How’m I Doin’, Hey, Hey – February Edition

Dear Readers:

Wow, it’s March already.  February seemed like such a short month, oh wait, it was a short month!  It was also “Black History Month” in the U.S., and I feel sort of bad that I didn’t do any posts on the racial issue.  Well, maybe that last one, about the Covington kid.  It’s sort of about race, but not really.

What I forgot to mention in that last post was the etymological origin of the term “white cracker”.  No, it has nothing to do with the edible crackers that you put in your soup!  The term “cracker” was used in slave times.  The “crackers” were the men who cracked the whips for hire, on the backs of slaves.  Read all about it in that Bible of Slavery, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  Stowe describes how slave-owners too squeamish or lazy to whip their slaves themselves, outsourced this task to “crackers”.  And not every cracker was white, either.  There were black crackers as well, for example Stowe’s scary characters Sambo and Quimbo.  These two nogoodniks are the actual murderers of Uncle Tom, oops, I just gave away the ending.  Go read the book anyhow, if you have not already!  It contains everything a person could ever need to know, about racism, slavery, and man’s inhumanity to his fellow man.

Now on to my stats:  February was an okay month for me.  As compared with the month of January, in February my Page Views went down – from 3,755 to 3,470.  However, my number of Distinct Visitors (the metric I care about more) went up, from 1,952 to 2,013.  Yay!

Next: My standard disclaimer:


Your Privacy is Important to Me: WordPress calculates who is a distinct person by their I.P. address. It also uses the I.P. address to deduce which country you live in. I myself can’t see I.P. addresses unless you leave a comment. In which case I can see your email address; and from that I COULD look up your I.P. if I were curious, which I am not.

Next: Before posting my usual “Parade of Nations”, this here is my nostalgic trip down memory lane. In which I narcissistically “look-back” through my own posts of the last month, self-assess them, and highlight a few which I think are particularly good, I call this feature:

Highlights of the Month

So, here we go:

  • I started off the month of February with this 6-part post about the Venezuela situation.  I translated an interview which President Maduro gave to the Russian press.  For those keeping score:  Maduro is still in office, and those who wanted to see him share the same fate as Colonel Gaddafi, are gnashing their teeth in frustration.
  • Next, this 4-part review of the opera Carmen, including my now-traditional Epilogue, in which I “fix” the tragic ending to turn into happy ending – yay!  At least for Carmen, Escamillo, and the bull.  That other guy gets what he deserves.
  • Next, this 7-part series on “The Grifter Tsars“.  This constitutes a review of (an unexpectedly hilarious) Chapter XII in the 1591 book by Giles Fletcher the Elder, “Of the Russe Commonwealth”.  Giles was not a big fan of the Rurik dynasty.  I think my favorite story is the one where Ivan the Terrible dresses a man like a goose.  And by “dresses”, I don’t mean “puts clothes on” … read it and you’ll see.  (But not for the squeamish)
  • Next, more Borderlands highjinks, in this post about the Ukrainian cop who yelled:  “On the ground, Bandera!”  We still don’t know the fate of that brave copper.
  • But we do know the fate of Ukrainian Eurovision this year:  It will not be.  As always, in Banderstan, Ideology wins out over Art.  Unless the Ukrainians take my advice and submit, as their entry, President Poroshenko.  Singing his version of “Waterloo”.  Hey, it worked for ABBA!

So, that was it, for February 2019. But now, my friends, it is time for that Pomp and Circumstance that everybody has been waiting for: Time to march on with the

Parade Of Nations

My 2,013 February visitors hail from the following countries, in order of most to least page views. WordPress allows me to save these stats as a CSV file, from which I copy-pasted onto here:

United States 1498
Canada 343
United Kingdom 264
New Zealand 217
Australia 114
France 113
Hong Kong SAR China 91
Finland 82
Germany 78
Russia 69
India 47
Latvia 35
Ukraine 30
Brazil 23
Sweden 22
Italy 22
South Africa 20
Spain 20
Ireland 19
Netherlands 18
Mexico 18
Czech Republic 17
Poland 15
Croatia 15
Hungary 12
Slovenia 11
Bulgaria 11
Philippines 11
Kenya 10
Romania 10
Thailand 9
Serbia 9
United Arab Emirates 9
Singapore 9
Denmark 8
Malaysia 7
Israel 7
Lithuania 7
Greece 7
Belgium 7
Ghana 7
Austria 6
Chile 6
South Korea 5
Taiwan 5
Turkey 5
Estonia 5
Peru 4
Belize 4
Namibia 4
Portugal 4
Georgia 4
Norway 4
Morocco 4
European Union 3
China 3
Madagascar 3
Switzerland 3
Uganda 3
Vietnam 3
Slovakia 3
Indonesia 3
Trinidad & Tobago 3
Jamaica 3
Pakistan 3
Nicaragua 2
Bangladesh 2
Algeria 2
Ecuador 2
Jordan 2
Palestinian Territories 1
Sri Lanka 1
Iceland 1
Bahamas 1
Nigeria 1
Qatar 1
Paraguay 1
Colombia 1
Cyprus 1
Curaçao 1
Bermuda 1
Kazakhstan 1
Luxembourg 1
Montenegro 1
Macau SAR China 1
Egypt 1
Argentina 1
Brunei 1
Zimbabwe 1
Bolivia 1
Armenia 1
Kuwait 1
Cambodia 1
Iraq 1
American Samoa 1
Tanzania 1

Thanks, everybody!

Sincerely yours,

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