Crime and Punishment: The Collaborators – Part IV

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Today we will finish reviewing this piece, and then we shall move on to the Punishment phase of this process.  Where we left off, the German occupying government had built Auxiliary Police Units in the Ukraine (and Baltics) eventually numbering in the hundreds of thousands of men.  Whose job was to combat armed partisans, Resistance, Communists, etc., but also to slaughter unarmed Jewish civilians.  As part of Hitler’s strategic initiative to physically eliminate all undesirable races in Europe, starting with the Jews.  Historian Alexander Diukov has described how the German occupiers selected their local assistants.

Historian Alexander Diukov: Banned from Schengen countries, but still allowed to stay at the Panorama Hotel.

Speaking of Diukov, the English-language wiki that I just linked, is not very happy with his work, describing him as “controversial” and a “historical negationist”.  And then proceed to quote every slanderous quote and accusation against him, even misspelling his name as “Dykov” in some portions.  This is because Diukov does not follow the Westie-favored narrative about Balt/Ukainian collaborators being the innocent victims of Stalinist terror; no, they were not pro-Nazi at all, but only fought back to defend their families; oh, and also for National Independence – yeh.  Western Wiki also disapprove that Diukov reports accurately on what he finds in the Soviet/Russian archives (taking archival material at face value instead is dismissing as “Russian lies”), and doesn’t just make shit up, like the Estonian historians do.  As a result of his work, in which he specializes on the years 1941-43, Diukov has been banned from Latvia, Lithuania, and other “Schengen” nation-states.  The Baltic states in particular, realistically and from the ideological point of view, may be considered inheritor states of the Nazi Occupying regime.  So it makes sense that they put their fingers in their ears and don’t want to hear what the likes of Diukov have to say.  It bursts their bubble too much to endure.

Volhynia: even the sweet little Polish babies were not spared…

Anyhow, continuing with Diukov’s narrative of the events of 1943:  It had taken the Nazis this long to get around to liquidating the Jewish ghettos.  Killing people isn’t as easy as it sounds, it takes a lot of planning and logistics, especially in wartime, when there are always other priorities.  When the time came to implement this special project, the Schutzmannschaften, consisting of local collaborationist “police”, were brought in to the dirty work.  This was around the time when the Ukrainian UPA carried out the Volhynian Massacre, primarily of peaceful Polish civilians as well as Jews.  From Diukov’s comment (“a part of the component of the Schutzmannschaft went off into the woods and organized the UPA, utilizing their specifically acquired butchery training to carry out the Volhynian Massacre”) it is not clear to me if he meant that the UPA was not really authorized by the Germans to do this, or just went off on their own into the forests to settle scores against Galician Poles (?)  In any case, as Diukov points out, (1) the UPA had received this specialized type of training for mass butchery from the German Abwehr; and (2) these professional butchers, killing sometimes Jews and sometimes Poles, were one and the same people.  I reckon the latter is an important debating point, as current-day Ukrainian Nationalists attempt to separate the UPA out as an instrument of “fledgling” Ukrainian statehood not beholden to the Nazis and, in fact, even fighting like partisans against the Nazis, as the current mythology goes.  Similar to the myth about Stepan Bandera’s arrest (for petty theft) as an indicator that the Nazis feared him and locked him up as a political prisoner.  Like a Ukrainian Nelson Mandela, or the like.  Again, too funny for words.

1942: German soldiers relaxing on the Eastern Front

Bottom line:  Without these local Schutzmannschaften, the Germans simply could not have coped with the logistics of killing all the Jews in these occupied regions.  It would have detracted too many forces from the front.  Where the regular German soldiers were kept busy enough fighting against partisans  Every collaborationist in the rear guard was a precious commodity, one less German soldier pulled away from the front lines to do the menial work of killing civilians.  The Third Reich was appreciative and knew how much they owed these local collaborationists.  If Hallmark had been around in those days, they would have made a card for that:  “For all you do…”

Besides, the locals knew the area, they knew the local population, they knew who was who.  Who were the local Communists, who were the local Jews.  German Nazi soldiers didn’t possess this local knowledge, so every foray would have put them at risk.  It always pays to have a native guide.

Ukrainian Collaborators Spread Their Wings

In the final section of this piece, we learn that the Ukrainian collaborators, in particular, took an active part in the Jewish Holocaust even beyond the borders of Soviet territory.  According to Russian historian Konstantin Zalessky:

“A significant part of the collaborators, who underwent training in the scope of Operation Reinhard, in the SS training camp Travniki, came from the Ukraine.  The training camp prepared men to be concentration camp guards.  They were employed in the [Nazi] concentration camps in Poland and even in the Third Reich.”

Historian Konstantin Zalessky

In which context, one recalls that old chestnut of a Ukrainian diaspora joke; something to the effect:  “Uncle Taras is coming to dinner, whatever you do, don’t ask him about the war.  His brother spent the war in a concentration camp, and Uncle Taras is still haunted by the memory…”  “Why, what happened?”  “His brother lost his footing one day and fell off the guard tower…”

The exact number of Ukrainian collaborationists cannot be determined with complete accuracy.  Many historians estimate around 250,000 Ukrainians served the Third Reich in various types of military formations.  Diukov considers this number to be too high; he believes that a lot of Ukrainians got double-counted if they served in more than one type of unit at different times.  In any case, the real number, high as it is, pales in comparison with the number of Ukrainians who fought on the other side of the front, on the correct side of the front.  Those Ukrainians numbered in the millions.  Therefore, the final tally goes something like this:

Millions of Ukrainians fought against Hitler in the ranks of the Red Army; and only something like 200,000 fought for Hitler, as members of the Schutzmannschaft.

Ukrainians celebrate those millions who fought on the correct, and the victorious, side of the war.

This is why it is particularly annoying that the current Ukrainian Nationalist government decided to pick those 200,000 as their heroes and spit on the other millions.  They pick the ideology of a violent, brutal and treasonous minority as the state ideology and name streets and towns after these butchers.  The Orange and Maidan movements truly represented the ideological triumph of Galicia and the Nazis over mainstream Kiev; with the cancer cells spreading and consuming the healthy part of the body politick.  With Western assistance these malignant forces managed to install a pro-Nazi Cargo Cult type ideology in Kiev — the Mother of All Russian Cities!! — a cult that celebrates unworthy losers instead of righteous victors.

However, there is still room for hope:  One saw, a few days back on May 9, tens of thousands of ordinary Ukrainians pour into the streets of several cities carrying photos of the real heroes, those who fought against the monstrous anti-human philosophy of Nazism.  Whereas the Banderite minority were only able to pull at most, half a thousand neo-Nazis into the streets of Kiev, carrying the photographs of their heroes:  Bandera, Shukhevich, and the other butchers of the Schutzmannschaft.

Next:  Not all crimes go unpunished.

[to be continued]

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