Genocidal Schimasmatics and Nazi-Jews: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! – Part I

Exhibit A:

In a previous post on this topic, commenter Nat posted this youtube video of Kiev “Patriarch” Filaret opining on the sins of the people of Donbass.  “They must purge their sins with blood and suffering,” Filaret declaims, while Jesus looks on passively.  After a quick reading of the Old Testament, Filaret decided that the Donbassians deserve the fate of the people of Gomorrha and her twin-city.  Not for the same set of sins, I hasted to add, but for an even worse crime:  Holding a referendum.  And voting for Federalization, i.e., a similar system to the American one.  Also a human right which has been sort of a thing ever since the First World War.  In the UN Charter it’s called the “right to self-determination”.  However, both God and Caesar agree, that people are only allowed to express this right when they are the “right sort of people”.  Albanians, for example, are “the right sort of people” — Russians, not so much.

And this humble shepherd, with his jeweled cap and silver staff, and genocidal views, is set to be the next Patriarch of the Ukrainian Autocephalic Church.

Exhibit B:  To prove I am not making this s**t up, I have this piece from EurAsia Daily, written by Alexander Ashurov.

See, when talking or posting about Ukrainian religion and politics, one sometimes runs into the situation, whereby normal people (not Ukrainian nationalists, who are a different breed altogether) think you just gotta be making this s**t up!  It’s just too far-fetched to be true.  Especially when you start talking about all these Nazis running around egregiously like it’s still 1933 Berlin.

“I find that hard to believe…”

Would you believe:  An Orthodox Archbishop who collects first editions of fascist books?

No, it’s true.  The Exarch who represents the Constantinople Patriarch in Kiev, man by the name of Archbishop Pamfiliysky (aka Daniil Zelinsky)  — and, by the way, has anybody other than myself noticed, that these Orthodox priests have more alias than Al Capone’s gang all put together, which makes it that much harder to keep track of who is who in this religious mafia! — regifted some rare books to his pal Dmitry Yarosh, the neo-Nazi ex-leader of Right Sektor.  Books written by another Ukrainian Nazi name of Dmitry Dontsov from the early part of the 20th century, he’s the guy who translated Hitler’s Mein Kampf into Ukrainiain.

Volodimir Zelinsky

Here is the scoop on these two shady characters:  Volodimir Zelinsky was born in the Ternopil region of Ukraine.  He studied in the Ivano-Frankovsk Seminary, then emigrated to the U.S. in 1996, where he was ordained as a Catholic Deacon.  [See, Ukrainian Uniates are actually Catholics!]  Volodimir then seems to have bopped around seamlessly between Catholic and Orthodox worlds, ending up in Antioch.  Antioch is one of those cities very important in the New Testament, but now located in modern-day Turkey.  [See, when it comes to Ukrainian schismatics, all roads lead to Istanbul!]

Settling down somewhat in New Jersey, Volodimir was tonsured in 2002.  “Tonsured” means getting a haircut, but apparently not a beard-cut.  Well, maybe a trim.  Skipping over a lot of biography (which you can read at the link), Volodimir took on the alias of Daniel when he was in Florida.  One should also mention that he serves in the U.S. army as a chaplain.  In 2008 Daniel was promoted to Archimandrite and given still another alias, the surname Pamphilon.  This happened in Ohio — the guy gets around!  Then in 2012 a Metropolitan in Constantinople apparently died [or was it MURDER???] leaving vacant a post that Pamphilon seamlessly slid into.  And now he is not only in charge of the American Tomos, but also in a position to effect the Ukrainian Tomos.  This is the guy who gifted a stack of fascist first editions to his ideological soul-mate Right Sektor neo-Nazi Dmitry Yarosh.

As to author of said first editions:  Dmitry Ivanovich Dontsov was born in 1883 in Melitopol, then a city of the Russian Empire.  Dmitry studied Law at the St. Petersburg University.  In the revolutionary years 1905-1907 he joined a group called the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Workers Party (USDWP).  He was arrested and sent to prison in Kiev, but soon released on amnesty.

In 1908 Dontsov moved to Lvov, where he became acquainted with the theory of “Integral Nationalism” propounded by  Vyacheslav Lipinsky.  Dontsov became one of Lipinsky’s disciples.  At that time the ideology was more “socialist” than “nationalist” and rejected xenophobia.  However, just like Hitler’s “National Socialism” it was slated to evolve away from the proletariat as the subject of change to a more nationalistic tilt.  Eventually, by 1913 Dontsov had evolved to a hatred of all things Russian.  He quit the USDWP, and by 1914 had joined a movement called the Union To Liberate the Ukraine, which had the amusing initials SBU.  They called upon Ukrainians to fight FOR Austria AGAINST Russia.  When Tsar Nikolai’s troops appeared in Galicia, Dontsov was forced to flee to Germany.  Actually, up to this point Dontsov had not done anything that, say, Lenin would have disapproved of.  But where he went terribly wrong was in the inter-war years.  Living in Lvov, he fell under the influence of the Western European fascist ideology and wrote a book called “Nationalism”.  His theory of “integral nationalism” had by now evolved into a fully fascist doctrine, and became the guiding theory of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN).  As mentioned above, he translated Hitler’s opus Mein Kampf into Ukrainian.  Which is an okay thing to do, in and of itself, it’s just that Dontsov did it with tremendous enthusiasm.

“I find that hard to believe…”

When the Great Patriotic War broke out, Dontsov returned to Berlin, and from there to Riga.  Due to his propagandistic activities, Dontsov was declared a war criminal by the Soviet authorities, and they would have given anything to get their hands on him.  But he escaped, via the usual rat-lines set up by the American occupation forces, and ended up in Paris.  Then to Great Britain.  And then to the United States.  And then to Montreal, Canada, where he died in 1973.

Would you believe:  A Jewish politician who is best friends with a Nazi and wants to hang all Donbass residents?  Even the little kiddies?

[to be continued]

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5 Responses to Genocidal Schimasmatics and Nazi-Jews: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! – Part I

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Zelinsky bears more than a passing resemblance to Bryan Singer – evidently the Phanariot saw how the Catholic Church has been ravaged by paedophiles and decided he wanted some of that.

    An overly flattering picture of Dontsov. Here is a more accurate one:

    Looks like nothing so much as one of those lethal Azeri cab drivers you found rattling around Moscow in the early 2000s.

    ‘Would you believe: A Jewish politician who is best friends with a Nazi and wants to hang all Donbass residents? Even the little kiddies?’

    Borislav Bereza? Or one of the other ones?


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