Victory Day: A Ton of Untold Stories!

Dear Readers:

Congratulations on Victory Day!  Thank goodness the good guys defeated the Nazis, but it was really touch and go there for a while…

I have not a long post for today, but just a short film one minute long, it’s called How the Nanai fought against Hitler.  An important point is being made here, that even completely unknown peoples and tribes stepped up to the plate when time came to defeat you know who…

Beautiful Nanai girls tell the fascists where they can go…

The Nanai people live in the Far East, there are about 12,000 of them now, roughly, and they are citizens of the Russian Federation, which inherited them from the Soviet Union.  Another 4,000 or so live across the border, in China.  First noted in European history by accounts of Jesuit travelers cruising on the Ussury and Amur rivers in 1709.  A Manchurian-type people speaking a Tungusic language, with a shamanistic type religion, who make their living hunting and fishing.  According to the Jesuits, these people learned to sew clothing from fish-skins!  Which is why they got known in some quarters as the “Fish-Skin people”.

Sounds like a fishy story to me, and I don’t believe such clothing would have smelled nice!  Centuries later, when the Nazis invaded Russia, the Nanai were not even required to fight; by Soviet law they were exempted from the army.  [The article doesn’t explain why, maybe because of their shamanistic beliefs?]  In spite of which, many Nanai volunteered to serve, and set off for the front.  Okay, let me try to embed the video and translate the subtitles…

Okay, so it turns out I can’t embed the video because it’s not youtube and WordPress has some kind of security set up to remove [iframe] tags. There’s a way to do it, but you have to get the paying version and install a plugin.  Drat. Okay, you’ll have to flip back and forth to the link while reading my translation of the subtitles…  So here we go:

Some of the smaller aboriginal peoples of the North and Far East were practically exempt from the draft.

But many of them enlisted in the Red Army as volunteers.

In the first month of the war 200 Nanai went off to the front from a tribe numbering less than 5,000 people.

Accustomed from childhood to hunt, the Nanai were excellent shooters.

The sniper Maxim Passar destroyed 237 Hitlerites and perished at Stalingrad at the age of 19.

Intelligence scout Alexander Passar fought hand-to-hand battles and destroyed over a hundred fascists, while taking 29 “heathens” prisoner.

In June of 1944 he was the first one to row across the Dnepr River and he captured a boat carrying a [Nazi] scouting unit.

The Nanai fought heroically in the Soviet army, along with [other tribes]:  the Evenki, Ulchi, Udygi, Orochi, Negildaltsy…

Representatives of the smaller (tribes) made a huge contribution to our Victory!

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