Maduro: Trump Gave the Order To Kill Me! – Part IV

Dear Readers:

Continuing to translate this interview from RIA Novosti in which Nicolás Maduro, the President of Venezuela speaks with Russian journalist Dmitry Znamensky.  Where we left off, Maduro would not comment on rumors that Russian Special Ops are providing his personal bodyguard.  Maduro says he relies on God to protect him.  But in this vicious chess game that we call Life, God appears to provide more protection to those Chess Kings who are surrounded by “spetsnaz” especially ’cause Russian words in italics look so scary.  Or, as Frederick the Great once said:  “The more I see of men, the better I like my dog.”

Frederick the Great: “God tends to take the side of he who has the most battalions.”

Meanwhile, there is a man out there who needs no additional protection, as he is backed by a full slew of eagle-bearing Imperial Roman legions; we are talking, of course, about the ever-smirky Juan Guaidó. According to this report from Vesti Wonderboy plans to travel to Washington DC on February 14 (Valentine’s Day!!) for a conference devoted to collecting arms and weapons humanitarian aid for the Venzuelan Opposition.  In reality, most of the Opps are well off and don’t really need extra food and medicines.  The Venezuelan poor, on the other hand, do need money, a lot of money, a lot more than Washington could raise in some CIA charity Telethon.  The billions of dollars that are needed to rebuild the Venezuelan economy could best be supplied when (1) America lifts sanctions on Venezuela, and (2) England stops stealing money from Venezuelan bank accounts.  But that’s just my personal opinion.

[Continuing with the interview from RIA, reporter Znamensky is Z and Maduro is M.]

Z:  Are you prepared to organize elections, whether Parliamentary or Presidential, earlier than the appointed term?

M:   Yes, I would really like to conduct early Parliamentary elections.  This would provide a good form of political discussion, a good decision with a popular vote.  I would support this idea, but only if earlier elections were held to the National Assembly.

Z:  But what about Presidential elections?

M:  We just had Presidential elections less than a year ago, 10 months ago, they were conducted within all the constitutional and legal parameters.

Z:  But a segment of the international community insists on new Presidential elections.

Maduro supporters at an election rally

M:  This is just an annoyance of some countries which have gotten themselves mixed up in the politics of Donald Trump.  We are returning to the age of Neo-Colonialism, when some European capital, or Washington DC, can issue orders to any nation of Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Caribbean Basin, any country, actually.  Who are they, to decide for us here?  I won 68% of the votes.  I won the election legitimately, we conducted our election with the help of a transparent electronic system, with international observers.  We do not accept this ultimatum from anybody in the world, we do not accept this blackmail.  The Presidential elections already took place in Venezuela, and if the imperialists want new elections, then let them wait until 2025.

Z:  In regard to John Bolton’s recent utterance about 5,000 soldiers for Colombia, how will Venezuela react to the possible enlargement of American troops there?

M:  For starters, what Bolton said was infantile.  It’s a clown show.  To come out waving a stick and lecturing people, acting like he is the President, who is this John Bolton to send troops to Colombia?  This is stupid, it’s a clown show.  Even the Colombian government, via official statements of its Foreign Office and Ministry of Defense, refuted this.  It’s a clown show, a provocation, childish behavior on the part of Mr. Bolton, in his contempt for Venezuela.  A stupid childish display.

Z:  Are you prepared to meet with Mr. Trump, for example, here in Venezuela, in order to discuss the situation?

M:  All these years I have made attempts:  On the personal level — I sent communications to Trump; on the official level, via the media, trying to establish ties with the government of the U.S., making an attempt at dialogue, mutual respect — notwithstanding the political, cultural, ideological disagreements; notwithstanding the very different national peculiarities of Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro.  And it seemed (at one time) like there was a possibility.  But Bolton forbade Donald Trump to start a dialogue with President Maduro.  I have information, that he (Bolton) forbade it.  Now, I reckon that it’s very complicated.  I am willing to speak with Donald Trump personally, in public, in the U.S., in Venezuela, wherever he wants, with any agenda, on any theme that he wishes to talk about.  Moreover, I am convinced that if we do meet and talk, then it will be a completely different story.  But I think they won’t permit us to do that.  Well, let’s wait and see, we must be patient.  Right now it seems pretty complicated to me.

[to be continued]

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