The Master wants to teach Margarita a lesson – Part II

Dear Readers:

Today translating Margarita Simonyan’s essay from April 25, summarized here, that was the one that ticked off the American-sponsored jihadist Ramazan Alpaut.  Just reiterating here that Margarita’s main thesis is not one that is necessarily shared by the Editor and/or Staff of Awful Avalanche; and yet, like Voltaire we defend to the death [blah blah blah]…  Unlike the jihadists, who most certainly do NOT believe in Freedom of Speech.  Which makes it all the more ironic that the bully Alpaut, who calls on Muslim men to punish Simonyan for her words, works for the so-called “Radio Liberty“.  You get the irony, right?

“So, this is what I believe…”

Like I said before, I personally believe that secularism is the way to go for the human race:  The European Enlightenment.  Galileo not Bismillah.  And I don’t really see that Russian Orthodoxy is that great, or that tolerant, either.  On the other hand, I will concede that there are some ancient cultures out there (for example, in the Levant) which didn’t necessarily go through the European Enlightenment, and yet still found a way for people of different religions to live together without cutting each others throats.  At least until the Americans and the Saudis came in and started stirring the pot.

Speaking of Americans, my other beef against Simonyan is that she is naïve.  Previously I read something she wrote (sorry!  I don’t have the link) where she explained how Russian intelligentsia of her generation were all terribly pro-American and absolutely ADORED America … until the Pindosi started bombing Yugoslavia.  To which I wanted to just roll my eyes:  Jesus, Margie, were you guys THAT naïve?

Having gotten that off my chest, Margarita seems like actually quite a wonderful person, and here is her essay, which she posted on her Facebook page:

Simonyan:  By All Means Please Return Russians Home

I want to thank all the people who, for five years, listened to my moaning about [granting] citizenship to the Donbass; to those who joined this cause, fought for it, or just in general started this struggle even earlier than myself.

Reason has prevailed, Mercy has prevailed, we have prevailed.

But let us not stop now, until we have achieved citizenship for all Russians.  Until we have defeated all the arguments coming out of those complacent, selfish, lazy or simply honestly mistaken people [on the other side of the debate], because we still need to do this.  Here are the counter-arguments of a reasonable person:

1.   In the modern world, you can’t issue citizenship papers based on ethnicity.

Yes you can.  Israel does it.  Germany does it.  Greece does it.  And others as well.  Therefore it should not twist the reasonable person’s panties into knots that Russia is taking back in people of the same culture, history, language, a common past, and — one likes to think — a common future.  And I am saying this to you as a pure-blooded Armenian!  It doesn’t bother me at all.

A swarm of undesirables?

2.   The new people will be a burden on the budget.

It’s the opposite:  The budget is burdened by the absence of new people.  People able to work and pay the taxes which constitute this budget.  The pension reform would not have been necessary if our working population had not started to shrink in critical mass.  The demographic crisis is one of Russia’s main economic problems.  The solution is obvious.  Has been obvious for 30 years.  Employ this solution, responsible citizens.

3.   Under the guise of Russians, various sorts of people will swarm in, well, you know who…

With less thievery [she means bribery] going on, then people won’t swarm in.  Any system can be properly regulated, if there is only the will to do so.

Habib Nurmagomedov will be Russia’s President in 2040.

Otherwise, if nothing changes, then by 2040 Russia will be, from a demographic point of view, a completely different country.

Let us start from the premise that Russia will be a Muslim country.  That is a biological fact, confirmed by a host of studies.  I don’t have anything against Islam, nor against any religion.  But just think about this:  By the time your children are your age, the President of Russia will be Habib Nurmagomedov.  Not that I have anything against him either, but I would just personally wish to preserve my homeland for my children in the guise that it is now, and as I know it:  culturally, mentally, societally and religiously:  A secular country, where a multitude of confessions and ethnic groups are allowed to flourish; and the reason this is possible is because the dominant Russian, Orthodox ethnos allows us to preserve this fragile status-quo.

So, please, by all means, return all Russians to their homeland.

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2 Responses to The Master wants to teach Margarita a lesson – Part II

  1. Mark Chapman says:

    On reading this, an epiphany struck me like a thunderbolt. I am probably naive myself about a great many things, but it honestly never occurred to me before; what if the west’s antipathy toward Russian Orthodoxy is because its dominance prevents or hinders Russia’s transition to a Muslim republic?

    We are all well aware by now that the United States, at least, vocally supported by its yappiest allies, will never consent to peaceful coexistence with Russia unless it can rule or at least dominate it. The quickest path to ruling over Russia has often been proposed by analysts as its breakup, a dissolution into a group of opposing ethnic blocs which are incapable of union into a single entity.

    Orthodoxy can hardly be the glue that binds them, since there are already predominantly Muslim republics which practice their own religion. But orthodoxy might be said to prevent the emergence of a national religion which might cause a schism, leaving behind – as western think tanks often offer, with a smile of satisfaction – a ‘Russia’ which consists only of Moscow, surrounded by hostile republics and unable to exert global influence.


    • yalensis says:

      When Russia was Communistic and atheistic, Westies pushed Orthodox religion; there were tons of propaganda pieces in Westie press about oppression of Orthodox religion, how horrible that was, crying about the poor people who weren’t allowed to go to church. CIA agents would smuggle Bibles into the Soviet Union and encourage Russians to go to church and get baptized, etc. Every baptism was considered an ideological success and a blow against Communism.

      Then the worm turned: After Putin forged an alliance with the Orthodox Church, Westie opinion has changed, now they support Muslims or even secularists against the Orthodox church.

      I know it makes no logical sense; it’s just like: “Whatever the Russian government is for, we are against.” Or something like that…


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