Ukrainian Health Crisis — Is Music The Cure? – Part I

Dear Readers:

Today I have this piece by Viktoria Fedotova, on the current crisis of the Ukrainian healthcare situation.

There is much that has been written about Ulana Suprun, Ukraine’s Minister of Healthcare.  Ulana’s English-language wiki page is rather glowing about her credentials and her achivements, but that’s because – pssst I’ll tell you a secret — Wikipedia is one of those internet tools that is policed for political content.  By The Powers That Be.  And TPTB believe that Ulana is doing a great job pillaging taking care of the Ukraine for Uncle Sam.  In fact, Ulana is Uncle Sam’s most beloved daughter, in addition to being a Bride of Bandera.

“By eliminating Medication Purchasing altogether!”

In various other places on the blogosphere, Ulana is not treated with such kid gloves:  Her Banderite relatives, her fascist political views, her incompetence and overall lack of credentials have been discussed and taken apart.  I myself took a crack at her in an earlier post.  At the time it was thought that she was about to be dismissed because of her dual American-Ukrainian citizenship.  Instead, an exception was made for her, and she hung on to her position.  Well, she has powerful curators, what can I say?  Also Fedotova does not seem to share the view of some in the blogosphere that Ulana is a confidence trickster, a type of Doctor Dulcamara or perhaps just an X-ray technician posing as a medical doctor; Fedotova writes that Suprun does indeed have a valid medical degree and even practiced some back in New York, but that her career never really took off until she found her niche in the Ukrainian homeland.

But for now I am just focusing on the issues described in Fedotova’s piece.  The lede of which is that Ulana suggests music-therapy as a way of treating cancer.  Not as an ancillary treatment to, say chemotherapy.  But as, actually, the only way.  Since the money for purchasing medications is all gone, and if you live in the Ukraine and have cancer, then, my friend, you are s**t out of luck.  Alexander Linchevsky of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health even declared last June, that it is a pointless waste of money allowing cancer patients to be treated abroad, “since they are going to die anyway.”

The Health of the Ukrainian People Is In the Hands of a Music-Lover Carrying a Fly-Swatter

The fly-swatter reference in Viktoria’s headline alludes to one of Ulana’s previous howlers, in which, in her twitter feed, she addressed the “important” issue of flies alighting on food.  To put in perspective:  It would be the like the Surgeon General of the United States opining on the issue of the “5-second rule” for food falling on the floor; when his actual mandate is to deal with big issues like pharmaceuticals, robotic surgery equipment, and health insurance, etc.

In civilized countries, cancer patients have a shot at getting better.

Suprun’s latest howler is her suggestion to treat cancer by having the stricken listen to pleasant music.  Not a bad idea in itself, while the patients are, for example, receiving their infusions of chemotherapy in the oncology clinic!  Which they are not, because the Ukrainian Health Care system is no longer paying for said infusions.  Why not?  Because they have no money, and no medications.

Instead, Ulana suggests hiring “certified musical therapists” to perform for the patients.  “Music can work to alleviate pain and illness, bring down the heart rate, blood pressure, and even has a positive effect on the immune and endocrine system.”

All true statements, but what music cannot do is kill cancer cells.  Nor even cure deafness, as Ludwig van Beethoven learned, to his distress.  For that, you need modern medicine.

Ulana enjoys a low rating among the Ukrainian population:  Only 46% approve of the work she is doing in her job.  Her vacuous posts and tweets on health issues summon the ire of, say, the parents of cancer kids who need real solutions to help their families, not trivial information that anybody can get from Google.

But what is the root cause of the current Ukrainian health crisis?  The same as the root cause of poverty — namely, a lack of money.  That, plus reprehensible politicians and a fascist elitist ideology that, at its core, despises ordinary people and their problems.

[to be continued]

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5 Responses to Ukrainian Health Crisis — Is Music The Cure? – Part I

  1. nicolaavery says:

    I will contact Bearr Trust to see if they have any comments – although their annual fundraiser lecture is always an antiPutin ranter trying to sell a book or similar and they are part funded by Euro Reconstruction Central Bank. On the ground they do some good work and I think some of their members are disappointed by their stance


  2. Eric says:

    Yalensis, I think you’ve got your numbers too low on measles outbreak in Ukraine.
    I read somewhere that out of 41000 cases in Europe this year, 28000 were from Ukraine!

    Great blog post nevertheless. This Ulana woman as Health Minister appears to be your typical Banderatard, pseudo-Ukrainian from Canada ….the type that have actually done very little, if anything, good for Ukraine in 27 years. Lunacy, not to mention humiliating, to not have someone with Soviet experience when leading the Ministry of Health. Yes, they are trying to get away from the Soviet Healthcare system with all it’s faults and positive effects…but to do it with a foreigner in essence,not as a key advisor but actually leading the Ministry, is lunacy and entirely counter-productive when trying to transition


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