Ufa Rape Case: One of the Mugs Shows His Mug!

Dear Readers:

Just a quickie today, I have this piece from VZGLIAD with an update on the infamous Ufa rape case.  The man in the photo (in the Russian story) is one of the three alleged rapists, name is Salavat Galiev.  Before his arrest for the alleged rape he was the Chief of Police for the Karmaskalinsky Region of Ufa.  The lede here is that he bared his face for the first time before the press.  This case has generated a lot of publicity in the Russian press, with reporters and paparazzi buzzing around everywhere.  Previous to this, when doing the perp walk Galiev would put a hood over his own head.  But this time he didn’t, and the public is screaming:  “Put the hood back on!  Please!”

Now I realize that it is very catty, unkind and even unprofessional, to make fun of a man’s physical appearance.  But as the great Rodney Dangerfield once said:  “The last time I saw a face like that, it had a hook in it!”

Galiev looks like the offspring of a carp and Tolkien’s worst nightmare.  Orcs, anyone?  Compared to him, Quasimodo is Fabio.  In fact, Galiev is so ugly (“How ugly is he?”) that VZGLIAD readers (an opinionated bunch of commenters) who previously tilted against the vic are now starting to trend against the rapists.

Sergei H:  The notion of mutual consent is impossible, with such a physiognomy…

Sasha Usaty:  It’s not even a mug, it’s like some kind of snout…

II:  Now I believe her…

Alex Chen:  The pride of the Russian police force…

Tur Kherdal:  Poor girl, now I understand why she had a few drinks before going to his office.  You can’t encounter a face like that when sober…

Some readers went from one extreme (“The girl was asking for it”) to another (“A man with a face like that could never have consensual sex.”)

But, by all accounts, Galiev has, not only a wife, but a regular mistress as well.  Recall that, in an earlier development of this story, Galiev claimed to have an alibi for the time of the rape.  Namely, he was out on a date at a restaurant with his girlfriend/mistress.  And he not only stated it, but proved it with this video, which his defense attorney obtained from the restaurant’s video surveillance system.

The vid shows Galiev entering the Ufa restaurant “Otdykh” (Russian word for “Relaxation”) along with a female, whose own physiognomy the TV producers concealed with an ovaloid blob.  So it looks like she is walking inside some plastic bubble, or one of those “Prisoner-catchy balloons” on that old cult British TV series, “The Prisoner”.

At :35 seconds in, you see Galiev doing the perp walk with the hood.  And, actually, at :52 seconds you can see his “face” fairly well.  At 1:00 minute in, we meet Galiev’s defense attorney, a rather nice-looking young man named Renat Amikhranov.  Renat explains how the video completely “exonerates” his client – wrong!  All it proves is that Galiev could have raped the vic around 7:30 PM, then still had plenty of time to go out on his date to the Otdykh around 9:00 PM.  (In fact, we later learned from investigative reporters that Galiev’s DNA was found inside the vic, and thus his so-called alibi collapsed.)

But the main point I am making here and the moral of the story is that, YES!  even the ugliest man in the world can find a girlfriend who is willing to go out on a date with him to a nice restaurant without the use of force!  With a classy dame like that (check out those heels!), we may assume that he paid for the meal.

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