How’m I Doin’, Hey, Hey – January Edition

Dear Readers:

One day late, and I am closing out the month of January.  Bye bye, January!  January was actually a great month for me personally, but not necessarily for my blog – numbers went down again, alas!  The results were disappointing, but not unexpected, given that I spent so many days on an opera recap.  It was a labor of love, and I know there are readers out there who appreciate my opera reviews, but some small minds are only interested in breaking-news type political stories.

Anyhow, let’s get to it.  As compared with the month of December, in January my Page Views went down – from 4,748 to 3,755. My number of Distinct Visitors also went down, from 2,461 to 1,952.

Being a glass half-full type person, I see it this way:  Somewhere out there in the world, there are 1,952 people who visited my blog last month and hopefully came away with some new thoughts or impressions.

Next: My standard disclaimer:


Your Privacy is Important to Me: WordPress calculates who is a distinct person by their I.P. address. It also uses the I.P. address to deduce which country you live in. I myself can’t see I.P. addresses unless you leave a comment. In which case I can see your email address; and from that I COULD look up your I.P. if I were curious, which I am not.

Next: Before posting my usual “Parade of Nations”, this here is my nostalgic trip down memory lane. In which I narcissistically “look-back” through my own posts of the last month, self-assess them, and highlight a few which I think are particularly good, I call this feature:

Highlights of the Month

So, here we go:

  • I started off the month of January with this 4-part post about the special England-Russia relationship – back in the 16th century!  For those who didn’t get a chance to read it yet, I assure you that History is not at all boring, and sometimes it almost reads like a spy thriller.
  • Next, this 6-part series on the Ukrainian Tomos.  Again, I am starting to see a pattern here which can help to explain my low numbers for January.  Namely, a lot of people find Religion boring, just like they find History boring, just like they find Opera boring!  To those people, I say:  None of this is boring at all, it’s actually pretty exciting!
  • And then of course my marathon 13-part series on the opera Adriana Lecouvreur, along with a lot of backstory and plot recaps from the original play.
  • I followed my opera recap with this Epilogue, in which I “fixed” the plot to obtain a happy ending.  I personally consider this to be my second-greatest post ever, second only to the important work I did “fixing” the ending to Aida on an earlier occasion.
  • From the sublime to the criminal:  A closure to the Ufa rape case.  Spoiler alert:  Everybody gets fired but nobody dies.
  • And last but not least, switching over to the crisis du jour, in this case Venezuela, my 3-part translation of an essay by an ordinary Russian language instructor living in Caracas.  I will be doing more pieces on the Venezuela situation, probably starting tomorrow, so stay tuned!

So, that was it, for January 2019. But now, my friends, it is time for that Pomp and Circumstance that everybody has been waiting for: Time to march on with the

Parade Of Nations

My 1,952 January visitors hail from the following countries, in order of most to least page views. WordPress allows me to save these stats as a CSV file, from which I copy-pasted onto here:

United States 1621
Canada 319
New Zealand 289
United Kingdom 269
Australia 138
Hong Kong SAR China 99
Germany 95
Finland 89
France 58
Netherlands 58
Russia 55
India 53
Italy 39
Ukraine 34
Ireland 28
Romania 28
Hungary 26
Estonia 25
Japan 23
Singapore 22
Spain 21
Turkey 20
Switzerland 20
Czech Republic 19
Latvia 18
Poland 17
Brazil 17
Sweden 16
Denmark 15
Lithuania 13
South Africa 12
United Arab Emirates 11
Indonesia 10
Namibia 10
Serbia 10
Mexico 9
Greece 9
Slovakia 8
Kenya 8
Malaysia 8
Belgium 8
Slovenia 8
Norway 7
Chile 6
Philippines 6
Vietnam 5
Trinidad & Tobago 5
Austria 5
Portugal 4
European Union 4
Pakistan 3
Colombia 3
Malta 3
Uganda 3
Paraguay 3
Luxembourg 3
Georgia 2
Lebanon 2
Bulgaria 2
Argentina 2
Bangladesh 2
Israel 2
South Korea 2
Croatia 2
Moldova 2
Ecuador 1
Armenia 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina 1
St. Vincent & Grenadines 1
Solomon Islands 1
Algeria 1
Jordan 1
Taiwan 1
Seychelles 1
Morocco 1
Ghana 1
Kuwait 1
Azerbaijan 1
Macedonia 1
Qatar 1
Zimbabwe 1
Thailand 1
Tanzania 1
Ethiopia 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Peru 1
Albania 1


Sincerely yours,

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