Russian Pranksters Punk Juan Guaidó

Dear Readers:

This post can be considered a continuation of my previous post about the punking of Elliott Abrams.  Within the framework of this same “prank”, the Russian press has now revealed that Lexus and Vovan also punked Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed “President of  Venezuela”.  Still posting as Swiss banker/politician Ueli Maurer, the pranksters telephoned Guaidó, offering him, as bait, the money supposedly found in a bank account belonging to the Venezuelan government.  They suggest that they can freeze “Maduro’s money” and turn it over to his (Guaidó’s) disposal.  Like classic con-artists they flatter the Mark, call him “Mister President”, introduce the element of “urgency” — ordinarily it could take months to freeze these accounts, but perhaps the process can be speeded up, to just one or two days, with Guaidó’s assistance.  All they need from him is a written agreement with his signature… A delighted Guaidó agrees…

“Hi, it’s me again. Ueli Maurer.”

Just so you know, the pranksters have been accused of working for Russian intelligence.  As Shakespeare might say, in the words of Mark Antony:  “If it were so, it was … a brilliant scheme!”

Anyhow, here is the link on youtube:  The pranksters speak in (egregiously Russian-accented) English.  An interpreter translates from pidgin English into Spanish for Guaidó‘s benefit. Guaidó responds in heavily-accented (Central American) Spanish, which sounds like the Spanish I hear every day when I go to the laundromat or supermarket.  (I reside in a town in the Northeast USA.)  And which is not exactly the same type of Spanish as is spoken by the King of Spain, apparently.  The subtitles are in Russian, for the benefit of Russian readers.  (Please don’t ask me to translate Guaidó’s remarks from Russian subtitles to English!)

Noteworthy is the fact, that Guaidó jumps at the bait offered him, he agrees to write an official request to block Venezuelan accounts in this fake Swiss bank.

Guaidó wants to show the world his ASSets.

And, by the way, if anybody is interested in the question, exactly where did the Americans find this gem to be their marionette, journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen have an excellent piece here on the “making” of this guy.  The gist is, that Juan was cooked up, using an old recipe, in Grandma CIA’s “Color Revolution” kitchen.  One of the reasons he was picked is because of his rough accent, his “meztiso” features and the fact that he did not hail from an ancient Spanish aristocratic family.  In the “genius” American version of sociology, this right-wing leader of an obscure fascist political party can be sold to the Venezuelan masses as a “man of the people”.  For much the same reasons they picked Alexei Navalny to be their revolutionary water-carrier in Russia.  (Another one of their criteria is that the leader has to be reasonably handsome and photograph well.  Unfortunately, Navalny is now well past his sell-date.)

One main takeaway from Blumenthal’s piece: Before he had ever shown his handsome chiseled face to the world, Juan Guaidó had already shown them his ass.  That’s one of those things they learn in CIA “Color Revolution” school.  Stage I of the Student Revolution.  Tee-shirts with upraised fists.  Boys will be boys.  It’s all good clean fun.  Of course,  Stage II already starts getting ugly, what with the death squads, private armies, burning people alive, Grand Theft of oil revenues and gold, military intervention posing as humanitarian aid; next “humanitarian” bombings, NATO tanks rolling in, you get the picture…  But it’s all worth it, if the final result is to remove one single tyrant, who is the source of all the problems in the world.  And then on, to the next tyrant…

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3 Responses to Russian Pranksters Punk Juan Guaidó

  1. Nat says:

    The prank concluded beautifully with Guaido actually sending them a signed copy of his request. I can’t believe he actually signed it 😀

    I’m surprised at the need for translation during the phone call, does Guaido not speak English? I expected him to be like Saakashvili and Poroshenko.


    • Jen says:

      Guaidó is supposed to have studied in two postgraduate programs in public administration at George Washington University in Washington DC (according to his Wikipedia entry) so you’d assume he’d know enough English to be able to find his way around, order coffee or use drinks vending machines.


    • yalensis says:

      In the earlier prank call with Elliott Abrams, note at 13:00 minutes in, when “Maurer” requests to have a personal conversation with Guaidó; Elliott Abrams remarks nonchalantly that “you’ll need a translator, ’cause he only speaks Spanish”. (One does wonder, as Jen remarks, how this guy fared in his post-graduate work in Washington DC if he doesn’t know any English!)

      Not a problem for Limpopo Bank, this is Geneva, after all, they have tons of interpreters for every possible language…


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