Russians React To Megyn Kelly Firing – Part II

Dear Readers:

The main question here, obviously, is:  “Will Megyn bounce back out of this disaster?  Will she get a new show?  Somehow, somewhere?”  Obviously, she could join the RT-America gang and probably write her own ticket; but she is probably too much of a patriot to commit such a dastardly act of betrayal.

Megyn: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”

Is Megyn a racist?  No, of course not.  Megyn is a good-hearted blonde who meant no harm; she is a typical low-information American.  In her defense, there is no possible way she could have known anything about American history, for example, the issue of “blackface” in those vile old minstrel shows.  Joking aside, this happened all long before she was born, and she should not be held accountable for the sins of previous generations.  Nor should any of us, in fact.  We should only be held accountable for ourselves, and our actions, our own choices, the way we choose to treat, or mis-treat, other human beings whom we encounter in our brief stay upon this mean planet.  I’m talking ’bout people and individuals.  Institutions?  Institutional racism?  Now, that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of possum-meat.

Blame Russia Instead…

Institution-wise, the only possible entity that can be blamed for American racism is … Russia!  Everybody knows that Russians are all racists, of course.  Russian football hooligans heckle African players and wave bananas at them….  This was what brought about slave-running in the 16th century….

As a I pointed out yesterday, Russia is not, and has never been, a player in this Race Game.  To be sure, Russia had its own form of slavery, it was called “serfdom”, but the serfs were of the same ethnic group(s) as their owners.  So, it’s not quite the same thing.  Russia never went a’huntin’ for slaves in Africa; never packed Africans like sardines into slave ships and chained them to their cots; never worked blacks (or other indigenous peoples) to death on the latifundia; never instituted Jim Crow race-based segregation laws which remained in effect until the 1960’s.  And Russia never had colonies in Africa.  All of Russia’s sins in the arena of class-based segregation and exploitation (=serfdom), were expiated in the Great Bolshevik Revolution.  Thanks to this, modern-day Russia is free to sit back and just laugh its head off at the chaos and ludicrosity that her Dark Past have wrought upon the modern American psyche.

Russia didn’t do this…

“But,” astute readers will retort, especially those who read Part IV of my Woe From Wit project from a couple of years ago, “did you yourself not write that In the era of Catherine the Great it was fashionable [for Russian aristocracy] to own Negro servants?”  Yes, I did, and it is a true statement.  Russian aristocrats of that time travelling abroad in Turkey were able to purchase African children right on the open market and bring them back to Russia!  As did Aunt Khlestova in Griboedov’s comedy.  Owning a small Negro or Negress, just like owning a poodle, was fashionable and showed just how European one was.  Get it?  How European!

Which brings me to the current problem, namely, just to what extent do Globalization and out-of-control Americanization affect modern Russian attitudes towards people of African origin?  Which also leads me to what I consider a dangerous trend, namely, the importation into Russia of the American ideology of (so-called) Scientific Racism.  Which, if importation should be successful, will deprive Russia of that all-important “Get out of jail” free pass when it comes to the White vs Black race issue and relations with African countries.  Oh, granted, the danger is not great, there is only a tiny section of the Russian hateful-gentsia that embraces white-supremacist views.  These are one and the same with Russian Nationalists, aka Fascists.  Jew-haters and Red-baiters, in short.  That little warning light blinking in the corner of your screen only reflects a subliminal concern, that this tiny sect may begin to enlarge their influence in Russia.  By pulling in those adherents of the American ALT-Right whose calling card is a Russophile presentation.  Here is their propaganda pitch in a nutshell, and I challenge anyone to claim that I am exaggerating:

Do Russians really have to choose between Pepe and Hillary?

Russia should form an alliance with those ALT-Right dissidents in the West who are sick of the political correctness, the ridiculous taboos, the arrogance of the Social Justice Warriors.  These cucks are enemies of regular American people [who, by the way, are White Christians], and also sworn enemies of Russia [true!]  They and the Sorosite [=Jewish] Globalists want to flood Europe with Africans and other undesirables, in order to destroy traditional European culture [grain of truth!], and Russia stands in the way of their Hegemonistic projects [also true!]  Oh, and by the way, Scientific Racism proves that the non-European races have low IQ’s and are criminally-minded.  White people need to stick up for their own and defend White Culture against the barbarians.  Russians are white-skinned, are they not?  QED!

So, I have this opinion piece by Petr Akopov, on the Megan Kelly story.  Akopov is on fire with his disdain for American Liberals:  “The dictatorship of the minority, imposing their taboos on the majority, will not stop for anything or anybody.  And not only that, they forbid people to even get upset by the policy itself, upset by the prohibitions.”

It is difficult to polemicize against such statements because, in essence, this is all true.  The “Liberals” have indeed gone too far, and they do, indeed, proceed along totalitarian methodology in prohibiting free speech.  It is also true that these American Liberals are sworn enemies of Russia.  Somehow they have managed to concoct a coalition of anti-racists and Russia-haters.  Even though Russia never did anything to Negroes, they somehow got Black Spokesperson Morgan Freeman to attack Russia!  (Morgan, by the way, also stands accused of sexual harassment, so wheels within wheels…)

Gretchen Carlson: “Sorry, Roger, I kiss pigs sometimes, but not on the lips.”

Speaking of sexual harassment, Akopov also directs his flaming sword against the tyranny of feminists.  Not only are negroes getting uppity, women are getting out of hand as well, what with all this nonsense about sexual harassment.

Kelly said Ailes’ made inappropriate remarks about her clothing and suggested he would help advance her career “in exchange for sexual favors. (…) Kelly claims that after months of harassment, the 76-year-old “crossed a new line” in January 2006 when he grabbed her and repeatedly tried to kiss her. Upon shoving him away, Kelly alleges Ailes asked her the “ominous question” of “When is your contract up?” before trying to kiss her for a third time.

So, which is it, Akopov?  Is Megyn lying about Roger?  Was she a victim then, or is she only a victim now that she has fallen afoul of the PC Police, due to her unfortunate “blackface” remark?

Russia As The Great White Hope?

Akopov concedes that America “truly is an absolutely racist country”.  But then goes on to claim that “in recent decades there has been an active process of eliminating all obstacles” in the way of racial equality.  In fact, according to Akopov (which dogma is a typical deflection of the ALT-Right), American blacks are given every preference, and favored in every possible quota.  He even uses the term “Positive Discrimination” to describe how African-Americans are showered with privileges.  Which also shows Akopov’s ignorance of American reality, because, in truth (talking macro scale here), the only “quotas” and “positive discrimination” enjoyed by African-Americans, is their predominance in the American prison system.  But the ALT-Righties have an answer for that too:  See, in their view, black DNA is just more criminal-minded.  As proved by Sociology Majors who know how to construct a bell curve!

Richard Spencer: Hails Russia as The Great White Hope

Akopov goes on to sound the klaxon about a still-more-looming threat to White America, namely, the Demography bomb:  “Latin Americans have already surpassed African-Americans in sheer numbers, there are newcomers from every possible part of Latin America, and the latter are also demanding their rights.  As a result, whites have lost their majority, and have become just another ingredient in the melting pot.”

What should the poor beleaguered “whites” do in this situation?  The fact that he even uses the word “whites” as an Identity-term shows to me that Akopov has already adopted some of the terminology and ideology of the American ALT-Right.  And let us recall, once again, that these ALT-Righties trace their spiritual forebears to the likes of Kevin MacDonald, George Lincoln Rockwell, and David Duke.  Who, in turn, trace their heritage back to the Civil War and the Ku Klux Klan.  You think I am exaggerating?  No, I am not!

Next please read  this piece by Natasha Bertrand, which brings out some of the links between American white supremacists and “Putin’s Russia”.  Natasha is a Russia-hating Hillary-whore who is into Syrian regime change and flirts with jihadists.  I hate her, and I would love to prove all of her statements anti-factual, but unfortunately I can’t.  It is factually true that Richard Spencer is a Russophile who has described the Russian Federation as “The sole white power in the world“.  Is that really the tag that Russia wishes to bear?  Like it says in the Bible, “You are judged by the friends you keep.”

One would have liked to see Putin send Spencer, MacDonald, Duke and the others packing, far away from Russia, with some pithy saying such as:  “It’s true that I support Assad, but I certainly don’t support white crackers such as yourselves.”  However, Putin did not say that, to my knowledge.  That is just my fantasy.

So, how do ordinary “white Americans” react to the issue of (in David Duke’s terminology) “white genocide”?

Akopov:  “A part of them [=the whites] come out as active apologists for the further development and broadening of Tolerance and Political Correctness.  [Egads, these are the race traitors!]  There are not very many of these types, though, no more than 10% [of which poll?], however they comprise a majority of elite opinion:  Political, financial, intellectual and celebrity elites.  In essence, they inculcate and force their agenda on the entire American society, accusing the dissatisfied, or even just the doubters, of racism and anti-democratism.  Active opponents are driven into the ghetto:  They are persecuted and ostracized.  We see this technology turned on Trump himself:  He was accused of racism and of sexism [Lies!  All lies!], which are, by the way, the two boots in pair, of the Liberal Terror.”

General Lee is removed from his post.

Akopov goes on to opine about the horrific demontage of Confederate statues in the Southern states.  All part of this Reign of Terror and the Liberal Dictatorship of Tolerance.  Akopov clearly takes sides in this thorny issue of the monuments:   He is taking the Confederate side!  In reality, this issue, of Confederate symbology, has been going on for a very long time in the U.S., and a certain consensus has been reached, as to which symbols represent some type of genuine historical heritage; and which are simply “In your face” punches at the African-American population.  Many of these statues were not built in Confederation times at all, but rather decades later, when Jim Crow segregation was being enforced, by means of violence and terror against black families.  The statues were put up, not in order to celebrate history, but in order to intimidate black people.

The American Civil War never really ended.

Which, by the way, underscores once again a simple fact:  That the American ALT-Right constitutes the resurrection, in still another form, of the pro-Confederate, pro-Slavery side of the North-South divide.  Like the Flying Dutchman, Americans are doomed to sail this sea, and to fight this war forever….  Until they finally “get it” that it’s not about race, but about class.  While it is true that Russia took a side during the actual American Civil War — the side of the North (!) –, there is little point in getting involved in this newer conflict between the ALT-Right and the PC Liberals.  A conflict in which there are, actually, no good guys!

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8 Responses to Russians React To Megyn Kelly Firing – Part II

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    The alt-right doesn’t really exist outside twitter.

    But journalists increasingly don’t either.

    Their world really is under attack by Nazis, and while this should have no relation to the real world, their hysteria bleeds over into politicians’ decision making.

    It would be nice if Americans would just slaughter each other for a change and leave the rest of us out of it, but we already know that they can’t resist dragging the rest of the world into their demented game.


  2. nicolaavery says:

    The far right including the stupidly called alt-right has continued to exist since ww2. Twitter is tiny part of their platforms of hatred. One of the most prolific neoNazis in the UK tried to sue the organisation tracking them in the UK and lost in court. There’s not a European country that isn’t fighting the spread of their ignorance, hatred but above all greed which is why the wealthy fund them.


    • yalensis says:

      Yes, I agree that the ALT-Right is an actual, real thing. Especially in the U.S. One encounters these people everywhere, even in the Northeast. No, I’m not talking about Trump supporters, I am talking about actual fascists.

      I tried to make the point in my last post (maybe I didn’t make it well enough) that these are the exact same people who lost the Civil War, organized the Klan, busted unions, and instituted Jim Crow. These crackers have always enjoyed the support of a section of the American ruling class. And, like every genuine fascist movement, they have a mass base.

      As to Pavlo’s point, I agree with him that the Americans “can’t resist dragging the rest of the world into their demented game.” That was one of the points I was trying to make in my post. Just trying to sound the alarm that some of these Confederate “End-Gamers” are trying to drag Russia in their game of race-hating and race-baiting. I saw some sinister signs in Akopov’s piece, when he started using some of their dog-whistle words like “Reverse Discrimination” and the like. This shows to me that types such as David Duke and his crew of “Scientific Racists” are having some impact on Russian elite thinking. It would be a crying shame if Russia was to follow this ideological path, because it would alienate Russia from much of the Third World, including Latin America.

      In the American Civil War, like I mentioned, Russia under Alexander II took the side of the North. This new breed of ALT-Right “Russophiles” is hoping that, next time around, Russia will be on their side. I am pretty sure they are barking up the wrong tree, but one must remain alert.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pavlo Svolochenko says:

        Alt-rightists are do-nothings and bunglers even if they weren’t naturally inclined to Russophobia, so their help would be less than worthless.

        As for Duke? I cannot see his ideas taking root in Russia. Nationalists of the Perushkevich type (who weren’t exactly race purists anyway) didn’t get very far under the emperors, and David Duke couldn’t even find a Russian woman willing to marry him during the short spell he was living there.


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