The Master wants to teach Margarita a lesson – Part I

Dear Readers:

This post may span a couple of days, therefore I will post my usual “month-closing” for April when I’m done with this.

An interesting story…  The lede is this: a “journalist” (air-quotes) by the name of Ramazan Alpaut has called on males from the Caucasus region to “teach Margarita Simonyan” a lesson.  We sort of know what a “lesson” means to Islamist radicals, especially when directed at women.  What makes the story more piquant is that Ramazan works for the American Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty propaganda network, and is considered an asset of the American State Department.  This is the kind of guy the Americans employ to do their dirty work.  Which, in this case, includes trying to convert regular Muslims of the Caucasus to the radical Wahhabist slash Al Qaeda political movements and sic them against the Russian government.

The Master

I’ll get to the backstory, who is Margarita and what she did to tick off this dangerous heretic; but first continuing with the lede, this story from VZGLIAD contains the Twitter exchange between the two.  I’ll translate the tweets for those who don’t read Russian:

Ramazan:  I think that activists from the Northern Caucasus should force Margarita Simonyan to back off from her words and apologize for her attempt to sic the national majority on Muslims, for her attempt to channel aggression.  This is one of those times when you need to show that you are real men.

Margarita (in reply):  This resource, financed by the Congress of the United States of America, is calling on the men of the Caucasus to teach me a lesson.  To make me back off from my words, when I said that wish to preserve Russia as a multi-confessional nation, whose internal concord is guaranteed by the Russian Orthodox majority.

vs Margarita

Margarita is, of course, a journalist herself (no air quotes, ’cause I like her, mostly) and works as the Chief Editor of RT Television news.  She works for the Russian government, whereas Ramazan works for the American government.  To be specific, he heads a shady organization called the Institute of Caucasian Studies, headquartered in the German city of Magdeburg and funded by the U.S. State Department.  This Institute focuses on the Muslim peoples of the North Caucasus, as well as the Tatars and Turkmens.  The goal, as always, being to recruit militants and arm them against the Russian state.  In his spare time Ramazan also works for Radio Liberty as a fake journalist.

Russian (real) journalist Igor Molotov has pointed out that Ramazan Alpaut is a cowardly pussy.  Namely, calling on (other) Caucasian males to punish Margarita, instead of just picking up the whip himself, like a real man would.  Molotov also pointed out that Ramazan’s Radio Liberty project “Idel.Realii” promotes the same type of “freedom and democracy” like people had in the Middle Ages.  [In other words, when people were burned at the stake like shish-kabobs.]  Alpaut himself dwells in a petri-dish bubble of American-funded think tanks and radical Wahhabism; the kind of bubble where people don’t even know any more what they are saying; when they Tweet While Intoxicated (TWI) and forget that normal people are not impressed with their blood-curdling threats.  For years and decades these violent head-choppers operated with impunity throughout Eurasia, doing Uncle Sam’s bidding; and they seem to have lost all perspective…

What Did Margarita Do?

Speaking of perspective, what did Margarita actually say or do to tick these guys off?  So, I have this piece from 25 April, this is the essay that she wrote (the title is:  “By all means return the Russians home”) which set off the catfight.  Margarita’s thesis is actually quite interesting, which makes me feel, alas, like I should translate the whole thing, or at least most of it.  But first, as a personal disclaimer, I don’t necessarily agree with her main idea.  For starters, I am an atheist, and I do not see religion as a positive force in human history.  I think humanity strides forward best when people are secular, and when secular values dominate society.

Having said that, realistically, I know that most people can’t be converted to atheism.  The fear of death is a real thing and makes people want to believe in something.  Since religion is (alas) not going away any time soon, then we get into the details of which religion is more hideous than the others…  Or less hideous…  Margarita’s basis thesis, if I may summarize, is that she doesn’t want to see the Russian Federation become a majority-Muslim state; and that she believes Russian Orthodoxy helps to preserve the internal peace and concord within the multi-ethnic, multi-confessional nation.  I’m not sure I myself believe that, but the American State Department surely does.  And since their goal is the polar opposite of Margarita’s (hint: her goal being to preserve Russia, theirs being to destroy), well, I think you get the gist, why they support tossers like Alpaut.  But I digress, and I need to get down to work and start to translate Margarita’s thesis…

[to be continued]

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