Autocephalic Ukraine And The Big-Ass Schism – Part II

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Without further ado, let us dive into this piece by Alexei Nechaev, entitled

The Ecumenical Patriarch Has Been Accused Of Heresy

And yeah, we’re talking about YOU, Patriarch Bartholomew!  Russian Church people complain that Bartholomew has endowed himself with all the powers of a Roman pope.  Which is considered heresy in the less autocratic Orthodox world.  This horrible event happened on Wednesday, September 6, in the course of the Synaxis held in Stamboul (=Istanbul), the city formerly known as Constantinople.

The world’s first Synaxis: Archangels Gabriel and Michael, and their friends

What is a Synaxis?  Funny you should ask.  According to Wikipedia, “In Eastern Christianity (the Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite), a Synaxis (Greek: Σύναξις; Slavonic: Собор, Sobor) is an assembly for liturgical purposes, generally through the celebration of Vespers, Matins, Little Hours, and the Divine Liturgy.”

The word Synaxis itself means “A Gathering” from the Greek συνάγω meaning “I gather”; it’s the same word as in the Jewish Synagogue.  And speaking of Jews, it was noted by perceptive observers that Victoria Nuland was seen lurking around the fringes of the Synaxis, respectfully wearing a head-scarf and passing out cookies.  [I made that last bit up.]

Anyhow, at this “gathering” Bartholomew made the big announcement that, from this point on, he is the guy who makes all the key decisions of the overall Orthodox world.  And that he, and only he, has the exclusive right to do so.  I don’t know what language Bart made his announcement in, I am guessing it was Greek; I just have the Russian.  Here is the exact Russian quote, followed by my translation into English:

«Вселенский патриархат несет ответственность за установление церковного и канонического порядка, поскольку только он имеет каноническую привилегию для выполнения этой высшей и исключительной обязанности. Если Вселенский патриархат откажется от своей ответственности и уйдет с межправославной сцены, то поместные церкви будут действовать «как овцы без пастыря»

The Ecumenical Patriarch carries the responsibility for the establishment of Church and canonical order, since only he bears the canonical privilege for the carrying-out of this lofty and exclusive task.  If the Ecumenical Patriarch should waver from his responsibility and depart from the Orthodox stage, then the local churches would behave like “sheep without a shepherd”.

It goes without saying that Father Bart’s hubris does not sit well with the other Orthodox Patriarchs, especially Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.  And it is also clear as daylight that Bart adopted such super-powers under pressure from the secular “powers that be”, in their zeal to split Ukraine away from Russia.  Not since Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn has the world seen a more egregious example of religious leaders simply ripping off the mask of piety, to reveal the crass geopolitical realities underneath!

Use PEE?? Huh?

Nechaev writes that one of the main agenda items of this particular Synaxis was the issue of granting tomos to Ukraine.  Bartholomew has said, on numerous occasions, that he feels he has the right to decide this question on his own, without input from the Moscow Patriarchate.  Bartholomew has stated that he feels Russia “is responsible for the painful situation in the Ukraine.”  Not one word of criticism for the EU, nor the U.S., however, who engineered the 2014 coup.  Only Russia is to blame.  It is crystal clear which team Bart is rooting for in the Donbass war.

In turn, the Moscow Patriarchate is not thrilled with Bartholomew nor his political ambitions.  Up until now, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been under the Moscow Patriarchate.  Which regards Bartholomew as, not only committing heresy, but also attempting to seize a valuable chunk of religious and actual (=real estate) property that belongs by right (they believe) to the Moscow Patriarchate.

Constantinople as the Second Rome

In an interview with VZGLIAD, Archbishop Andrei Novikov of the Moscow Patriarchate, accused Bartholomew of speaking utter heresy.  Not to mention that Constantinople, dwelling as it does in the midst of a Muslim nation (=Turkey) represents only 3% of the Orthodox population of the planet.  In which case, where the f*** does he get off acting like he is the Boss of All Orthodox people!  And yet, as we shall see a few paragraphs down, the Russian Orthodox Church itself regards the Constantinople Autocephaly as the First Among Equals.  A bit of a contradiction which will likely be resolved somehow, in the course of this shake-up, possibly even via Schism!

Vladislav Petrushko, a professor of Orthodox Religion, complains out that Bartholomew is straying into areas that are completely out of his purview.  Constantinople is, in effect, proclaiming itself to be the Fourth Rome (or is that the Second Rome redux?) and interfering in the internal affairs of the other Autocephalic churches.  Boo!

Meanwhile, that same urchin who informed us that the Emperor’s has no clothes, just raised his little hand to point out that modern Constantinople is located in a NATO country.  And anybody who doesn’t believe that all this mystical brouh-haha is about NATO expansion, then please take your place as a dunce in the back of the classroom.

Who Is Autocephalic And Who Is Not?

At this current time, Nechaev writes, there exist 15 recognized Autocephalic churches arranged in the following order of importance (as accepted by the official Russian Orthodox Church in their diptych):

  1. Constantinople
  2. Alexandria
  3. Antioch
  4. Jerusalem
  5. Russia
  6. Gruzia
  7. Serbia
  8. Rumania
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Cyprus
  11. Hellada (Greece)
  12. Albania
  13. Poland
  14. Czechoslovakia
  15. America

Of which (and this probably about to change), the Constantinople Autocephaly is considered the first among equals.

Russian autocephaly dates back to 1448, but from the very beginning there was a conflict with Lithuania.  Both Moscow and Lithuania (believe it or not) claiming leadership over Eastern Christianity.  Then, as now, much was at stake…

[to be continued]

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11 Responses to Autocephalic Ukraine And The Big-Ass Schism – Part II

  1. Pavlo Svolochenko says:

    Would comment, but I would just end up saying something I might regret later.


  2. Sterling Aspen says:

    Nah. Your wrong. The contemporary Russian Ortodox Church is A Stalin era NKVD arm of the state. The Bolsheviks destroyed the original church. Basically, Kirrill is a sorry ass tobacco smuggler made good through KGB/FSB.. The further Ukraine gets away from these stinky chekists the better. And then kirrill & co can happily put up as many Yezhov and Stalin icons as they want in their northern swampland churches.


  3. The Patriach of Jerusalem lived in Constantinople until
    Nesselrode sent Uspensky to deHellenize the Antiochians and almost Jerusalem (eventually causing Michel Aflaq to found the Assad-Saddam Ba’ath party).
    It was the same Porphyry Uspensky who exposed the Sulphur fraud of the Holy Fire. Uspensky and Kapustin went to buy up Jerusalem properties now under ROCOR to prevent Moses Montefiore (the Jewish Tositsas) doing so on behalf of the British. In February 8, 1993, the other patriarchs decided to temporarily suspend relations with the Jerusalem Patriarch and dismiss two bishops who acted as his deputies and defrock five priests for challenging the authority of the Ecumenical Patriarch. Yet in April, 1990 Diodoros swindled Russian Jewish settlers by having Mardos Matossian sell them lands he was not allowed to sell and then denying their claim. Irineos wrote Arafat on July 17, 2001, stating, “You are aware of the sentiments of disgust and disrespect that all the Holy Sepulchre fathers are feeling for the descendants of the crucifiers of our Lord… actual crucifiers of your people, Sionists Jewish conquerors of the Holy Land of Palestine.” The supposed Patriarchs of Jerusalem and Antioch should be deported to Magog Muscovy and the Hebrew-speaking Arameans, descendents of the original Christians, should be given full control over Holy Sites in the Holy Land. See: Theofanis Stavrou, Middle East Journal, 1963, pp. 91-103; Lucien Fray; Derek Hopwood 1969


    • yalensis says:

      Dear George: I retrieved your comment from the spam filter this morning. Tis an odd comment, but actually on topic, and not like the usual spam, for example the other 2 spams that I deleted this morning:

      some truly howling work on behalf of the owner of this web site, absolutely great subject matter.

      or this one, my personal favorite:

      I am glad to be a visitant of this gross web site! , appreciate it for this rare info ! .

      i.e., the normal types of spammy comments which appear randomly and not necessarily related to a particular post! Normally I just delete the spams without looking, but yours caught my eye with the word “Jerusalem” and actually seems to be about this particular topic, although I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say!


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