How’m I Doin’, Hey, Hey – June Edition

Dear Readers:

Here is my monthly accounting, delivered faithfully in order to be in compliance with the rules set by my Reptilian Overlords:

As compared with the month of May, in June my Page Views went up – from 3,516 to 3,848. My number of Distinct Visitors also went up, from 1,926 to 2,163.

Next: My standard disclaimer:


Your Privacy is Important to Me: WordPress calculates who is a distinct person by their I.P. address. It also uses the I.P. address to deduce which country you live in. I myself can’t see I.P. addresses unless you leave a comment. In which case I can see your email address; and from that I COULD look up your I.P. if I were curious, which I am not.

Next: Before posting my usual “Parade of Nations”, this here is my nostalgic trip down memory lane. In which I narcissistically “look-back” through my own posts of the last month, self-assess them, and highlight a few which I think are particularly good, I call this feature:

Highlights of the Month

So, here we go:

  • I began the month of June with this 3-part story about the odious Babchenko, and how the Ukrainian secret services tossed their own valuable agents under a bus just to achieve this rather silly PR disaster.  Way to “own goal”, Ukraine!
  • Next, this rather sad story about the passing away of the last Sobibor survivor.
  • And then this fascinating 4-part historical story about Civil War times.  Russian Civil War, that is.  The moral issue in play here is, just how far can you go in wartime?  As in, taking hostages to ensure the loyalty of your officers?  In this post we also meet the historical character of Ephraim Sklyansky…
  • Which merges seamlessly into the next story, following the next stage of Bolshevik/Communist history, a 5-parter entitled Coarse Stalin vs Loser Trotsky.  Which is an in-depth look at the 13th Party Congress in 1924, and what resulted therefrom.
  • Next a breaking story about Gypsy and anti-Gypsy riots in the quiet backwater Russian town of Chemodanovka.
  • And then, what I personally think is my best story of the month, this 3-parter about the Vietnam Nam, the Ukrainian participation on both sides of the front, and the current attempts of the Ukrainian government to suck up to Uncle Sam.
  • While this was going on, a diplomatic row broke out between Russia and Gruzia.  I first addressed this in my Catfight post, and then
  • Here again, as Russian government accuses Gruzian government of the crime of inhospitality.
  • In between that, we analyzed the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and the various territorial arrangements taking place during that era.
  • Penultimately, we celebrated Russia’s return to the Council of Europe,
  • and then ended the month with a bang, on the controversial topic of homosexuality and its impact on eyeglass fashion.

So, that was it, for June 2019. But now, my friends, it is time for that Pomp and Circumstance that everybody has been waiting for: Time to march on with the

Parade Of Nations

The 2,163 people who visited me in June hail from the following countries, in order of most to least page views. WordPress allows me to save these stats as a CSV file, from which I copy-pasted onto here:

Hong Kong SAR China 1334
United States 849
United Kingdom 268
Canada 174
Australia 163
New Zealand 135
Germany 62
Russia 59
Belgium 55
Finland 53
Philippines 51
India 45
Spain 37
Japan 34
Hungary 31
Netherlands 30
Brazil 28
Poland 25
Italy 23
Sweden 21
France 21
Slovakia 18
Norway 18
Romania 17
Morocco 15
Ireland 15
Singapore 13
Croatia 13
Pakistan 13
Switzerland 13
Malaysia 13
Estonia 12
Czech Republic 12
Mexico 12
Turkey 10
Indonesia 9
Ukraine 8
Austria 8
South Africa 8
Thailand 6
Latvia 6
Serbia 5
Montenegro 5
Israel 5
South Korea 5
Lithuania 4
Greece 4
Bulgaria 4
Botswana 4
Albania 4
Portugal 4
European Union 3
Iraq 3
Vietnam 3
Cyprus 3
Saudi Arabia 3
Bosnia & Herzegovina 2
Kenya 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Colombia 2
Belarus 2
Macedonia 2
Ecuador 2
Nigeria 2
Malta 2
Georgia 2
Denmark 2
Egypt 2
Chile 2
Lebanon 2
Jamaica 2
Honduras 1
Bahrain 1
Brunei 1
Uruguay 1
Argentina 1
Puerto Rico 1
Laos 1
Ghana 1
Libya 1
Liberia 1
Uganda 1
Guyana 1
Azerbaijan 1
Venezuela 1
Sri Lanka 1
Peru 1
Kuwait 1
Slovenia 1
U.S. Virgin Islands 1
American Samoa 1
Maldives 1
Bangladesh 1

Thanks, everybody!

Sincerely yours,

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