Viatrovych – Postscript on Ukrainian Diaspora Historians – Part I

Dear Readers:

This is a postscript to my previous series on the Viatrovych warrant.  In his piece, Russian analyst Dmitry Bavyrin suggested that the Dragon Viatrovych should best be slain on the turf that he claims as his own, namely the battlefield of Ukrainian History of the 20th century.

Dragon to Slayer: “You want a piece of me? Then come and get me!”

To this end, Bavyrin hoped to enlist the forces of Westie, and even Diaspora Ukrainian, historians.  Real historians with degrees hanging on the wall.  Their job would be to refute Viatrovych’s falsifications and try to get him dislodged from his position in the Ukrainian archives.  (In a perfect world, a liar like Viatrovych would never be allowed within 100 feet of an actual historical document or artifact.)  Bavyrin’s reasoning is sound:  Ukrainians themselves, even Nationalists, would be more prone to heed words emanating from the mouth of one of their own kind.  And people in the West are more likely to listen to a Diaspora historian bad-mouthing Viatrovych, than a Russian historian or official doing same.  Westies have been conditioned from birth to despise all Russians, they consider them to be, all of them, liars and deceivers.  It’s just in the Russian DNA to be evil and dishonest.  Therefore, anything that comes out of a Russian mouth is just “blah blah blah lie lie lie” to their minds.  They will defend Viatrovych out of pure Pavlovian reflex, once they learn that Russia is bad-mouthing him.

Currently, Polish and Jewish historians are also hurling darts at Viatrovych.  Poles and Jews (especially Israelis) are considered kosher in the West, but their puny darts are still not enough to slay this serpent.  For that, it takes a stronger steel.  Hence, Bavyrin suggested roping in a couple of Diaspora Ukrainians, and he specifically named John-Paul Himka (University of Alberta) and Marco Carynnyk (University of Toronto) as potential candidates for the fray.  Bavarin considers them to be honorable and honest men.  The theory is that, if you placed either of these historians in a locked room with a cigarette lighter and an authenticated photograph (the one and only copy in the world) proving that Stepan Bandera f**ked a pig in the mouth, then they would resist the temptation to burn the photo.  Out of a sense of historical honesty and whatever the Historian equivalent is of the Hippocratic oath!

Who Art Thou, Noble Knight?  My Name is Himka.

So, because I am a lazy researcher, all I have here, basically is Himka’s wiki page, which paints him quite favorably.  Born (1949) in Detroit, Michigan, to a Ukrainian father and Italian mother.  Bio doesn’t go into details about Papa; how or when he magically got from Ukraine to Detroit; but one can make certain assumptions.  Himka himself swung to the Left as a youth, became a Marxist in the 1970’s and 80’s.  Which is not at all characteristic for a Ukrainian Diaspora tadpole, so kudos to him!  From 1977 onward Himka taught History at the University of Alberta, retiring only recently, in 2014.  Later in his career he got interested in Ukrainian wartime history, studied OUN/UPA and the Holocaust.

Here is the truly ironic part, you can’t even make this stuff up:  Himka studied, in detail, and wrote several monographs on, the Ukrainian-Nazi newspaper Krakivs’ki Visti, which was published in Kraków, Poland, for the Ukrainian Diaspora there, under Nazi occupation:  It was described by historian John-Paul Himka as “vehemently antisemitic.”  Himka described it as a Nazi propaganda daily, published during World War II in the Ukrainian language with the German financial aid, and with exposure orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels himself.

While researching this Nazi newspaper, Himka was assisted by his helpful father-in-law, Michael Chomiak (Mykhailo Khomiak), a Ukrainian Diaspora emigre who magically possessed a bunch of yellowing copies of the Visti.  After Chomiak died (1984), the Provincial Archives of Alberta acquired all his records, and that’s how people found out that Michael Chomiak had been in fact, himself, the chief editor of the Visti from 1940-1945.  Surprise Surprise!  Himka is still married to to Chomiak’s daughter, Chrystia.  (Their marriage must have been solid, to weather such a shock.)

Meet the In-Laws!  This piece dishes some more dirt on the pedigree.  So, Michael Chomiak (the editor of that Nazi-Ukrainian paper) married Alexandra, and they begat five very cute children.  The adorable little girl second from the left, is Halyna, who went on (after she was a bit older) to begat Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s current Foreign Affairs Minister!  I’m not sure which of the other girls in the photo is Chrystia Chomiak, who went on to become Paul Himka’s wife.  But, if my genealogy is correct, this would make Himka the uncle-in-law of Canada’s Foreign Minister.  Right?  In either case, Freeland is considered odious in Russia because she is always beating Russia up and trying to get her boss, Justin Trudeau, to impose more sanctions, and stuff like that.  Plus, she lied to the world about her family background.  She poses as a “democracy-lover”, but is actually a fanatical adherent of Stepan Bandera, and, believe me, those Banderites are no democrats, they believe in a strong self-appointed leader, not an elected one.  Freeland is also the driving force behind this whole Venezuelan regime-change business.  In her own mind, when she is slaying the Venezuelan dragon, she is actually slaying Russia.  (Sort of, by power of projection.)  But that’s a whole n’other story.

In conclusion:  What the world really needs now is a Historian-Hero with the chops to diagram the incestuous inter-connections of the Ukrainian-Canadian Diaspora!  Where did these people even come from, and why do they have so much power in Canadian politics?

[to be continued]

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