Gruzian Revanchism And Russian Pop Culture – Part I

Dear Readers:

Still on the Gruzian issue and various singers denouncing Russia.  This story is growing more legs than a millipede taking growth hormone injections!  What is happening, apparently, is that a section of the Gruzian intelligentsia and creative class, along with a section of the political elite, has gone into Full Retard mode getting all fascisty about the “lost territories” and so on.  These Opps are egged on by Saakashvili, for sure, but the blame cannot be laid entirely upon the Great Cravatore.  There is a genuine strain of Revanchism among the Kartvelian elite.  Their desire, apparently, is to overthrow the current government and go to war against Russia.  Hoping to obtain revenge and reverse the results of the 2008 war.  Lots of luck with that one.

The Gruzian government is ideologically helpless against these elements, because it does not have an ideology of its own.  In fact, they all share the same tribal ideology.  They call Russia an “occupier” and want their lost lands back.  Not the people who live in those lands.  Just the lands, Ma’am.  Just the lands.

How do you say “This is my land” in Klingon?

The movement itself has a name:  In Gruzian they call it chemi mitsa.  Not sure if I am spelling that right.  I don’t speak or write Gruzian, unfortunately.  That’s a transliteration of the Russian version.  I tried Google translate, but they don’t do Gruzian.  They do translations from Klingon, but not from Gruzian.

Anyhow, chemi mitsa apparently means something like “This land is my land.”  But not “This land is your land.”  No, it’s MINE, and you better clear out!  By the way, the closest thing I could find to a translation is when I googled “chemi mitsa” and Google coughed up Chemi Dzmisia which is a popular Gruzian song meaning “Me and my monkey”, which leads me to believe that chemi means “my” or “mine”, dzmisia is “monkey”, and mitsa is “land”.  Elementary Morpohology, my Dear Watson!

“Chemi mitsa, chemi mitsa…” [strum strum] “From the shores of Abhazia to the Roki Tunnel…” [strum strum]

So, yesterday we talked about a world-class opera singer, Anita Rachvelishvili, and how she got swept up in the Gruzian fascist group-think of chemi mitsa.  Apparently the Gruzian artists who join this movement are requested, as sort of a rite of passage, to (1) denounce Russia as an “occupier”, (2) apologize to the mob for ever having performed shows in Russia; and (3) swear to never do that again.  In return for a significant loss of revenues, they achieve acceptance by the tribe and a form of fragile self-respect as zealots for the cause.

The latest Gruzian singer to go this route is a woman I never heard of; probably because she is a jazz singer; and her name is Nino Katamadze.  About her saga I have this piece from yesterday, penned by analyst Dmitry Bavyrin.  And then, just to even the scales, I have this other piece, by Dmitry Alexandrov, which tells the other side of the story; namely, a section of the Gruzian public which does not go along with the current hysteria and wants better relations with Russia.  This group of people still want the “lost lands” back, but their hope is to get them back, not by war but by diplomacy.  Again, lots of luck with that.

“Dad! They took the Roki Tunnel!”

I have some unpleasant news for both sets of Gruzians, both the extreme revanchists and the reasonable moderates:  Very more than likely, they are never going to get Abkhazia and South Ossetia back.  By either route, war or diplomacy.  My personal recommendation to them would be this, and this might even be in the nature of a Biblical parable:  Once upon a time you had 3 lovely wives.  Two of them left you because of your bad behavior.  Now you only have one wife.  Accept that the two others will never come back.  Take very good care of that remaining wife.

Or:  Just go on living in a permanent state of denial, that is your prerogative.

[to be continued]

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