote the entire post just as the setup to that punchline!


      • Mark Chapman says:

        It was a thing of beauty – jokes about Mormons’ weird underwear and the alleged arcane rules about its wear never get old. It’s probably the single biggest reason unkind people refer to the Mormons as a cult. Is that culty behavior, or what?


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