Gruzian Revanchism And Russian Pop Culture – Part II

Dear Readers:

Today I think I will start with Dmitry Alexandrov’s piece, which attempts to balance the scales by showing that not everybody in Gruzia is necessarily going along with the anti-Russian hysteria.  That is to say, not everybody is an extremist, although it is probably safe to say that the majority of Gruzian/Kartvelian society agrees with the goal of the chemi mitsa movement, though not necessarily the tactics of the extremists.

What is the goal, you may ask?  Well, to return the “lost lands” of Abkhazia and South Ossetia to Gruzian government control.  Even though the people living in those lands, the Abkhazians and Ossetians themselves, clearly do not want to have anything to do with Gruzia, let alone be governed by Gruzians.  They would, frankly, rather be governed by Russia than Gruzia.  Even if, as is the case with the Abkhazians, that would be considered the lesser of two evils rather than a positive good.

But the chemi mitsa people don’t really care what the Abkhazians or Ossetians think.  They just want the land back.  This movement is fascist in essence.  If necessary they would kill or drive away the people living in those towns, if they had the opportunity.  Which they won’t, because Russia protects those people.

So, what’s the point, you may ask?  What do the extremists actually hope to achieve?  Not sure, exactly.  To overthrow the current government of Salome Zurabishvili, for starters.  Probably bring Saakashvili back to office of Prez.  And then what?  Launch a war to “liberate” the lost territories?  Knowing that they will have their asses handed to them by the Russian army?  I’m not sure they have even thought that far ahead.  Perhaps they believe that “this time for sure” NATO will come to their assistance.  And do what?  Start a “second front” by invading Russia from Poland?  Roll in the tanks!  Realistically, that’s what it would take.  A full-out war and military defeat of Russia, just to get those scraps of land back for Gruzia.  And while the Poles are at it, they may as well bring in a False Dmitry or two.  [Little plug for my future post on the Godunov Season 2 review.]

Irma Inashvili

Meanwhile, cooler heads are preparing a gathering on July 7 at the Sports Center in Tbilisi.  The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Irma Inashvili is organizing this meeting.  Irma:  “Hysteria will not get us Abkhazia and South Ossetia back.  This incident with [Russian Parliamentarian] Gavrilov has led us into a blind alley.  The ruling Party Gruzian Dream is responsible for this mess.”  Irma herself belongs to the Opposition party Alliance of Patriots.

Irma, who is firmly anti-Saakashvili makes a very strong point against the ruling “Gruzian Dream” political party.  That, in the 7 years they have controlled the government, they have shied away from a true reckoning with the “criminal regime” (her words) of ex-President Saakashvili.  Thanks to this, the Saak people have had some breathing space to regroup their forces.  These criminals now even command a certain ideological dominance and are able to accuse their opponents of being “agents of Russia” and get away with that slander.

“Riddle me this: Why can’t we ever live in peace and harmony?”

Irma berates the chicken hawks who bay for war but “shy away as soon as the first bullets start flying”, and she has every right to, since she worked, fearlessly, as a war correspondent during the first Abkhazian war in the 1990’s.  She says that she wants to address the issue, why the nation of Gruzia always lives in this state of permanent crisis and cannot seem to achieve “peace and stability”.  It is a puzzle, and a riddle too.  Well, I could give Irma a hint, but I’d have to speak in code, using anagrams of letters such as USA and NATO.

Meanwhile, the chemi mitsa fanatics continue to bay about the “20% of territory” that was forcibly “amputated” from the body politick of the Gruzian nation.  Ignoring the 80% that remains and demands attention and caring for.  Once again, it sort of reads like a Biblical parable.  Like Jesus said, “Let those who have ears, hear it.  And for those who don’t have ears, you better learn sign language.”

Next:  We meet pop singer Nino Katamadze and find out what’s her jam…

[to be continued]

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