Russian Holy War Heats Up – Again!

Dear Readers:

Are Russia and the Ukraine on the brink of an actual Religious War, like in the Middle Ages?  I have 3 short reviews today on the Ukrainian topic:

Poroshenko brags that Ukrainian Autocephaly is close to the “Finish Line”

In this piece by Anna Insarova, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko bragged, in his annual speech to the Rada, that Autocephaly is practically a done deal.  He is in closing talks with Exarchs from the Constantinople Patriarchate, who have arrived in Kiev to finish the process of splitting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Moscow Patriarachate.  Once this happens (if it does happen), then the Leader of the Ukrainian Church will be “Patriarch” Filaret.

Russia faces a new “Time Of Troubles”

Filaret is already flouncing about in his big-boy robes, boasting that under his benign rule, the “Kiev Patriarchate” will become the largest patriarchate in the world.  Even bigger than the Moscow one — so take that, Vatniki!  In response to this taunt, official Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Ilarion Volokamsky has warned, that in the event of the “legalization” of Filaret’s Schismatic Sect, a full-on war might just erupt.  And he did not specify what kind of war he had in mind:   No country for old men Byzantine old men tugging on each others beards?  Or is he talking tanks in the streets?

To official Russian ears, the whole concept of a “Patriarch” Filaret is as ludicrous as the notion of wart-faced monk Grigory Otrepyev becoming Tsar of All Russia.  But there you have it, folks.  A new “Time of Troubles” is close at hand!  Can Russia survive this ghastly ordeal?  Recall that during the earlier Time of Troubles, there were so many False Dmitrys (at least 11, by last count) running around, that you couldn’t stand in Red Square and wave a dead cat without hitting one of them.  But only the second of the series of False Dmitrys had the honor of being ground into ashes, stuffed into Tsar Cannon and shot off in the general direction of Poland.  Can the exact same thing happen in our day and age?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Filaret Visits His Reptilian Overlords in Washington DC

In this piece, also by Anna Insarova, who seems to be the gal on the beat, we learn that our friend Filaret made an important religious pilgrimage just yesterday (Sep 20) — to the holy city of Washington D.C..  There he met with Under-Secretary of State A. Wess Mitchell, who deals with European and Eurasian affairs.

Wess: “I sense that there is some higher power up there in the sky….”

Everybody who knows Wess, knows that this guy is deeply interested in all the finer nuances of theology; he can literally cite chapter and verse from any page of the Bible, discuss the mystical nature of the Trinity, decode all of the hidden symbology on any ikonostasis in the Orthodox world better than even Professor Langdon ever could; and even wrote his doctoral thesis on the true meaning of the phrase “burning inside for God”.  [This whole last paragraph a joke, I hastily add, in case anybody didn’t get that.]

No joke, but also present at the meeting was Valeriy Chaly, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the U.S.  Chaly reported back from the meeting that he, Filaret and Wess had discussed “issues of supporting Ukraine in the areas of freedom, democracy, freedom of religion, and defense of its territorial integrity” — now we’re talking turkey, Pindos!

Even Makarevich Has A Craw

And to end these little vignettes I have this bit of cultural news by … you guessed it!  Anna Insarova.  One wonders when this “Girl Friday” ever gets any sleep!

Anna Insarova on her beat [approximate visualization]

Anna reports that Andrey Makarevich has expressed disapproval for something that his beloved Ukrainian government did.  That fact in itself can be reckoned a divine miracle and proof that the Almighty does indeed exist.  What did the Ukrainians do to tick off their most loyal crooner?  Well, the officials of Lvov just passed a law that bans the Russian language altogether.  You can’t even print books in Russian any more, nor speak it in public.  You would be arrested if you even tried!

Who is this Andrei Makarevich, you might ask?  And why is his opinion important?  Well, to answer the second question first, it’s not important, just interesting.  As to the first question, Makarevich is one of those Russian “liberals” who swore such total allegiance to the Ukrainian junta that they practically committed themselves to unconditional acceptance of anything the Banderite government chose to undertake.  As a flawed analogy which might resonate with some American readers:  Remember when American leftists who opposed their own government, felt that they could not utter any criticisms of America’s enemy governments, be it Cuba or Vietnam, or whatever?  I say “flawed analogy” because, of course, the class forces and overall politics are completely different in these two cases.  But the point of similarity is that a section of the “intelligentsia” adopts an unwavering loyalty to somebody else’s government and becomes psychologically committed to this enthrallment.  In this particular case, Makarevich and his co-thinkers among the Russian “kreakle” class keep it as an axiom that the Ukrainian Maidan government is above all reproach and above criticism.  They typically mouth the Kiev line that “Crimea belongs to the Ukraine”, blah blah blah.  They are entitled to their opinions, of course; but the rest of us are also entitled to mock them for their voluntary servitude to a ludicrous and dangerous ideology.

Makarevich sang for the Kiev junta

Hence it is highly interesting to learn that Makarevich, a has-been rock star who militantly supported Kiev against Moscow at every turn, finally found something coming out of Banderstan that even he could not swallow.  Namely, the ultra-draconian language law.  Makarevich:  “In my opinion, this is a dumb idea – to deprive half the population of the language which they historically speak.  These things should not be imposed by force.”

Our Gal Friday speculates that Makarevich might be especially troubled by the fact, that his concerts (he still gives concerts, mostly in the Ukraine) might be affected by this new law.  Since the old dog sings for his supper in Russian.  Well, even an old dog can learn new tricks, it’s never too late to learn a new language, and Ukrainian isn’t really that hard, Andrey, especially if you already know Russian!

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3 Responses to Russian Holy War Heats Up – Again!

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Maybe Makarevich, Ragozin and Kovalev and the like will eventually learn that there’s no market for moderate Russophobia – you either go full Garland or go home.


  2. Nat says:

    Filaret, a pious man of God advocating peace on earth and loving thy neighbor:


    • yalensis says:

      Filaret: “Federalization is a sin that must be expiated by blood!”
      Yep, punish those sinners in the Donbass, how DARE they strive to have their own government.
      Alexander Hamilton committed the same sin, by the way, that’s why God punished him in a duel.


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