Maduro: Trump Gave the Order To Kill Me! – Part III

Dear Readers:

Continuing to translate this interview from RIA Novosti in which Nicolás Maduro, the beleaguered President of Venezuela speaks with Russian journalist Dmitry Znamensky.

Meanwhile, things are looking slighter brighter for President Maduro.  Italy has bravely broken ranks with the rest of the EU jackals baying for Maduro to vacate his post.  And even the New York Times, flagship fake-news rag of American Imperialism, has raised some polite questions about Trump’s sudden-found belligerence in this matter of regime change.  Oh, they don’t disagree with his goal, just his unsubtle bull-headed methodology:

“The Trump administration’s record hurts its claims to be acting in support of Venezuelan democracy. It has been so vehement in its opposition to Mr. Maduro’s government, and so bellicose about supporting regime change in Venezuela and elsewhere, that its motives are not seen as particularly benign or democratic.  And the United States has a long history of encouraging or conducting coups in Latin America [no shit!]. This does not mean that any political transition endorsed by the Trump administration is necessarily a coup. Nor does it make Mr. Guaidó an American puppet. But keep in mind that the legitimacy of any transition is a matter of perception [yeah,right, it’s all just perception, blah blah blah].

Incas fight back against Spanish Conquistadors

In other words, the neo-Colonialist jackal pack is starting to crack:  Given that the Venezuelan army supports him, all that Maduro really needs to do is (1) not get assassinated by the CIA; and (2) hang in there to weather out this storm.  In the end, like the English Piranha Brothers, he can defeat his enemies using the technique of sarcasm. Recall that the European satellites had given Maduro an ultimatum:  To call new Presidential elections within 7 days, so that their guy (who boycotted the previous election) can get another chance at the golden ring.  That ultimatum period expired, and Maduro will not call new Presidential elections before they are due.  So there!  When interviewed by Spanish journalist Jordi Évole, a neo-Conquistador dressed in jeans instead of typical Conquistador armor, Maduro told him calmly:  “We do not accept ultimatums.  How would you like it if I told the EU:  I give you seven days to recognize the independence of Catalonia, and if you don’t, we will take measures against you?”

Jordi Évole, neo-Conquistador in casual dress.

Like the bull said to the Toreador:  Touche!

Évole was persistent: “Let’s phone Guaidó right now. I have his number.”

“Go ahead,” Maduro shrugged, “if he answers his phone I’ll talk to him.”

“If he doesn’t answer, will you leave a message for him?”

“No, I already tried, and his voicemail box is full.”

[Continuing with the interview from RIA, reporter Znamensky is Z and Maduro is M.]

Z:  How would you characterize the decision of the U.S. to transfer control over part of Venezuela’s assets to Guaidó?  What kind of legal actions are you planning?

M:  This decision of the U.S. absolutely violates international legal norms, it is an illegal decision and an attempt to expropriate Venezuelan assets, a company [PDVSA, the state-owned Venezuelan Oil and Gas Company, parent company to Citgo in the U.S.] belonging to Venezuela.  We are planning to dispute this.  I am sure that we will win this action (in court), defending Citgo as the property of the people of Venezuela.  This is one of the most adventuristic, one of the most senseless decisions which was taken by John Bolton.

Z:  On the whole, how would you evaluate the situation with the Venezuelan economy?

M:  We are currently at a stage of critical rebuilding, we are slowly winning against these impediments and attacks on our system of exchange, our pricing system.  But we have a consistent program, we have a plan.  I am convinced that we will proceed consistently, applying all our efforts to the stabilization of the situation.

Z:  Are you expecting any attempts against your life?

M:  A tough question.

Z:  It’s possible?

M:  For starters, my fate is in the hands of God.  I am a Christian, I believe in God’s protection.  The people of Venezuela have me under their protection, we have a good surveillance system.  But, there is no doubt in my mind, Donald Trump has given the order to kill me, he said it to the President of Colombia, to the Colombian mafia, he told them to kill me.  If something should happen to me, then you know whom to blame:  Donald Trump and the Colombian President Iván Duque.  In the meantime, I am well protected.  We have a very good security system and, in addition to that, there is an even better protection:  That is the protection of God, who has granted me a long life.

Z:  What about Russian private bodyguards, do they also protect you?

M:  No comment.

[to be continued]

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