Cultural Genocide And WhatAbout – Part I

Dear Readers:

It is common on the internet for blog pundits to decry the use of “Whataboutism” as a valid debating tool.  Personally, I think Whataboutism is not only valid, but also a wonderful way to point out the sheer hypocrisy of one’s opponent.  We saw, a few posts back, that American think-tanks have worked out a very elaborate scheme to destroy and dismember the Russian Federation.  One of the arrows in their quiver, so to speak, is the national question.  They poke around, see what ethnic groups they can stir up against the Russians; for example the Finno-Ugrics:

A Soviet propaganda cartoon showing a lynching in the U.S.

The Northwestern Federal District. The goal was to instigate regional nationalism among Finno-Ugric ethnic groups. Another point of pressure was to create nationalism tendencies among ethnic Russian population in the Republic of Karelia and Arkhangelsk Oblast in order to form a new large ethnosocial group. For example, in April, the city of Arkhangelsk experienced a series of rallies held in breach of law. This situation happened under the passive eye of regional authorities. Furthermore, initial reactions and attitude of the regional authorities played a notable role in fueling the protest moods. These protests, caused by a project of landfill site in the nearby area, is being actively exploited by the so-called non-system opposition and “liberal media” to fuel tensions between the different groups of local population as well as the regional government.

Given this, I think it is perfectly valid for Russophiles to, not simply deny that Finno-Ugrics are being oppressed in Russia, but shoot back with examples, of which there are legion, of how the “civilized Western democracies” treat their indigenous groups.

Canada, for example.  And thus we have this piece from  May 11, by analyst Artem Filippov.  The headline reads:

Canadian Indians Are Being Exterminated Directly In The Schools

An alarming headline, designed to catch clicks, but don’t worry:  When we read a little further we discover that Filippov is talking more about cultural than physical genocide.  Although there is a bit of both, where American Indians are concerned.

Filippov is open about his motive for raising this unpleasant topic, as he begins his essay thusly:


Western countries, deeming themselves to be the paragon of preserving minority rights, in reality are destroying small nations with the help of the so-called cultural genocide.  A very clear example of this is Canadian policy regarding the aboriginal Inuits.  Canada’s monstrous social statistics proves this point.

A Canadian Inuit family

From time to time imprecations are hurled at Russia from the West in regard to the rights of native and small [in numbers] people.  The American State Department, by tradition, continuously raises the issue of the Crimean Tatars.  Finland, Estonia, Hungary and even the Euro-Parliament keep reminding us of the Finno-Ugric peoples who dwell on the territory of the Russian Federation; by some strange coincidence they tend to inhabit important areas which are rich in natural resources.


I hope I do not need to explain to my readers the hidden irony of that last sentence:  I believe that Mr. Filippov is hinting that the Westies are only pretending (gasp!) to care about the rights of certain human beings, but in actuality just dream of getting their paws on Russia’s natural resources.  In the same way, perhaps, that the American thirst for “democracy and human rights” so often coincides with their thirst for crude oil!

And thus the polemic begins; but along the way we are going to learn some interesting facts about these Inuits, and how their lives fare in the civilized West.

[to be continued]

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