Genocidal Schimasmatics and Nazi-Jews: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! – Part II

Грозы не чуя между тем,
Неужасаемый ничем,
Мазепа козни продолжает.
С ним полномощный езуит
Мятеж народный учреждает
И шаткой трон ему сулит.
Во тьме ночной они как воры
Ведут свои переговоры,
Измену ценят меж собой,
Слагают цифр универсалов,
Торгуют царской головой,
Торгуют клятвами вассалов.

(Pushkin, fragment from “Poltava”)

Dear Readers:

Continuing with these “Amazing But True” stories from this piece by Alexander Ashurov.

“I find that hard to believe…”

Would you believe: A practicing Jew who is best friends with a Nazi and wants to hang all Donbass residents? Even the little kiddies?

No, it’s true.  The previous story about Archimandrite Daniel Pamphilon re-gifting Nazi books to Dmitry Yarosh — that story was told on his Facebook by a pro-Nazi Jew name of Boris Filatov.  Who, as far as I know, does not have any aliases, but then he is not a priest.

Just a quick recap of some of this cast of characters:  Dmitry Yarosh is a Nazi bully-boy who serves in the Ukrainian Parliament.  He used to head Right Sektor, until he left to form his own party, called Government Initiative of Yarosh.  Either way, he holds strictly to the sanctity of the so-called “14 words” of the White Supremacist movement.  But he is a Jeffersonian Democrat, by American standards.  Yarosh is good friends and soul mates with Schismatic Archimandrite Daniel Pamphilon, aka Volodimir Zelinsky.  (The Slavic names don’t sound quite as self-important as the Greek ones, do they?)

Filatov takes aim at Putin

So, who is Boris Filatov?  He is the Mayor of Dnipropetrovsk (which the Ukies as part of their de-Russification campaign just renamed simply Dnipro, because they did not like the –petrovsk part of the name; too Peter-the-Great-ish, too Poltava-ish perhaps?)

But anyhow, last April Filatov visited the United States and met with many influential (and wealthy) members of the Ukrainian Diaspora.  Just like Mazepa stirring up the base for the next campaign!  In the state of New Jersey Boris visited a town called South Bound Brook, population of 4,563.  It is in this humble hamlet that Archbishop Daniel Pamphilon makes his residence, as President of the Consistory of the American Orthodox Church, which is subordinate to the Patriarch of Constantinople.  During the friendly visit, Pamphilon showed off his book collection to Boris:  “I love books.  We have a big collection here, in South Bound Brook, tens of thousands of books.  Take any that you like.”  Knowing that Filatov was particularly attracted to the works of Fascist Ideologue Dmitry Dontsov, Pamphilon offered a couple of first editions, and also suggested to give a couple of copies to their mutual friend Dmitry Yarosh.

“I find that hard to believe…

Filatov and Yarosh have been friends for a long time.  When Yarosh was still the leader of Right Sektor, Filatov helped him barrack his troops there.  Later, Yarosh left Right Sektor to form his own political party, in which Boris Filatov is also on the executive committee.  After his New Jersey trip, Filatov was in Seventh Heaven about his meeting with Exarch Pamphilon of the Constantinople branch of the Church:  “It was precisely him [Pamphilon] whom the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew appointed Exarch on the eve of the (Ukrainian) Autocephaly.  He is a very cool guy:  young, progressive, decisive, an encyclopedic education.  The best choice that one could imagine!”

Filatov himself is Jewish and even positions himself as a practicing Jew, demonstratively lighting his Menora on the Sabbath, for all to see.  Among Ukrainians, Filatov is known as “The Hanger” because of his threats about hanging all of the Donbass population.  This came about when somebody once asked him what the Kiev government should do about the pro-Russian population of Donbass.  Filatov’s response was the curt:  “We’ll hang them later.”  For the time being not having the possibility of such Nazi-style mass reprisals, Filatov limits himself to the banning of Russian books and songs in the administrative area under his control.

Would you believe:  That Ukrainian Autocephaly has been an American project ever since the year 1919?

[to be continued]

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